My dog was chasing after a stick a few days ago and he ran the stick got stuck in the ground and jammed into his mouth. We didn’t know how bad it was, but he was shaking and wouldn’t drink. We took him too the vet it turned out that this thumb sized chunk of stick broke off in a puncture wound under his tongue. The vet got it out and now he’s fine… Wow!

Closet Monsters.

When I was little, I was scared of the dark. Super Scared. I remember laying in my bed, moving my feet back and forth really fast, absolutely sure that I was just barely dodging the bed monster who was trying to bit my feet off; this of course is an unstoppable cycle, because every time you move your feet and don’t get bit, it is just proof that moving your feet may have saved your life… so I kept doing it… for a long time…

My main source of fear were the monsters that lived in my closet, but not fake monsters like everyone else; I had real monsters. The worst part was that no one else saw them, but that’s just because they were shape shifters. In the light of day they were perfectly normal household objects, but at night that became horrible and terrifying and moved around and glared at me menacingly.

You might not believe me either, but it’s true. For example, everyone thought we had a clothes hamper the hung in our closet, keeping our floor clean from messy laundry.


But they were wrong. Dead wrong. At night it transformed;

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Any advice on recording my album?

So, recording is a lot more challenging than I thought… which of course sounds like someone saying that performing heart surgery was a lot tougher than the pamphlet made it seem. Of course it’s tough.

I think I just need motivating. It is just so hard to get everything perfect. Fancy that, perfection being hard… duh. So, soon… in the next four months, I’ll have an album coming out. It is tentatively called ‘It’s Time’, and will have nine or ten original songs on it. I’m super pumped… and need to get to work.

Oh dang, I’m almost late for prayer! See ya later!