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requested by anonymous: I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC day! I seriously check your blog every day omg. Could I pls request a (jealous) Sonny x reader where they’re dating & she has to go undercover and gets all dolled up/sexy & in a tight dress and pumps and he’s all hot&bothered in surveillance??? And wicked jealous when she has to flirt w their suspect who gets handsy with her and the rest of the squad teases Sonny abt being jealous?? (bonus if u insert some jealous Sonny sexytime after in there) love you!!!!

i changed the prompt a little bit and honestly i’m shitting myself @ the title why am i like this also i lowkey feel like sonny is v ooc -e

word count: 2185

warnings: nsfw content, female reader, cursing, mentions of rape

masterlist - request

He’s so mad, sitting in the back of a dusty delivery van. The anger is pulsing through his veins. Blinding him. Deafening him. All he can think about is you.

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Request for xlillywinters

Imagine the squad catching Olivia kissing you.

It was true that the squad spent more than enough time with one another but sometimes they needed to see each other in an environment that was happy and carefree.

Sonny suggested that he cook an Italian dinner to which everyone eagerly agreed. Olivia suggested her place as her apartment was pretty much the biggest place to hold everyone. 

She also called to invite you over much to your surprise. You had argued over the phone saying that this was a “team building” get together but you were quickly told you were coming too according to Sonny and Amanda who apparently overheard their Lieutenant’s call.

You arrived with a bottle of wine that you knew Olivia liked. You didn’t know much about wine so whatever she drank was a safe bet. Olivia’s eyes lit up as she ushered you in and took the bottle from you. Sonny was already commandeering her kitchen with Dodds being the unofficial sous chef. Several delicious smells filled the apartment making you look forward to dinner. You said ‘hi’ to everyone and started a conversation with Fin about his son, asking how he was doing and if he still liked it.

A few minutes later Olivia politely interrupted your conversation to see if you could help her take some trash downstairs. Sonny had brought more than enough things to cook and along with it take the empty containers, bottles, and plastic. Olivia took more than her fair share, which you mentioned you could take some to make it even for the both of you but she waved you off.

You started a conversation with her asking if she was getting enough free time outside of work that was just her and what she was doing during those times. Olivia happily gave you all the details you asked for and even mentioned that Noah asked for you the other day, wanting to know why you haven’t been by lately.

Before opening the door back to Olivia’s apartment, she stopped you. “I’ve really missed you lately.” She said quietly, almost shy. “Maybe you could drop by again? When it’s just the two of us?”

You blushed at her implications but voiced your agreement say that it would be nice if it was just you two.

Again, Olivia’s face brightened and she leaned down to place a sweet and short peck on your lips. She enjoyed how your face flushed even more.

A thump on the other side of the door was heard, making you jump. Olivia gave you a look before opening her door quickly. The entire team was either leaning, hunched, or on their tip toes to see through the peep hole. If it was possible, your face turned redder. You also heard Amanda scolding Sonny for hitting the door accidentally, catching them all in the act.

“Okay, that’s enough.” Olivia couldn’t help but laugh. “Carisi, aren’t you suppose to make sure dinner doesn’t burn?”

Sonny and Dodds quickly ran back into the kitchen to make sure nothing had turned charcoal as Olivia moved everyone back in, making sure to give you another kiss on the cheek.

a short playlist to impress some pompous art students or those kids that wear thick-rimmed glasses and oversized grandpa sweaters

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lady luck - richard swift / silhouettes - colony house / cayucas - oregon bike trails / always alright - alabama shakes / do you really wanna know - papercuts / gypsy - tigers jaw / is this how you feel? - the preatures / the start of something - voxtrot / trojans - atlas genius / villages - alpine / not ready anymore - the griswolds / so what - avi buffalo / too young to burn - sonny & the sunsets


The Jazz Scene by Norman Granz

In April 1949, Mercury Records announced that it was to release a $25 jazz album made up of six 12-inch 78-rpm records, together with thirty-two 12x12 inch photos of top jazz stars taken by Life photographer Gjon Milli. 

The Duke Ellington Sides – “Sono” and “Frustration” – arranged by Duke Ellington featuring Harry Carney (baritone saxophone), Billy Strayhorn (piano), Fred Guy (guitar), Oscar Pettiford (bass) Sonny Greer (drums) – Recorded 1949

The Neal Hefti Sides – “Repetition” and “Rhumbacito” – arranged and conducted by Neal Hefti featuring Bill Harris (trombone), Charlie Parker (alto saxophone on “Repetition”), Flip Phillips (tenor saxophone), Manny Albam (baritone saxophone), Shelly Manne (drums) – Recorded “Repetition” December 1947, and “Rhumbacito” autumn 1948

The Lester Young Side – “I Want To Be Happy” – Lester Young (tenor saxophone), Nat King Cole (piano), Buddy Rich (drums) – Recorded March–April 1946

The Coleman Hawkins Side – “Picasso” – Coleman Hawkins (tenor saxophone) – Recorded 1948

The Ralph Burns Side – “Introspection” – arranged by Ralph Burns featuring Sonny Berman (trumpet), Bill Harris, Lucky Thompson (tenor saxophone) and a large orchestra – Recorded October 1946

The George Handy Side – “The Bloos” – arranged by George Handy featuring Sonny Berman (trumpet), Bill Harris, Lucky Thompson (tenor saxophone) and a full orchestra – Recorded November 1947

The Charlie Parker Side – “The Bird” – Charlie Parker (alto saxophone), Hank Jones (piano) Ray Brown (bass), Shelly Manne (drums) – Recorded 10 February, 1949

The Willie Smith Side – “Sophisticated Lady” – Willie Smith (alto saxophone), Dodo Marmarosa (piano), Barney Kessel (guitar), Red Callender (bass), Jo Jones (drums) – Recorded November 1947

The Machito Side – “Tanga” – arranged and conducted by Machito with his orchestra, including Flip Phillips (tenor saxophone) – Recorded January 1949

The Bud Powell Side – “Cherokee” – Bud Powell (piano), Ray Brown (Bass) Max Roach (drums) – Recorded February 1949

This is classic jazz played by some of the greatest musicians that was marketed in a unique and innovative way, years ahead of its time.