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Imagine being in a polyamorous relationship with Mike and Sonny that the rest of the SVU squad doesn’t know about, when you fall pregnant, only to discover when you faint whist interrogating a suspect with Rollins.

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Carisi and Dodds rush in as soon as you hit the ground. Rollins is already over you, checking you as the suspect stands from his chair to make to come closer to you. Benson can be heard from outside the interrogation room calling for an ambulance.

“Sit back down!” Sonny orders, and the suspect does so with protest while Mike goes to where Rollins has begun fanning you.

You come back into hazy consciousness disoriented and saying things that didn’t make sense, Mike kneeling beside you as he assures, “Hey, you’re gonna’ be okay.”

Carisi looks towards Benson when she comes in, addressing the suspect she intends to take to another interrogation room, “You, come with us. Dodds and Rollins, stay with her. Keep me updated.”

Rollins nods, “Yes, Lieutenant.”


Rafael Barba
(x) …forgetting to speak to you in English after spending the afternoon with his mother and abuelita.
(x) …slow dancing with Barba.
(x) …being friends with Barba but having to sleep together in the same bed. The next morning, you two are in an intimate embrace.
(x) …Barba proposing on Valentine’s Day but he messes up.
(x) …Barba whispering Latin in your ear while in church.
(x) …surprising your long time boyfriend, Barba, that you got a job at SVU.
(x) …Barba showing up at your office to walk home together.
(x) …being Rollins’ cousin who moved from Atlanta and being introduced to Barba.
(x) …going on a first date with Barba.
(x) …going to a karaoke bar with Barba and the SVU team but Barba gets jealous when you sing a duet with Sonny.
(x) …Barba going down on you. *NSFW
(x) …Carisi introducing you to Barba and him trying to speak Italian.
(x) …taking soup to Barba at work because he’s sick.
(x) …Barba helping you with your Spanish homework.
(x) …accidentally responding to Barba in Spanish.
(x) …Barba spending the night at your apartment.
(x) …finding out you’re having twins with Barba while in delivery.
(x) …Barba promising to protect you from William Lewis.
(x) …having a panic attack while on the stand.
(x) …giving Barba a striptease.
(x) …being kidnapped because you’re Barba’s little sister.
(x) …being pregnant with Barba’s child.
(x) …Barba tying you to the bed. *NSFW
(x) …Barba taking care of you when you’re sick.
(x) …going on a run with Barba.
(x) …fainting in front of the squad.
(x) …meeting Barba again 10 years after you broke up.
(x) …you and Barba being two opposites in love.
(x) …taking a drunk Barba home.
(x) …Barba finding out you wear glasses.
(x) …having make up sex with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …Barba calling you cariño for the first time.
(x) …desk sex with Barba in his office. *NSFW
(x) …comforting Barba after his grandmother died.
(x) …going down on Barba. *NSFW
(x) …inviting the squad over for a dinner party after a big case.
(x) …Barba comforting you after your trial starts going downhill.
(x) …Barba thinking about wanting to have kids with you.
(x) …Barba showing up at your apartment with flowers.
(x) …Barba finding out you’re in a hostage situation.
(x) …Barba teaching you how to dance.
(x) …Lucia always trying to set you up with her son.
(x) …Barba meeting your parents for the first time.
(x) …Barba forgetting your anniversary.
(x) …a police officer checking you out.
(x) …finding your soulmate’s name on your wrist.
(x) …showering with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …testifying for Barba’s case.
(x) …running into Barba’s ex-girlfriend.
(x) …being in a secret relationship with Barba.
(x) …getting shot by Johnny D.
(x) …bumping into Barba.
(x) …catching Barba talking about you.
(x) …having a one night stand with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …being a famous writer.
(x) …Barba coming home only to find you dancing in your underwear.
(x) …trying to take it slow with Barba.
(x) …your soulmark telling you where you’ll meet your soulmate.
(x) …Barba saying he loves you for the first time.
(x) …Barba giving you a massage.
(x) …your step-counter finally hitting zero.
(x) …seeing your name on your soulmate.
(x) …Barba offering for you to move in with him.
(x) …being Barba’s co-counsel.
(x) …Barba thinking his job is harder than yours.
(x) …coming out as agender.
(x) …New Year’s Eve with Barba.
(x) …a jealous Barba
(x) …an Alpha Barba.
(x) …taking Barba on a road trip with your two kids.
• (x) …marrying Barba.

Sonny Carisi
(x) …Carisi getting jealous of your brother when he visits you at work.
(x) …Carisi whispering Bible verses while making love to you.
(x) …Sonny meeting your family for the first time but doesn’t understand what they’re saying at the dinner table.
(x) …taking a bullet for Carisi.
(x) … Sonny overhearing how much you actually like him despite trying to prove you hate him.
(x) …eating cannolis with Carisi.
(x) …getting frustrated with Carisi on a daily basis.
(x) …comforting Sonny after a tough case.
(x) …your german shepherd approving of Carisi.
(x) …Sonny taking care of you after taking a bullet for him.
(x) …Sonny flirting with his niece’s babysitter: You.
(x) …Carisi asking permission from your parents to marry you.
(x) …Carisi going down on you.*NSFW
(x) …asking for Sonny after being attacked.
(x) …Sonny checking you out.
(x) …tending to Sonny’s wounds.
(x) …cooking for Sonny.
(x) …meeting Sonny while he’s undercover.
(x) …Carisi’s family thinking you and him are dating.
(x) …being friends with Carisi.
(x) …having fun with Sonny.
(x) …your first time with Sonny. *NSFW
(x) …the night before your and Carisi’s wedding.
(x) …you and Carisi moving in together.
(x) …eloping with Sonny.
(x) …forming a relationship with Sonny under hard circumstances.
(x) …Sonny getting hurt on the job.
(x) …being partners with Sonny.
(x) …being Barba’s sister and Carisi having a thing for you.
(x) …Sonny flirting with you instead of teaching you how to cook.
(x) …Sonny’s family walking in on you and Carisi.
(x) …Sonny meeting you and it’s love at first sight for him.
(x) …Carisi teaching you how to play baseball.
(x) …Carisi trying to take care of you because you’re sick.
(x) …Sonny wearing his uniform for you.
(x) …trying to treat Sonny’s wounds.
(x) …getting into a fight with Sonny.
(x) …going down on Carisi. *NSFW
(x) …calling Sonny “Dominick” for the first time. *NSFW
(x) …dirty talking with Sonny.
(x) …having a girl’s night out.
(x) …spending a lazy day with Carisi.
(x) …discovering your soulmate.
(x) …getting jealous of Amanda.
(x) …meeting Sonny while being a sex worker.
(x) …going running with Carisi.
(x) …being Jesse’s nanny.
(x) …Sonny finds out you’re pregnant.
(x) …your first time together with Sonny after the incident.
(x) …Sonny walking you home because it’s late.
(x) …telling Sonny you have a stalker.
(x) …your Soulmark shows the first thing your soulmate thought of when they saw you.
(x) …Sonny being the heir of one of the Italian mobs.
(x) …Sonny finding out you’re Barba’s sister.
(x) …Sonny being clumsy and nervous while asking you out on a date.
(x) …Nick catching you making out with Sonny.
(x) …babysitting Noah with Sonny.
(x) …comforting Sonny after he goes undercover.
(x) …shower sex with Sonny. *NSFW
(x) …moving to New York City.
(x) …impressing Sonny and his family with your cooking skills.
(x) …Sonny stepping in to help raise your two kids.
(x) …Sonny teaching you how to make cannolis.
(x) …going with Sonny to take his nieces Trick-or-Treating.
• (x) …turning your life around.

Amanda Rollins
(x) …watching football with Rollins.
(x) …babysitting for Amanda and her being nervous about it.
(x) …your first time with Amanda. *NSFW

Olivia Benson
(x) …Olivia setting you up on a blind date with Sonny.
(x) …the squad catching you kissing Olivia in her office.
(x) …coming out to the team as pansexual.
(x) …the squad catching Olivia kissing you.
(x) …going down on Olivia. *NSFW
(x) …making out with Olivia. *NSFW
(x) …the squad gossiping if you and Olivia are together. *NSFW
(x) …Olivia asking you out.
(x) …Olivia getting nervous to ask you to marry her.

Nick Amaro
(x) …meeting Nick while he’s undercover.
(x) …Nick calming you down from a panic attack.
(x) …your relationship with Nick getting used against you in court.
(x) …Nick getting annoyed when a suspect flirts with you. 
(x) …Nick swearing as you go down on him. *NSFW
(x) …Nick moving in next door.
(x) …coming back from being undercover with a different look.
(x) …Nick comforting you.
(x) …your daughter calling Nick ‘dad.’
(x) …doing arrest role playing with Nick.
(x) …being pregnant with Nick’s child.
(x) …taking a bullet for Nick.
(x) …Nick marking you as his Omega.
(x) …being Elliot’s niece and dating Nick.
(x) …owning a flower shop next to a tattoo parlor.
(x) …scaring away a creep at the club with a random stranger.
(x) …doing yoga every morning at the gym.
(x) …your business booming after the burglary.
(x) …Nick introducing you to Zara for the first time.

Mike Dodds
(x) …Mike falling for you despite how much you two disagree on everything.
(x) …being picked on by your coworkers for having a crush on Dodds.
(x) …getting drinks with Dodds.
(x) …doing a stake out with Dodds.
(x) …cuddling with Mike on his day off.
(x) …being with Dodds in the hospital after him being shot.
(x) …Dodds getting annoyed when a suspect flirts with you.
(x) …being Dodds high school crush who just joined SVU.
(x) …being in a secret relationship with Dodds.
(x) …Dodds Sr. finding out you’re in a secret relationship with his son.
(x) …Dodds avoiding his father’s phone calls.*NSFW
(x) …Dodds Sr catching you and Dodds Jr on a date.
(x) …Dodds handling an autistic child with ease.
(x) …Dodds attempting to teach you self-defense.
(x) …hating Dodds at first but then falling in love with him.
(x) …living in the same apartment building as Dodds.
(x) …Mike being embarrassed because his Dad keeps trying to set him up with you.
(x) …forcing Dodds into watching a Harry Potter marathon.
(x) …Dodds going down on you. *NSFW
(x) …going undercover as a couple with Dodds.
(x) …Mike teasing you for your love of disco music.
(x) …you and Mike coping together after a loss in your pregnancy.
(x) …waiting for Dodds to finish his work.
(x) …sleeping at Dodds’ place.
(x) …Dodds Sr. not approving of you being a working mother.
(x) …Mike just talking to you at a Gala.
(x) …being an Omega. *NSFW
(x) …a dominant Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …telling Dodds about your depression.
(x) …your first time with Mike.
(x) …Mike convincing you dating him is okay.
(x) …Dodds taking Olivia’s advice.
(x) …having sexual tension with Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …secretly hooking up with Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …Dodds taking care of you while you’re sick.
(x) …finding your melody.
(x) …meeting Mike after you’ve been stood up for a date.
(x) …Dodds making love to you after a hard case.
(x) …having make-up sex with Dodds.
(x) …dating Sonny but Mike has a crush on you.
(x) …babysitting Noah and Jesse with Mike.
• (x) …adopting a dog with Mike.

Ed Tucker
(x) …Tucker buying you a drink.

Odafin Tutuola
(x) …reminding Fin how much you remind him of Munch.
(x) …Fin being protective of you.
(x) …being Fin’s best friend.

John Munch
(x) …being Munch’s daughter.

Elliot Stabler
(x) …meeting the town’s local baker.
(x) …working the concession stand at all the kids weekend sporting events.
(x) …having your first child with Elliot.

George Huang
• (x) …Dr. Huang examining you.

The Squad
(x) …the Squad visiting you while you are in a coma.
(x) …being in a hostage situation.
(x) …settling an argument between Benson and Barba.
(x) …attending Hogwarts with the Squad.
(x) …the Squad comforting you after a relative insults you.
(x) …the Squad finding out your secret.

locke-writes  asked:

36. “Does he know about the baby?” with Barba (this could be interestingly angsty)

Okay so this got a little angsty. Warning: mention of miscarriage. I hope you like it!

“I think you should call him.”

“No! He has a big case that he’s been working on for months. Today they’re giving closing remarks. Please I’ll be okay. I’ll go to the hospital but just don’t call him.”

The cramps were becoming more intense and you were scared something was wrong. Luckily, you had stopped by the office to try and catch Rafael on his lunch break and Carisi was there. “Okay then let’s go. Come on I’ll drive.”

He took your hand as you clutched at your stomach. You made it to the elevator and doubled over as another cramp hit you. You were about to get into the car when you saw red liquid running down your leg. “Sonny we have to get to the hospital now. I’m pregnant and something is wrong.”

He went into overdrive after that. He helped you into the car and ran to his side and turned on his siren and lights. You quickly made it to the hospital and he carried you in. A nurse rushed over and Sonny just said “She’s pregnant.” They put you in a wheelchair and rushed you back to find out the problem.

An hour later they had you in a room and Sonny came walking in. “Is everything alright?” He pulled up a chair and sat next to you.

“Yea, the baby is fine. I had a ovarian cyst burst. I’ve never had them bleed before but apparently that can happen. I just…” The tears started to pour down your face. “I just thought I was gonna lose the baby. It’s hard enough to get pregnant with PCOS and I thought I was going to lose it.”

“Y/N, everything is going to be fine. But can I ask… Does.. Does Barba know about the baby?

“No, he’s been so busy with this case that I haven’t told him. And now I’m almost three and a half months and he still doesn’t know. I just didn’t want to get his hopes up just to trash them if I lost this baby. I’m scared he’s gonna leave me because it’s hard for me to give him a family.”

“Y/N you know that’s not true. Also I’m sorry but I called him. The trial had just finished. But he’s on his way.”

“Sonny please tell me you didn’t tell him!”

“Carino! Are you alright? What happened?” As if on cue your husband came walking through the door. 

“Rafael I’m so sorry! I should have told you! I’m so sorry.” You were letting out choked sobs and could hardly breathe. Rafael seeing Carisi sitting by your side assumed the worst and saw red.

In two strides he had Carisi out of his chair and shoved up against the wall. “What the hell did you do Carisi?”

“Rafael stop it! It’s not him! It’s not what you think! I’m pregnant! You and I are pregnant!” He released Carisi and stared at you. 

“I’m just gonna head back down to the precinct. I’ll see you both later.”

“Thank you Sonny.” You called after him. “You’ll need to apologize to him later Rafi.”

“I’m sorry did you say we’re pregnant?” His eyes filled with tears. “Really? We’re pregnant?”

“You continued crying. “Yea we’re pregnant. I thought I was having a miscarriage but I just had a large cyst burst. But yea we’re pregnant.”

“Oh my God we’re pregnant! He crawled into the bed with you and wrapped his arms around you and planted soft kisses all over your face then stopped. “How far along are you?”

You looked away from him. “Three months.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because you were preoccupied with this big case. And I thought I was going to lose it anyway. So I figured there was no harm in not telling you. I’m sorry I should’ve told you. I was just.. I was scared you were gonna leave me if I couldn’t have kids.”

“Oh mi vida, I would never leave you. You’re stuck with me. And no matter how big a case is, you can always tell me things. I’m just glad you were okay.”

“I’m much better now that you’re here. They want to keep me overnight just to be safe.”

“Alright well, try and get some rest then mi amor. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

You snuggled closer to him and started to doze off. “Thank you, I love you Raf.”

He reached down and placed a hand on your stomach. “I love you both.”

Nevada’s Worst Case Scenario...

Per ask HERE re: After crybaby leaves nevada and is with sonny, crybaby finally gets what she wants she’s engaged to sonny and is pregnant with their child. Nevada sees her(orthem) on the street and gives his usual trashcan attitude while his little cold heart is breaking and realising he finally lost her for good. Imagining what it would be like if it was HIS ring on her finger and HIS baby inside her…

I took some liberty on this… you’ll see why…

More stories related to this catastrophe can be found here: #SonnyXCrybaby

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The day already felt odd. 

But, then again, no day had felt ‘right’ since he’d lost his Crybaby.

The streets were wrong, he felt so alone even though faceless strangers passed by; The clouds were wrong, he couldn’t seem to find a moment they weren’t hiding the sun; He felt so, so wrong- there was no comfort in his existing today…

Which, since he was so busy trying to decipher what exactly was so off, caused him to nearly pass right by her when their paths met in front of an unfamiliar brownstone. 

But, the moment he smelled her perfume- he knew exactly who fate had put on the same trail he was traveling…

Nevada stopped in his tracks, jaw fell so quick he was surprised it didn’t hit the cement. His, well, once-upon-a-time-his Crybaby stood before him, timidly biting her bottom lip once noticing him. At first, he thought the illumination came from the sun finally peeking from behind a cloud…

But no, it wasn’t that… She was glowing, he’d have sworn it. Her cheeks, her eyes, her skin, every bit of her- looked alive, and more lovely than she ever had before.

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god-damn-it-miranda  asked:

So, I like to imagine Sonny's dad walked out on him and his mom when he was super young. So Sonny's grown up with Usnavi being like dad to him. So when they win the lotto, all of a sudden this dickweed emerges from no where and tries to get close to Sonny (just for the money) and 'Navi is NOT having it

Oh shiiiiiiit dramaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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anonymous asked:

sonny and a pregnant reader, when she tells him & him throughout? I need flipping out daddy sonny for science


-You would find out that you’re pregnant really really close to Sonny’s birthday, so you decided that you were going to wait to tell him until then.

-You had this whole big surprise planned for the morning of, and thankfully he had the day off so it wouldn’t be rushed.

-The surprise was almost like a scavenger hunt. You took balloons and taped little notes to them telling him where to go throughout the apartment.

-The first one told him to go into the bathroom, where you had a bath waiting for him with some nice salts to relax his muscles and freshly washed fluffy towels. Who doesn’t love baths?

-You know him well enough to know when he would be getting up, so you were able to make sure that the water would still be hot for him and that you would still have time to escape the room before he could see you. 

-You even threw his clothes into the dryer so they’d be warm for when he got out awwww.

-The second one told him to go to the kitchen, where you had his favorite breakfast waiting for him. Again, everything still warm. He was a little bummed that he was eating alone, but hey you had a plan. You knew that if you saw him, you would just end up blurting it out and ruining it. 

-The last one told him to go into the bathroom again. He walks in to find you sitting on the counter, your hands behind your back. 

-You’re too excited, so you just kind of thrust the small box in his direction without a word. 

-When he opens it to find a positive pregnancy test, he stands there for a solid 45 seconds just staring at the small stick in shock.

-But then it hits him, and next thing you know you’re being pulled off of the counter and into his arms as he spins you around, laughs, and shouts that the two of you are going to parents. He’s going to be a daddy. Theres going to be a mini you or a mini him running around soon enough. 

-Oh you better believe he almost immediately calls his mother and his sisters. 

-Sonny would be so sweet during your pregnancy but I can see him being a little overbearing too.

-He doesn’t want you doing anything that might stress you or the baby out, both physically and mentally. Understandable. But in his head, even vacuuming is a stressor. 

-But then he wants to go and talk about moving. Your lease is going to be up right in the middle of your second trimester, and he thinks that that’s the perfect time to find a new apartment. You shut that one down so quickly. 

-But like I said, sweet.

-He never ever misses any of your doctors appointments. Your heart swells at the look of wonder and excitement on his face each and every time. 

-He’d 100% want to keep the gender a surprise. You were anxious to know, but you went along with it anyways.

-Do not even get me started on the first time he feels the baby kick oh LORD that man would have the biggest smile on his face and would actually probably squeal in delight. 

-And lets be real, he’d totally buy every parenting book out there and get you all of the right vitamins and make you stick to a certain diet and lorddddd.

-Oh my GOD and when you go into labor he would totally be one of those guys who just flips shit while his wife is sitting there rather calmly (Well, as calm as you can be in that situation).

-“Sonny, I’m going to the hospital, not on a two week vacation in the Alps.”

-“Better safe than sorry!”

-“Babe you packed hiking boots.”

-He’d totally speed all of the way to the hospital and run in yelling at a nurse, frantically telling her that you’re in labor while you just trail behind him, rolling your eyes. 

-When your first big contraction hits, he’d still probably freak out more than you and grip your hand tighter than you were gripping his.

-“I’m the one about to push a bowling ball out of my vagina will you calm the fuck down.”

-Thankfully, the delivery was quick and on the easier side. You didn’t swear at Sonny too much either, which was a good thing in your book.

-That man puppy would totally start crying the second your baby was placed in your arms. It took all of his restraint to not demand to hold her the second he saw her. He knew you needed a minute with her.

-“Y/N, we have a mini you, we have a baby girl.”

I’m Not Alone (Sonny Carisi)

Title inspiration by “I Sleep Alone” – Meriwether (This is a really great song and I think the lyrics go with the fic really well. Go have a listen.)

I sort of channeled “Downton Abbey” with this one and also I’m sorry I don’t know why I wrote this I guess I wanted to hate myself.

You stood outside of the church, afraid to go in. Terrified of how you were going to feel once inside. You wanted to be alone through this process, because no one really mattered to you in that moment except for Sonny. You felt alone, so you wanted to be alone with your thoughts and your dreams that would never come true now. 

The thought of walking into the church made your chest feel tight and your throat feel raw and the last thing you wanted was to cry in front of these people. Retreating into your mind was the only way you hadn’t lost it yet, thinking back to the last day, three days ago.

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anonymous asked:

Having a one night stand one night with a drunk Sonny and getting pregnant but not telling him it's his. You have a boy and you name him Dominick after Sonny and you finally tell Sonny he's the father when your son turns 5.

So I tried really hard with this one. I tried to make it as realistic as possible? I hope you like it Nonny. My biggest stressor is worrying about letting y'all down.

You hadn’t planned to sleep with Sonny, hadn’t planned to have his kid or hide it from him. When you named the child Dominick, you told him it was because he had helped you through the entire pregnancy and he was your best friend. You’d told him you’d gotten pregnant a month later, some guy you met on a sting that you actually did sleep with. Unfortunately by then you’d already been pregnant.
Years and years go by as you watch your son grow up. Soon he’s 5, messy blonde hair and striking blue eyes just like his father. Sonny starts to see the resemblance and that’s when the questions start.
How long after I’d slept with him did I meet the other man?
What did that man look like?
Why did that kid have wonky smile?
By then you both know the truth, neither of you willing to say it out loud.
When you get together, the words finally come flooding out of your mouth in sobs. He holds you, whispering that he’s furious but he’s in love with you. He whispers he wants to be a family and he wants his son to know the truth.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because I wasn’t sure you wanted to be with me Sonny. I didn’t wanna trap you…”
“Hey, listen to me doll, and you listen good. Cause I will not say this again. I’m in love with you. Everyday I want to be with you. You are not trapping me. I want this kid and I want us.”
“Okay,” you whisper back and nuzzle against his neck.
“Dom! C'mere buddy.” Sonny calls to your son.
Out comes a little boy, running full speed and launching himself into Sonny’s arms.
Sonny holds the boy tight in his arms, unable to stop from tearing up.
“Dom, you know how I told you that Sonny was helping because he’s your mommy’s friend?”
You boy nods.
“Well… Mommy told a little lie. He’s also helping because he’s your daddy.” You stroke across the boys face and then Sonny’s. “I should have told you sooner, but sometimes, adults get scared and-”
“Cool! Sonny! You get to be my dad now.” He hugs Sonny tighter and smiles. “I get to tell my friends that my dad is a police officer!” He hops up making gun shooting noises as he runs around the room.
You laugh, relief flooding through you.
“That went…well.” Sonny grins to you and holds you close.
“So doll, you ever think about having another little one running around? This one planned?”
“Dominic Carisi, are you offering to knock me up?”
“Not right away doll, we gotta practice first.”
“Practice, huh?”
His lips are on yours as he grins, “lots of practice,” he promises and suddenly you’re lost in him, the man you loved, the father of your child. Your sweet sunshine.

anonymous asked:

Okay okay so imagine this. After crybaby leaves nevada and is with sonny, crybaby finally gets what she wants she's engaged to sonny and is pregnant with their child. Nevada sees her(orthem) on the street and gives his usual trashcan attitude while his little cold heart is breaking and realising he finally lost her for good. Imagining what it would be like if it was HIS ring on her finger and HIS baby inside her

!!!! Hello hello, thank you for this! Something along these lines is coming momentarily… I took a LOT of liberty on this request, for reasons I hope you understand, but I hope you still enjoy this series!!

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anonymous asked:

What would it be like to start a family with Carisi?

Starting a family with Carisi would involve:

  • You and he would have had a long conversation about what you wanted when it came to kids. I doubt he’d have any objection to a houseful of kids, but if you only wanted a one or two he wouldn’t object either.
  • Him being super hands-on throughout the pregnancy. Carisi would be the kinda’ guy who wanted to know everything he possibly could beforehand. He’d read baby books and the like.
  • Sonny getting nervous when you get the crib. Mid-putting-it-together it would hit him how real the reality of him being a dad was, and you’d have to tell him he was going to be a great dad. It would be an excited kind of nervous and Sonny would be like, “I can’t believe I’m gonna’ be a dad,” while the whole floor was littered with pieces of the crib that still had yet to be put together.
  • Getting all kinds of advice from Olivia, Rollins, and Bella on what to expect and what to do.
  • Sonny telling you that Tommy also gave him advice when you tell him about all the unsolicited advice you’d been getting, and the two of you having a laugh that all of these people want to give you advice.
  • Having to have a quick baby shower in the precinct because Carisi has to work.
  • After a bad day at work when he gets in a dangerous position, Carisi laments to you that he wants to be there for you and the baby and you just hold him after telling him that he is going to be there for you and the baby.
  • Sonny crying a little when he sees the baby for the first time because he’s so happy.
  • Sonny being amazing with the baby when it does come.
  • Sonny being a great dad.
  • Sonny being a pushover dad.
  • Teasing Sonny anytime he makes a joke that they’re now “dad-jokes.”

<3 xx

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