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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job

Weekly Reading List 7

Star Trek
Really Like, Like by @enterprisewriting
In Need of TLC by @trekken81
Sleep is for the Weak by @whereno1701hasgonebefore
Experience Before Youth by @melodynightsong
Backwards by @kaitysmitty123
Bones and Gravity Issues by @fandomheadrush
Damn You by @trekimagine
Fainting in Medbay by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse
Scoping Him Out by @starshiphufflebadger
Let the Games Begin by @medicatemedrmccoy

Jim Kirk
Dating Jim After An Abusive Relationship by @youre-on-a-starship
I Was Younger Then… by @whereno1701hasgonebefore
First Sign of Trouble by @kaitysmitty123
Together by @imaginenterprise
Jim Realizing He Loves by @youre-on-a-starship

Black Keys by boneswrites 
Chasing the Stars by boneswrites

Steve Rogers
Home by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord (this is one is till up in the air as to whether it will be Steve or Peter. I vote Steve)
Imagine Running With Steve by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord
Hail Hydra by @seeingsupernatural
Lost by @iwillbeinmynest
Bullies by @this-ginger-has-no-soul
Then Again, Maybe Not by @katbird787

Tony Stark
Huh by @captainpunk
First Baby by @pitubea1910
Lazy Sunday by @hunters-from-stark-tower
Birthday Tribbles by @beccaanne814-blog

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
Rainy Days and Mondays by @xemopeachx
Challenge Accepted by @lumosliterature
A Hard Lesson in Perseverance by @vintagemichelle91 and @rauliskafan
Unforgettable Paradise by @hiddndaydreams
Sleepy Mommy and Love Struck Daddy by @xemopeachx
Before Home, Again by @ohbelieveyoume

Dwayne Pride
Swallowing your Pride by @of-badges-and-guns

Tony DiNozzo
A DiNozzo Story by @lucifersagents
Let’s Have One by @theboatgibbsrubs

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner
Mirror by @kaunis-sielu
A Race With Time by @profiler-in-training
Sugar by @kaunis-sielu

Soulmate AU
Chekov Imagine by @trek-wars-and-sushi 

Mob AU
Manhattan Mistress by @hellomissmabel Steve Rogers 

U for UTI by @outside-the-government Daddy!Bones
George by @imaginenterprise Daddy!Jim (its our first Daddy!Jim)
Colorful Emotions by @imagineangryspacegrump Daddy!Bones 
Center of His World by @esparzart Daddy!Rafi
Imagine Tony finding out you are in an abusive relationship by @babe-with-thepower Daddy!Tony

A/B/O Dynamics
Submit, Fight, Fail, Fall (or why you can’t fight the blood that’s in you) by akainagi

Royal AU
All Along the Watchtower by @lunaticbuck Steve Rogers

Misc Fandoms
Panic Attack by @ohbelieveyoume Nevada Ramirez
Barisi by @svu-stories

Karl Urban (he’s getting his own list ain’t he a lucky duck but Bones will remain under Star Trek)
I Got You by @imoutofmyvulcanmind John Kennex
Baby Grimm by @karl-urban-imagines John Grimm
Always on My Mind by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse Gavin 
Loving Touch by @it-sammi-matthews

whoops i coloured it

now if only i could write the damn fic

UPDATE: i wrote the damn fic

Probably During The Blackout At Some Point
  • Sonny: Pete, I'm hurt!
  • Pete: What?! Let me see; it's gonna be okay.
  • Sonny: Pete, kiss me!
  • Pete:
  • Sonny: I'm bleeding right now!
  • Pete:
  • Pete: *leans forward to kiss Sonny before looking down at the 'blood'*
  • Pete: Dude, is that red slushee?
  • Sonny: Are you gonna kiss me or not?!
  • Pete:
  • Pete: Yeah, okay, I'll do it.

Cuddling Sonny Carisi would involve:

  • He’s such a cuddle monster you wouldn’t believe it
  • Starts it off with a huge bear hug, pulling you really tight against his chest and rocking side to side
  • Always tries to have his arms around you because he just feels better like that. Like he’s protecting you and he knows you’re okay
  • Will keep his arms around you, even if they fall asleep. He is a gentlemen
  • Sonny just generally is very touchy. Don’t be surprised if his fingers start to trace over your body or he presses some kisses to your head
  • Is definitely the type to play footsies with you under the blanket
  • My personal headcanon is that Sonny always smells really nice
  • Almost always watching a movie or TV show while cuddling. And Sonny will laugh. You’ll feel it against his chest and it makes you smile
  • Is totally the type that will drag you down onto the couch and force you to cuddle because he’s barely seen you the past few days

Requested by Anon~

Merry Christmas Indeed ➸ Nick Amaro


Dear Sadie,

It’s me, Mariam! Your Secret Santa :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, you deserve the world. Here’s your gift :)

Warnings: smut, friends w/ benefits, angst, fluff, Amaro being sexy as fuck



Originally posted by zolozaynnn

He was here again. In your apartment. Maybe it was because it was lonely. Maybe because it was Christmas. Maybe it was even because he missed you. And you couldn’t say you didn’t miss him too. But that was besides the point.

It started when you were sitting on your couch. It was a damn comfy couch. There’s a knock on the door and naturally you roll your eyes, trying to find the will to get up and answer it. So you do. You get up and walk towards the door, grabbing the gun under your coffee table along the way. You glance through the peephole and release a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.


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If you’d just realize

Ok so I decided to try my hand at this. Thank you @elijiadoesntwritehere for encouraging me! Here goes…

“You wanna know what my problem is?”

You couldn’t keep it up anymore. Your friends kept teasing you and poking at you trying to get you to tell them what was up with your mood lately. And the man who was the cause of your change in mood wasn’t due to meet you at the bar for few more minutes. He was always running late because of work. But it didn’t matter. It was something you had gotten used to. You had been friends with him for so long. Friends…

So after a few drinks and the constant badgering you finally broke in front of Sonny and one of your friends from college you’d introduced him to. At least they seemed happy.

“I love him. I love his name. I love the way he looks at me. I love his gorgeous smile. I love the way he walks into a room and commands everyone’s attention. I love his beautiful green eyes.”

“Y/N” Lori tried to interrupt. But by this point they had opened the floodgates.

“I love the sound of his laugh. Not just his chuckle that he does in front of colleagues but his loud-actually-letting-his-guard-down-fills-the-room laugh. I love the way he gets mad but tries to hide it.”

“Ok Y/N, we…” It was Sonny this time. But you couldn’t make eye contact with them. You took to running your finger around the top of your empty glass.

“I love the way I can be having the worst day of my life and seeing him completely changes my mood. I love how when he bumps into me I get weak. And yes there is an age gap. But I don’t care about that. I’m in love with him and I can’t bring myself to tell him. That’s my problem”

When you finally looked up to see the reaction of your friends you realized they were no longer looking at you but behind you with wide eyes and mouths hanging open.

“Y/N, I…” You turned slowly and there he was. Rafael Barba standing a foot away from your table with a shocked look on his face. That was one you hadn’t seen in a while. You could feel the tears of embarrassment threatening to spill over.

“I’m sorry… I have to go” You stood up at lightning speed threw some cash down for your drinks and took off out of the bar. And of course it had to be like a maze getting out of there so you were bumping into chairs asking God to just kill you right there. You reached the outside and let the tears fall. You had really done it this time. As you tried to remember the way back to your apartment you felt a hand go around your wrist. Before you could register what was happening his lips were on yours. This must be a dream right? You tried to pull away but melted into his touch as his hand went to your hair and his other to your waist. When you were both out of breath he leaned his forehead down to yours and wiped the tears off of your face.

“How much did you hear?” You finally broke the silence but you still couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

“I’m sorry. I should not have let you walk out of that bar. But I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t think you were talking about me when I first got there. But then Lori and Sonny both tried to stop you and I realized…”

“It’s okay you don’t have to give me your pity. I’m a big kid. I can handle rejection”

“Y/N, look at me” He grabbed your chin and made you look him in his beautiful eyes. “I love you. I have loved you since the day your brother introduced us the day he got engaged and you didn’t know how to react so you just started cracking jokes. You are smart, sassy, funny, stubborn and beautiful.” The tears returned to your eyes. You couldn’t believe the words coming out of Rafael’s mouth. The mouth that was once again against yours. Then you became suddenly aware that you were still standing in the middle of the busy sidewalk.

“How bout we get out of here and go back to the bar with the others?” He still hadn’t let go of you. And you didn’t want him to because you were scared you would fall, your knees were shaking so much. “Sure, let’s do that.”

He gave you one more peck on the lips and then walked with his arm around your waist back to the bar.

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What's your top gay ships?


Ste x Harry (Hollyoaks) obvs are #1 <3 OTP for life <333
Ian x Mickey (Shameless)
Christian x Oliver (Verbotene Liebe)
Deniz x Roman (Alles was Zählt)
David x Fer (Física o Química)
Keller x Beecher (Oz)
Will x Sonny (Days of Our Lives)
John Paul x Craig (Hollyoaks)
Max x Iago (El Cor de la Ciutat)
Brian x Justin (Queer as Folk)
Lenny x Carsten (Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten)
Manuel x Lalo (Botineras)

Some Honourable Mentions:
Tom x Ulli (Verbotene Liebe)
Elias x Lari (Salatut elämät)
Ste x Brendan (Hollyoaks)
John Paul x Kieron (Hollyoaks)
Robert x Aaron (Emmerdale)
Noah x Luke (As the World Turns)
Christian x Syed (Eastenders)
Kaldrick x Tariq (The L.A. Complex)
Jude x Connor (The Fosters)
Zero x Jude (Hit the Floor)
Todd x Karl (Coronation Street)

And my new ships:
Ian x Trevor (Shameless)
Isak x Even (Skam)
Philip x Lukas (Eye Witness)

And honestly this is just the tip of the iceberg but I’ll stop for now lmao I’m trash


Sonny x Reader

You and Sonny are married but have kept it a secret from the squad. 

A/N: This is my first imagine that I have posted. If you guys like it and want a part 2 please let me know! Feed back is always welcome!

When Sonny was transferred to Manhattan SVU, he had waited to tell everyone he was married. Not because he was being shady, but he wanted to make sure his family didn’t get thrown in the line of fire. You couldn’t blame him, with a toddler at home, you wanted to feel as safe as possible. It never really bothered you.

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