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Crossing Boundaries - Carisi

Sonny Carisi x Reader

She was single for more than a couple of years after her long term relationship. Her friends all badgered her to get back out there and start dating. It was getting pretty irritating. She could usually tone out the badgering. When they saw that they were wasting their breath, they would cunningly set her up on dates without her knowing. They were all so sneaky. It happened so much that she gave in and just let them play matchmaker.

They were going to give up after her few failed first dates, but this is where Sonny came in. They introduced him to her at a housewarming party. He was a great guy, but he was always so busy with work so they never introduced him to her. They all told her to just forget the whole pressure of dating and just give him a chance, as friends. It didn’t sound like such a bad idea, so she did. This was the only way she could get them off her back. When the friends saw how well they got along, they scheduled more group social hangings. The plan was to slowly ease her into seeing him more often and being comfortable with him. Thankfully, their plan worked. After all, they were both very likable people. Soon enough, they became friends. Not close friends at first, but friendship always takes time.

Sonny, was Sonny. He was the guy that everyone liked because he was overly friendly and quick to help anyone in need. The man had a way with taming sour atmospheres and always had a joke in the back of his mind. He was what people would describe a physical embodiment of a ray of sunshine. Though, if you were to ask her if she found him attractive at first, she would deny it. Why? Because she would say that he was loud, trying too hard to please others, and talked too much with his hands. Eventually, those annoying little things, turned into charming little things. It took some time, but she warmed up to him.

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A Chance to Come Through

Request: “Could you write something where maybe Sonny gets hurt on the job and the reader is his girlfriend that the squad doesn’t know about?”


Sonny Carisi is a great boyfriend.

You had only been officially dating for a few months, but you knew it was the real deal.  Sonny is thoughtful, sweet, funny…he’s every quality you’d want in a guy, and then some.

You met at Fordham Law, and although the two of you hit it off from the beginning, you weren’t quite ready to be in a relationship at the time.  You texted every now and then, but you didn’t see much of each other after finishing school.

Then, a few months ago, Sonny nearly lost his life on the job, and that’s when he called you and asked you out for coffee.

“I don’t want to take things for granted anymore,” he’d said, his hand covering yours. “I think we both know there’s something here.”

And he was right.

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Sonny x Reader Fics

Are You Sure? | Read on Tumblr ❤︎

A bed sharing one shot inspired by an anon request.

Rating: E | Words: 1,748 | Chapters: 1 | Warnings: NSFW, Smut

One Last Time

After a bitter break up, Sonny comes by to collect the last of his things.

Rating: E | Words: 1,989 | Chapters: 1 | Warnings: NSFW, smut, angst

Please Don’t Go

You’ve had feelings for Detective Carisi for quite some time, burning beneath the surface. Now that you’re drunk and he’s in your bed, you decide to make your move.

Rating: E | Words: 1,989 | Chapter: 1 | Warnings: NSFW, smut

Sonny x OFC Fics

We Shouldn’t

Emily Bennett is a young, inexperienced detective when she transfers to the Manhattan Special Victims Unit. Emotional and impulsive, she struggles to earn her place in the squad while handling a difficult situation at home and trying to ignore the growing affection she feels for her partner.

Rating: E | Words: 16,313 | Chapters: 19 | Warnings: Smut, angst, canon-typical discussions of rape, graphic violence, trauma

Sonny Imagines and Drabbles (NSFW)

Sonny Headcanons (NSFW)

Sonny Headcanons (SFW)


Sonny x Barba Fics

You Knew What This Was ❤︎

This piece was inspired by my desire to explain the change in Sonny’s affect in Season 18, as well as his new dynamic with Barba.

Rating: M | Words: 2,474 | Chapter: 4 | Warnings: Implied sex, mature themes, angst

I’d Rather Be With You [Coming Soon]

Sequel to You Knew What This Was. Barba is struggling with guilt and regrets, unable to keep Sonny off his mind.

Rating: M | Words: 5,000+ | Chapter: 4 | Warnings: Implied sex, mature themes, angst, fluff, hurt/comfort

Sonny x Barba x Reader Fics

Tell Me How Much You Like It | Read on Tumblr

You, Sonny, and Rafael have a good thing going. But tonight you decide to try something new.

Rating: E | Words: 2,334 | Chapter: 1 | Warnings: NSFW, Smut, M/M/F, light domination, double penetration

Barisi Headcanons and Imagines (SFW)


Nate x Reader Fics

No Strings | Read on Tumblr ❤︎

After a few chance run-ins, you decide to take a risk with a persistent, intriguing stranger.

Rating: E | Words: 2,103 | Chapter: 1 | Warnings: NSFW, smut

Nate Headcanons and Imagines (SFW)


Carter x Reader Fics

You come here often? [Coming Soon]

Rating: E | Words: 2,000+ | Chapter: 1 | Warnings: NSFW, smut

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Dating Sonny Carisi would include:
  • Home cooked meals straight from Mama Carisi’s cookbook
    • Plus, you get to see Sonny in his “Kiss The Cook” apron that you got him for Christmas
  • Sonny wrapping his arms and legs around your body in the mornings to stop you from getting out of the bed
    • “D’oh my God, Sonny! Your feet are freezing!”
  • Check ins from him when he ends up working late
    • “Hey Doll, looks it’s gonna be another late night.”
    • “Be safe, okay? I love you.”
    • “I always am. Love you too.”
    • When Sonny finally comes home, he finds you fast asleep on the couch and wearing one of his Fordham Law pullovers. 
    • He smiles, carefully picks you up, and carries you to the bedroom where you wrap yourself around him once he changes into his pajamas
  • Sundays (when Sonny doesn’t have to work) are spent on Staten Island with the Carisi’s. Mass in the morning then back to the house for lunch!
    • Sonny’s sisters picking on you two about how you guys look like a puppies in love
      • Bella will be the one to bring out Sonny’s baby pictures while Theresa and Gina will tell you back-to-back stories about Sonny growing up and how they would convince him to let them dress him up and give him makeovers
        • “It was 3 against 1! I didn’t have a fighting chance!”
      • Mama Carisi showing you how to make some of Sonny’s favorite dishes 
      • Papa Carisi would pull his boy out to the porch and asking when he’s finally getting a daughter-in-law
          • Sonny’s face stretches into a wide grin, crinkling his eyes when he tells his Pop “Soon”.
  • Some date nights are spent in the SVU break room during Sonny’s break with food and sodas from the vending machine
    • “Late night date nights”, as you two call them, are some of your favorite date nights
  • Sonny’s favorite places to kiss you are, but not limited to: the top of your head, forehead, cheek, tip of your nose, and lips
    • He also loves to kiss your neck and shoulders when he comes up behind you and hugs your waist
  • Music is a constant in your apartment. Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and Nat King Cole, just to name a few. 
    • Whenever Sonny cooks dinner, he tends to sing along as he prepares the food. You get dinner AND a show!
    • More times than not, Sonny will pull you up from wherever you’re seated and start slow dancing with you while singing to you
      • He LOVES to dip you and bring you back up to kiss you
  • Sonny knows you mean business when you call (or growl, depending on what he’s done) him “Dominick”.
  • Sonny deals with a lot of ugliness and pain in his job and he usually doesn’t bring it home to you but there are some cases that just shake him to the core and will follow him home
    • And you know right away that he’s had a tough day from the moment he walks through the door
    • He shrugs his coat off, hangs it on the coat rack, and makes his way to the bedroom
    • His shoulders are slumped, hair a mess from running his fingers through it, eyes rimmed red and glassy
    • He’ll crawl into bed and you’ll follow suit, wrapping your arms around him and laying your head chin in the crook of his neck while he places his hand over the one you have on his abdomen
    • Sonny will eventually turn over to where he’s holding you, rubbing your back and kissing your forehead
      • “I-I jus’ wanna hold you, Doll.”
  • When Sonny has an early morning, he always gives you a kiss before leaving
    • If you’re still asleep, he’ll give you a soft peck on the cheek
    • When you’re awake, it’s a long and deep kiss that both of you are smiling through
      • When he pulls back, you always grab his tie to bring him back for one or two (or 10) extra kisses
Imagine making up with Sonny after an argument

(A/N: Dedicated to all the supportive people on this site. You know who you are and I can’t thank you enough. I hope you enjoy this!) 

WARNING: Mentions of a troubled childhood/Extensive drug use/ Explores impact a troublesome home can have on a person later on in life (I have not experienced this personally so I apologize if you have and feel that this isn’t an accurate representation) 

Imagine making up with Sonny after an argument

Love had always been a nice idea to you. For your whole life, you thought it was a nice idea, whenever anyone talked about it or being in it, you thought it was a nice idea. But you never really believed in it.

How could you?

Throughout out your whole life, you hadn’t ever seen it. No one in your life growing up had been in a stable loving relationship. Your parents were addicts and sure may be way before you were born they were in love but you never saw a glimpse of that. By the time you realized what was going on they hated each other. They couldn’t stand each other and it got to the point where every birthday and every other day for that matter your wish was for the to separate or even better divorce.

And maybe that’s extreme what else could you wish for? For them to stop doing drugs? You knew that wasn’t going to happen.

They were too far gone.

Its safe to say that you had a difficult childhood. Both your parents were addicts and basically teenagers when they had you. They were high school dropouts, unemployed and miserable. The drugs they took, took the pain away and that’s why they couldn’t live without it. Life was too hard for them so they did what they had to do to escape it all.

Escape life with each other.

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Memories From the Past - Sonny Carisi

Sonny Carisi x Reader
Summary: Sonny reminiscing on the past.

The sun radiated high above in the blue cloudless sky. Birds flew across the fields; butterflies fluttered around with bees sucking pollen from blossomed flowers. The trees swayed by the warm breeze. The wonderful floral essence swirled in the air. Beautiful days like these made it worth the sweaty summer heat.

She felt the ticklish pricks of freshly cut grass underneath her bare feet. Her laughter filled the field as they ran through the grass. He held her hand tightly, as they searched for the perfect spot to settle down. They came upon a huge tree, providing the right amount of shade for their picnic. When their eyes met, they knew instantly that it was the perfect place to for their little picnic.

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Nick Amaro / Strange Bedfellows (Part Two)

As per @yesthemaggot‘s request: Part One 

Finally! The epic conclusion. I had a lot of fun with this request, and it ended up being pretty long. Part one in linked above, but for a quick summary: 

Imagine if you were Nick’s childhood best friend, and you meet Sonny who you end up kissing and falling in love with, leaving Nick with unresolved feelings for you. But then, months later, you show up at Nick’s door, crying that Sonny had cheated on you. 

Please Enjoy! 

Originally posted by kvintessenciya

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❛ sonny with a chance ❜ mixed bag.

❛ you’ve got great legs, let’s see how they move. ❜
❛ you’re like the head jerk, you’re like the Mayor of Jerksville, the Head Ambassador of Jerkoslovakia. ❜
❛ if the slipper fits, you too can be a princess. ❜
❛ just so you know, this is our first and last fake date. ❜
❛ this arm says ‘let’s cuddle’ and this arm says ‘good game bro!’ ❜
❛ it is a sad day when a young woman can’t try on twelve or thirteen outfits without being accused of going on a date! ❜
❛ normally that would have charmed you, what’s up with you? ❜ 
❛ if I wanna think that you have pretty hair, I will! ❜
❛ yes, that’s why we’re going to a place so cool, so exclusive, so underground, it doesn’t even exist. ❜
❛ i heard screaming and crushing metal, so I cut my massage to an hour and rushed right over! ❜
❛ i have a confession to make: I asked for a cup of water but I filled it up with soda. ❜
❛ last ball I threw, stroke of midnight, her dress is trashed, one shoe on, one shoe off. ❜
❛ it was a moment of weakness, but I’m not the only one with a secret shame. ❜
❛ and the plot thickens. ❜
❛ just because you wish for something, doesn’t make it so. ❜
❛ you know, I thought we were having a real moment here. ❜
❛ she can’t do anything without it being cute, stupid cute. ❜
❛ you just couldn’t say no to the kiss cam, could ya? ❜
❛ –saw a UFO and took pictures with your cell phone, but when you brought the pictures to the government, they were all mysteriously erased?❜
❛ because we’re on a mission and we need disguises! ❜
❛ with all the beauty rest I get, is there any wonder why I’m so hot? ❜
❛ by the end of the week, you’re gonna fall in love with me. ❜
❛ once again, it’s up to me to fix everybody’s mess. ❜

Imagine Sonny blaming Barba after you get hurt because of his death threats

(A/N: When you loving that SonnyvBarba angst and produce this. I’m sorry for the wait. This is not going to have two endings, so don’t worry. I have a surprise coming up for all of you, so for the people who actually read this, get excited. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!) 

Imagine Sonny blaming Barba after you get hurt because of his death threats

“You know, I’ve always known that you were stupid.” You announced as you walked into Barba’s office, taking a seat in front of his desk and looking back at him as he was at the other end of his office.

“Excuse me?” He asked, walking towards you.

“You know under that Harvard grad and Manhattan ADA persona you’re just an idiot.” You elaborated in a casual tone, he knew what he was saying, “Plain and simple. I always had my suspicions!”

“You’ve talked to Carisi.” He figured.

“You bet I did.” You smiled falsely, “Which bring me back to my original point. You’re an idiot.”

“It’s not that bad.” He attempted to reason.

“Yeah, giving your address to a hitman is not that bad.” You shrugged mockingly.

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