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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

Imagine Rafael finding out you can speak Spanish

(A/N: For Anon. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Sorry, it’s short as well!) 

Disclaimer: I don’t know Spanish so all the Spanish in this is from Google translate. So I’m sorry if it’s incorrect. 

Imagine Rafael finding out you can speak Spanish

Your Dad always empathized how important learning languages was and always encouraged you to pursue it. You can remember the lecture he gave you and your siblings when it was the right time. Always encouraging you all to go and take the opportunity to learn a second language. Not only does it have cognitive benefits, it also helps you become better learners as well as help you understand cultures other than your own.

But the most important reason for him was that it would help you connect with people. Like it had helped him. When your Dad first became a cop all he knew was English and he didn’t have any interest in learning another. That was until he was the first responder to a crime-scene and he couldn’t do anything because he couldn’t speak to the victim or the witnesses. He had to wait and depend on someone else to help these people. And he didn’t like that. His job was to protect the people of the city and that meant everyone in the city. That weekend he started learning Spanish. He also went on to learn Russian as well as Gaelic.

He became a lover of languages and you were definitely the same. Your siblings all learned second languages as well but none of them loved them like you did. It may be because unlike them you learned your first-second language very young and not in high school like them. Danny learned Spanish, Erin, and Joe learned French and Jamie learned German.

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“ I knew it “

Chapters: 1

Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr. / Reader
Characters:  Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr. / Reader
Additional Tags: First preliminaries - Colleagues - Hidding feelings - Kinda romantic Sonny - Smuth - Sonny’s focus on your own pleasure -  Inexperienced reader  

Hi everybody, just wanted to write few things, this is my first Fanfiction so I’m kinda scared a bit, I wrote it in French before cause YES I’m french and translate it in English after. I wanted to thanks Samantha @of-salt-and-moon​ for her amazing and precious help and also @larkin21​ for her generous suggestions ♥. I know that maybe not everyone will read or appreciate this story but it’s not my aim I just wanted to try so let me know  :) enjoy and thank you.  


“Carisi, you’re going with her.”

Olivia’s order was quick and direct, and your heart quickened its pace, breath held, as you heard Sonny sigh and saw tense his jaw. You hadn’t been at SVU long, but you had proven yourself to be a good cop. You wouldn’t know it based on how Sonny treated you, though. When you dared to look into those blue eyes, you never knew what he was thinking.

“Let’s go,” he said as he pulled on his jacket, the coldness in his voice pricking your heart.

“What’s the mission?” you asked, trying to start a conversation as you followed him out of the precinct.

His answer was pointed, delivered without even looking in your direction.

“I’ll tell you more after.”

Sonny was a discrete and sometimes difficult to define person, but you knew how much he loved his job. He was protective, always ready to help and advise you. But whenever the two of you worked together, you always left feeling confused. You trusted one another and had an undeniable connection, but he always remained distant and unknowable. You and Sonny had often been partners, and your relationship had evolved very quickly. There was trust between you much deeper than just a friendly relationship. Maybe it was the risk, maybe it was the danger. But it made you ask yourself, “What if we were more than that?”

You ended up somewhere between 3rd and 6th Avenue. Panic gripped you when you realized that instead of the car, you had taken the van that is usually used for long stakeouts. Even after 20 minutes, Sonny still hadn’t told you anything about the mission.

“Are you finally going to tell me why we’re here?” you asked.

He lowered his eyes, looking pensive, before fixing them on the computer screens in front of him. The cameras provided a wide shot of the dark street you were on. Quickly he told you about your mission and who you were sent to monitor. You swallowed wearily, thinking back to how difficult and painful this case has been and how monstrous this perp was. He was a rapist serial killer who had been released after only 15 years. Olivia knew that the release was a mistake, convinced he would strike again once he was free, and that’s why she sent you to the neighborhood where he lived.

But when hours passed and there was no movement, Sonny left to fetch you both coffee and some food to hold you over. You had no appetite, though. Instead, you were tired and overwhelmed. The van smelled like him, his cologne lingering and giving you mild chills between your thighs. You could not deny that you were immediately attracted to him when you first arrived at Special Victims - but you always thought this feeling wasn’t mutual. Yet the way he looked at you betrayed him. The way his cheekbones blushed. How nervous he’d get when you were too close. But lately, he had been distant with you. Cold. Even angry. You had started to think that you’d done something wrong, and you had many questions left unanswered.

“Do you hate me?”

The question was hushed and nearly whispered.

He immediately turned to face you, his eyes focused on you intently and his brows knitted.

“What?” he asked.

“I had to ask. These last few days, I found you’ve been - “

“I’ve been what?” The tone of his voice was pressing, and he didn’t take his eyes off of you.

“Distant,” you replied.

He began to swear - something he never did. He then took a deep breath before turning himself to face you completely, moving closer.

“No, not at all,” he said, then turned away.

“So why do I get that impression?” you asked, tears threatening to fall and show your weakness to him. When he didn’t answer, you got up and headed for the door. Perhaps a walk outside in the cold night air would clear your head.

“I don’t hate you,” he said, right as your fingers grasped the door handle. You hadn’t noticed him stand up as well, coming up behind you and pressing against you, placing his hand over yours.  You were sure he could feel you tremble at his touch.

You turned to look at him, your eyes full of desire - an oppressive desire, a desire that had gnawed at you for too long. Your blood began to heat, ringing in your ears, as his hand came up to rest on your cheek. You felt a rush of warmth through your body as you tried to concentrate only on the blue of his eyes, but you couldn’t keep from looking at his lips, awakening your senses by imagining them all over you.

“Sonny…” you whispered.

“You talk too much,” he grumbled.

Your breasts were pressed against his chest as he crashed his mouth against yours, offering a kiss that capsized your heart. Your legs were like cotton, but fortunately, his arms were close, holding you tightly against him. His lips were light against yours, gently flicking his tongue against your bottom lip, even biting it slightly, inviting you to open so he could discover more. With a gasp you complied and his tongue plunged into your mouth which made him growl. He had a sweet taste and this thought made you blush as you wondered if everything about him was sweet. Sonny Carisi always made you lose control over yourself. Resisting him never worked, as the attraction between you was always obvious. And now with his hard cock pressed against your stomach, it was certain. You gave a small shriek of astonishment as he pulled you close in his arms, raising you up.


“Let me do this, Doll.”

You smiled, proof to him that you desired it as much as he did.

The situation felt crazy - the small space did not leave much choice, but he found a clear place on the table shared by the surveillance equipment for you to lean back against. He took his time unbuttoning your pants, pulling off your panties with a slowness that made you even more eager. Your emotions scattered, he stretched you tenderly, your legs dangling on the side of the table impatiently as he spread your thighs and growled when he could finally admire your sex, wet with desire. The pink lips of your intimacy called him, and he bent his head to pass his tongue between your lips, from your point of entry to your clitoris swollen with pleasure.

“Oh my GOD!”

You couldn’t hold back your scream and your body vaulted violently, your trembling legs convulsed. Sonny clamped your hips firmly to hold you in place as he began to suck and lick harder.

“You’re as delicious as I imagined,” he breathed between small laps. He then climbed up to your clitoris and drew circles around your contracted bud, as he gently touched your entrance with his finger before slipping it inside you. You instantly contracted, and he redoubled the intensity of his finger and tongue.

“Oh my god, I didn’t think it could be this good and perfect,” you moaned as he sucked your clit harder, adding a second finger to caress your intimate walls. You were losing your head, your body ached and you arched your back, resting your hands on his head and prompting him to go faster as you felt the orgasm rise in you.

“Sonny… I’ll…”

“Come in my mouth, Doll. I want to taste you.”

Your cry cracked through the silence of the van, and you surrendered completely, twisting, wriggling, and exploding in his mouth and against his tongue. His movements became slow against your sensitive parts as you crashed from the overwhelming orgasm - probably the best of your life. Your cheeks were on fire as he stood up to look at you, bending over you to kiss your lips.

“Divine, Doll.”

“Sonny… why? Why?”

“Doll, I’ve been wanting you since I saw you first arrive in that awful poncho.”

You stood up as best as you could, your legs still trembling. Your heart had not stopped running madly in your chest. You looked at Sonny, your eyes full of emotion, knowing you had proof of his desire for you.

“You are crazy, Mr. Carisi.”

His eyes changed suddenly, bearing on you and full of desire. You leaned back against the table, remembering that you were half naked and suddenly feeling very exposed to this man who makes you lose your head with just one look. He was standing proudly in front of you, and your eyes traveled over his perfect body before stopping on his imposing erection, lighting up your senses.

“Doll,” he started. But there was no need to ask. You perfectly understood what he wanted, and you wanted it too. He unbuttoned his pants without a word, pushing them down past his hips and pulling out his hard cock. You couldn’t take your eyes off of it, powerful and impressive, and you realized you were holding your breath. You were eager to taste him, but also nervous. You were no expert, and after the amazing orgasm he gave you, you wanted to return the favor. But you were afraid. You dropped to your knees, and took a deep breath, closing your eyes.

“Look at me, Doll,” he said. “I’m going to guide you. I did not ask for an expert in fellatio, and your innocence excites me even more. It pleases me to be the only man to feel this beautiful mouth on my cock.”

Encouraged by his words and happy to feel desirable despite your inexperience, you put your hands on his thighs, gently stroking upward as he sat down. You then leaned forward and turned your tongue on his tip, opening your mouth bigger to take it in further, passing your tongue along his length.

“Relax, Doll, and trust me.”

His words were soothing and you relaxed at once. He tangled his fingers in your hair and put his palms flat on your head, holding you firmly and taking control. He then gave a little kick that made his cock penetrate a little further into your mouth. He went slowly at first, to help make sure you got used to his length, but then he accelerated the cadence, accentuating each thrust with a grunt that made you feel powerful despite your lack of confidence. You tried to stay focused, intent on not disappointing him, when a salty fluid spread on your tongue, indicating that he would come soon.

“Doll.. I’m… gonna come.”

He continued to swing his hips, his breath jerky and bestial and making you wet again. You pulled off of him and took his cock in your hand, stroking at a frantic pace, hypnotized by his expressions as he neared orgasm. You nearly jumped when he finally came, ejaculating onto your hand. You continued to hold him firmly, slowing your pace to accompany him to the end.

“Fuck, that was… wow.”

Senses returning, you both quickly dressed, embarrassment seizing you. The first rays of the morning sun began to peek through the windows and you realized your mission was about to end. It was then time to go home and return to reality.

Why Usnavi is a bad cousin.

Usnavi spent all of In the Heights forgetting Sonny. Or simply not including his cousin in his future. In the opening number, “one day I’ll be on the beach with Sonny writing checks to me”. Completely ignoring the fact that Sonny would basically alone without one of the few familial figures he has left. In the first scene of the show he reiterates the fact that he wants to leave Sonny behind to fend for himself without thinking of the repercussions.

In 96,000 we see Usnavi again, making plans without Sonny in them. He’ll send money on Vanessa, he’ll send money on Abuela and himself, but not his own cousin.

Let’s not forget about the fact that he left Sonny all by himself during the blackout. He left Sonny, a teenager, with no weapons with which to defend himself, alone at the bodega. There’s a whole scene in the show about he neglects to call Vanessa, who at this point isn’t even his girlfriend. They never mention the fact that Usnavi didn’t bother to make sure that Sonny was safe.

In the beginning of act two when Usnavi decides to close the bodega, he doesn’t realize that the store is the only source of income for Sonny. Without the bodega and Usnavi there to run it, he won’t have any way to provide for himself. When Abuela and Usnavi talk about what to do with their lotto winnings, she’s the one who decides to give money to Sonny. Usnavi would probably never have thought about him.

In Carnaval Del Barrio, when Sonny can finally confront Usnavi with how he’s been neglected, Usnavi deflects. Instead of apologizing or taking accountability for his actions, he thinks that giving Sonny some of the money will make everything better. Not to mention that Usnavi doesn’t tell Sonny that he is leaving the country, indefinitely, until literally the day before. If I haven’t been able to convince you that Usnavi is a bad cousin, this should do it. He is about to leave the country, where Sonny won’t be able to contact him. Sonny is about to be without his cousin. He already lost his aunt and uncle, there’s no mention of Sonny’s parents. Sonny is about to lose his only family member. Usnavi doesn’t seem to notice.

After Abuela dies, and Sonny has officially lost every family member, and Usnavi is still going to the Dominican Republic. He doesn’t think about the fact that Sonny is grieving too, that he might want his cousin there, so that they can get through this together. It’s not just Usnavi leaving either. Vanessa is moving downtown, Nina has to go back to collage, Dani and Carla are closing the salon and moving to the Bronx.

In the scene before Champagne, Sonny  once again tells Usnavi that he has been a bad cousin, Usnavi, again, thinks that money will make everything better. Says they’ll talk about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is when he’s leaving. They’ll talk about it before he leaves. You can’t really talk about why your cousin needs you to stay when you’re about to get on a plane.

So in Champagne when Vanessa tells Usnavi that Sonny doesn’t have role models, it all comes flooding in. He realizes that he hasn’t been the best role model for his cousin, and yet, it’s not enough for him to stay. Not until Pete paints the mural of Abuela. He see’s the mural and it reminded of everything he loves about Washington Heights. One of those things is Sonny. Not until then can he really truly see that Sonny needs him, and he needs Sonny. That’s why that moment is one of my favorite parts of the show. In the book the stage directions say ‘Usnavi starts to say something, gets choked up, and motions to his own heart’, before Sonny goes with Pete to tell everyone Usnavi is staying. I don’t know if it makes up for how Usnavi treated Sonny, but it makes for a damn good ending to the show. Usnavi does end up staying, and hopefully he’ll start treating Sonny better. Sonny deserves a cousin who will take care of him, and I think Usnavi can eventually become that.

I decide to make Johanna as nun instead of a farm girl.

Johanna is a nun at a church with Father Sonny. The church, in fact, is also an orphanage for children. She is also a singer at a nightclub that Sonny has not aware of at all time whenever he goes to go bed. Her personality is still the same. Though she hates the mafia so much because one time her friend, Oscar, lost his creator from a shootout. Johanna was quite popular at the club under the name of “Hanna” to keep her true identity a secret. She has quite a lot of fans also admires.

Bendy’s Mafia Au © @eliana55226838
Johanna Mae © me

The Community Garden Headcanon

Idea presented by the magnificent @me-ladie, filled out by myself and the remarkable and talented @butihavejoy.  AU where Sonny has a community garden.

The community garden is Rafael’s, thank you very much.  

The plants are all from his abuelita’s garden in the Bronx, transplanted here after she passed.  In two years no one has stepped foot beyond the chain-link gates and Rafael had taken advantage of that, growing up her tomatoes in peace and quiet until the vines were lush and the fruits themselves were fat and red.  Catalina would have been so proud and that made him proud.  There was a surprising sense of calm there.

At least until Dominick Carisi Jr. - everyone calls me Sonny - shows up.

The fact that Rafael even knows the man’s full given name is ridiculous, and that’s not even the most he knows about him.  He knows that he’s and Italian from Staten Island (delivered in a tone of voice that would suggest Rafael would have no idea otherwise), that his parents have been married for over forty years.  That he has a gaggle of sisters and a niece, all of whom he worships.  The only thing Rafael doesn’t know is why in the hell Dominick Carisi Jr. is doing there, particularly when he clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing.

It’s not like Rafael is anything approximating hospitable.  He’s rude, he glares daggers in Carisi’s direction the entire time.  He flatly refuses to help when it’s obvious that Carisi needs it and only barely avoids injuring the man when the puns start.

Oh, the puns.

Rafael was starting to think he’d bought a book to memorize, just to torment him.  When the first of Carisi’s zucchini’s grow in, the first thing he does is face Rafael with an ecstatic grin that’s almost attractive and then ruin it with, “Thanks for not squashing my dreams.”

One day Rafael is waiting to see the man lumber into the garden around nine, his usual, but it doesn’t happen.  Sonny doesn’t come in until closer to eleven, getting to work without so much as a syllable in Rafael’s direction.  He has dark circles under his eyes and he moves like he’s exhausted and it goes against everything in his nature to ask if Carisi is okay.  Which is met with a tired smile and a soft, “I’m alright, Raf.  Thanks.”

Oh, yeah. 

Carisi calls him “Raf”.

Rafael does his best to take that answer at face value but still can’t help the worry niggling when Carisi leaves an hour later.  He packs up soon after, belatedly realizing that something shiny had fallen where Carisi keeps his tools.

A shield.  Badge number 0188.

Dominick Carisi Jr. is a cop?

He knows it’s important that this gets back to its owner but he doesn’t know a thing about Carisi that would help him get it there - not his address, not his phone number.  The best he can do is call the precincts in the area until one agrees to employing a Detective Dominick Carisi Jr.  The knowledge that Carisi is not only a cop but also a detective is shocking to him but he hides it the best he can while he Ubers to the 16th, badge in hand.  When he gets to Carisi’s office - the Special Victims Unit, it turns out - he’s met with the warm gaze of a woman a few years older than him, with big brown eyes and a kind smile.  

“Mr. Barba,” she starts.  “They told me you were coming.  Do you have a minute?”

She gestures toward her office and Rafael follows because he really didn’t have anything else to do.

“Detective…” he starts and the woman smiles.

“Lieutenant, actually.  Lieutenant Olivia Benson,” she corrects.  “I hope this isn’t too intrusive of me, but I just wanted to thank you.”

“It’s no problem,” he replies, thinking of the badge.  “I just didn’t want Mr. Carisi to get in any trouble.”

“No, not about his shield.  I mean for helping him so much.”

Rafael balks.


“He talks about you a lot.  How helpful you are, how much he’s been enjoying your company,” Olivia says with a smile.  “He’s always been overeager but after a few months ago, after he came so close to dying, he hasn’t quite been the same.  His therapist recommended gardening as a way of relieving the stress.”

The floor drops out from under him.  

Not just at the realization that Carisi talks about him.  More at the knowledge that he’d been in danger.  Real danger.  There was a good chance that Dominick Carisi Jr. - everyone calls me Sonny - might never have wandered into their garden and he would never have known.  Might have seen it on the news but would never have realized just what the world was missing out on.  Someone kind, someone warm.  Someone energetic and helpful.  He’s surprised to find his breath grown short while Olivia finishes thanking him for his kindness toward Sonny, with a promise to return his shield the next time he’s in.

Rafael leaves in a daze.

Rafael has a plan.

The next time Dominick Carisi Jr. - Sonny - comes into the community garden he’s met with two extra plots, clean and ready for use.  His own miserable scrap of land in the corner has been cleared and fertilized, labeled in neat handwriting that clearly isn’t his own.  

“Raf!” he cries, thrilled.  “Did you do this?”

He shrugs but still can’t stop imagining that newscast he never had to hear.

“You’re doing well.  You deserve more space.  And I’m - I’m sorry for being an asshole about it.”

Sonny beams.

“You’re not an asshole, Raf.  Besides, I like grumpy men.”

Rafael scoffs and rolls his eyes to high heaven but it’s only so he can hide the fact that that warm feeling in his chest wants him to smile instead.

They spend another month or two, side by side.  Planting flowers and herbs and vegetables alike, debating where or not they could manage an apple tree.  Rafael is not always kind, not always patient, but Sonny always looks at him like he is.  And maybe it’s less about the company than it is about Sonny himself when, at the end of their harvest, Rafael suggests Sonny come over and help him cook their bounty.  The suggestion was a risk but it was one he would take a dozen times if it made Sonny smile like he did then, like there was nothing he’d rather do than wash produce and argue about sauces with a man ten years older than him.

There’s nothing Rafael would rather do, either.  


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If your drabbles are still open can you maybe add cuddling with Sonny after a long day of work? 

Requested by alicesfracturedmirror~

As Sonny’s chest rose and fell with every breathe he took, so did your head. His heartbeat was strong under your ear; a calming sound after spending the entire day with people yelling at you and around you.

“We should go to bed.” He mumbled from above, and the sudden vibrations coming from his chest jolted your eyes open.

But you nodded anyway. “Yeah. It’s pretty late.” Was your low response.

And yet, neither of you moved. In fact, Sonny probably relaxed even farther into the couch when one of your arms curled around his midsection. You were too comfortable and Sonny was too warm to move.

So you didn’t.

Thank you for the compliment and the lovely little prompt. This actually turned into a fic which will be posted soon. But in the meantime:

“I’ve been offered a job,” Rafael began, his voice soft and low. “I haven’t accepted it yet, but I would like to.”

“Congratulations,” A smile blossomed across the detective’s face.

“It’s in San Francisco,” Rafael continued quietly. “Working as an EADA.”

Sonny could have sworn his heart stopped for a moment. He stopped eating and looked at his partner who was looking back with a pleading expression. Sonny felt numb. “San Francisco? But that’s on the west coast.”

The corner of the attorney’s mouth twitched into a smirk. “I am aware of that fact.”

Sonny broke Rafael’s gaze, he wanted to look at anything but the man.

“I was wondering if-” the older man hesitated. “If you would be interested in moving with me?”

Sonny’s head whipped up. “Wait what?”

Rafael asked again, his tone still tentative. “If I take the job, would you come with me?”

A hundred thoughts and feelings ran through Sonny’s head. They hadn’t even been dating a year and Rafael already wanted Sonny to move across country with him? Move away from his friends, his job, his family, to start a new life together- Sonny felt overwhelmed. “Rafael-”

“Think about it,” Rafael’s smile looked forced. “That’s all I ask.”

Sonny forced his own smile. “I will.”

The couple finished their meal in relative silence, neither of them willing to once again bring up the possibility of moving. As they were leaving the restaurant Sonny’s frustration got the better of him. “No matter what I decide you should go.”


“You haven’t been happy here for a long time,” Sonny grabbed Rafael’s hand with his own. “Don’t let me hold you back. After all, we can always try the long distance thing.”

Rafael had been living in San Francisco for two months when the reality of their situation hit Sonny. It had been three weeks since their one year anniversary, and they still hadn’t celebrated. Initially Sonny was supposed to fly over but a case went south and as SVU was still understaffed he missed his flight. Now two weeks later as Sonny was getting ready to leave work a text from Rafael appeared on the screen of his phone.

Sorry, trial ran over and I missed my flight. Not going to be able to reschedule. Will call later.

Sonny typed out a quick reply before he threw his phone across his desk in a huff. Rollins raised an eyebrow at his display. “Trouble in paradise?”

“Rafael was supposed to fly over this evening but it looks like he won’t be able to make it,” Sonny sighed.

“Long distance is hard Sonny,” Amanda kept her tone gentle. “No one would blame you-”

“Just drop it okay,” Sonny snapped at his colleague who raised her hands up in defeat.

He didn’t want to admit it to himself, but maybe Amanda was right. It had only been two months and he ached for Rafael, but would he still miss him in a month, in six months even? His phone pinged indicating another message had arrived, Sonny lit up at the words that appeared.

I miss you

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The star-crossed lovers AU… which has been the bane of my existence for WEEKS.  Luckily @butihavejoy stepped in and gave me this idea.  I hope you enjoy, anon.   - xoxo, ahf.

“You know I don’t believe in this, Sonny.”

“Don’t believe in what?  The stars?”

Rafael rolled his eyes.


It’s possible he may have pulled something.

“Just because you spent your afternoon interviewing a psychic doesn’t mean you’re suddenly cued into the cosmos,” he shot back, shaking his head.  “And besides, you’ve already talked to her.  What difference will talking to both of us make?”

“You’re not curious?” Sonny asked excitedly.  “I mean, come on.  A real life psychic told me to bring my boyfriend in before the witching hour for a glimpse at our future.  She knew about us!”

“No, she knew you were dating a man.  Which probably wasn’t as difficult to decipher as you imagine, considering the way you walk.”

Sonny whips around.

Excuse me?

“You treat any distance longer than six feet like a catwalk, Sonny.  She’d have to be headless not to have her suspicions.”

“Whatever, I’m not starting this fight because you’re just trying to distract me.  Come on, this is the place.”

Sonny led them into a small storefront that frankly, Rafael would have been able to design himself using only the vague cues he had from gypsies in movies.  A sentiment he belatedly realized was probably racist as he stepped through the beaded curtain and was slapped in the face with the smell of intermingling rose and patchouli.  The decor was just as he’d expected - fading silver outlines of celestial bodies on dusty black velvet, artistic renditions of the Tarot hung on the walls.  Stevie Nicks and Jefferson Airplane looked out at him from aging concert posters and he barely had time to suppress his grin before a voice rang out in the silence.

“Detective Carisi!  You’re here.”

“Hey, Estela.  Yeah, I had to,” Sonny replied, affable as always.  Rafael had lost track now of the number of elderly people who had melted under his easy demeanor.  “Estela, this is my partner - Rafael.”

The woman herself seemed nice enough - aging, white haired with shocks of black threaded throughout.  

“Rafael!” she cried, pleased as she shook his hand.  “Your detective has such strong feelings about you, I feel like I know you already.  Please, sit with me.”

It was the last nice thing the woman had to say.

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concept: barisi being introduced to the show with an opening shot of rafael getting out of bed, getting dressed/ready for the day, and then the camera pans to the blanket-covered lump on the bed that stretches and slowly sits up to reveal that it is in fact sonny. rafael turns to smile at him

concept: s19 opens with Rafael getting out of bed and ready for the day. then the camera pans over to the blanket-covered lump on the bed, which then sits up to reveal a very sleepy Sonny. Rafael smiles at him. I cry.

Okay, so idk if this is the same person or not who sent these two asks, but if not, they’re so similar that I figured I’d just answer them both here! :D

I’m pretty sure that this trope of, “Rafael gets ready for work while lump lays in bed, only to reveal that said-lump is a sleepy-looking Sonny” is something that we, the Barisi fandom as a whole, wholeheartedly agrees on loving and absolutely would not mind if the show were to introduce Sonny and Rafael as a couple like this.

(As if that’s ever going to happen, lol, I cry (((’: )

But yeah, I fucking love this set-up.

Just Rafael getting ready, so confidently and pristine-like in his suit, hair all neat and swept to the side as he adjusts his tie in the mirror only to reveal Sonny looking just absolutely wrecked and so very much the opposite of Rafael.

But that’s what makes them so perfect, ya know? (’:

Like Sonny’s hair is an absolute mess, sticking up in every direction imaginable, and he has the ugliest pair of plaid boxer shorts on, and his eyes are all red from sleeping, and all Rafael can do is look over at him and smile all softly. 

And just as Sonny starts to sit up and move around, Rafael finishes with his tie, leaving the bedroom for a moment while Sonny looks around sleepily for some semblance of where he threw his clothes the night before. He only gets a moment, though, before Rafael is back, thermos of coffee in one hand and a bagel in the other.

He puts them both on the bedside table on Sonny’s side, sitting down next to Sonny’s legs before running a hand through Sonny’s hair, and saying quietly, “I have a meeting with the DA this morning, so I have to go in early, okay? Oh, and I expect that back.”

And he’s pointing to the thermos that Sonny is now slowly sipping out of, but there’s no bite to it, and Sonny just smiles at him before leaning over to place a coffee-laced kiss to Rafael’s lips.

He pulls back, and says, “Okay. Are we still on for dinner tonight, though?”

Rafael nods, says, “Seven, don’t be late!”, and Sonny knows that he was trying to be stern with him, but all he can do is smile goofily after him, because Rafael gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving the bedroom for the morning.