sonny and grady

You know you watch SWAC too much when...

1. You called Sonny nice and are expecting some scented candles soon.

2. You can remember Sonny’s number off by heart.

3. You quote Chad Dylan Cooper in real life.

4. You want to go to Lookout Mountain.

5. You know all the words to the Stop SPS song. What a legendary song :D

6. You adore Cupcake, even if he costs $60 an hour.

7. You think Chad Dylan Cooper really is the greatest actor of our generation.

8. You smile hugely when Chad gets jealous.

9. You think Channy is the greatest couple there will ever be.

10. Your friends are sick of hearing you talk about Sonny With A Chance.

11. Your favorite dog combination is a chocopoke, the ice cream that licks itself.

12. When you want someone to change something you bawk like a chicken.

13. You used to watch the episodes a week before they aired on youtube.

14. You say “It’s rediculous!” with the Princesses of New Jersey accent.

15. So Far So Great is always stuck in your head.

16. You think cheese pants are the coolest invention.

17. You want a blarmie, the blanket with arms.

18. Your cellphone ringer is MOOOO!

19. You wish you could taste the creamy goodness of the fro yo machine.

20. Instead of Oh my God, you say Oh my Chad!

21. You can honestly say you love Chad Dylan Cooper.

22. You suddenly want to go live in a vent.

23. Your favorite lipstick is Coco Moco Coco.

24. You know the difference between Coco Moco Coco and Moco Coco Moco.

25. You settle things by playing musical chairs.

26. You wrote a complainent letter to Condor studios about the unfair treatment to the So Random! cast.

27. You can’t say no to the kiss cam.

28. You understand this statement, and why its one of the best: Peace out suckahhs!

29. You keep telling your friends that Chad Dylan Cooper is real.

30. There are eighty shades of white.

31. Even 3 named jerk-throbs look amazing in pink.

32. You shouldn’t fake your own fan letters. (Unless you have a weird beard costume)

33. You shouldn’t open giant boxes that belong to a certain eleven year old.

34. Tawni Town is one heck of a town.

35. You can fall in love with your mortal enemy.

36. Not all proms end in disaster.

37. You have to play yourself before you can play someone your not.

38. People will get mad if you wear the same clothes as them to the

“Oh No You Di'n'ts”.

39. Five weddings and a wedding makes a lot of weddings.

40. A mop makes a great present.

41. A tiara can also be a key to a secret unicorn stable.

42. Anyone can pull off a weird beard.

43. Chicken fingers and ski ball are a great combo.

44. Cold Cut catapults also work with cheese.

45. A 9 year old could be the final vote between losing your job or keeping it.

46. You should never let your co-star talk without a script.

47. Tween Choice Awards make great toilet paper holders.

48. If you rent a snake, be sure you know which size you are getting.

49. You spend most of your time reading and writing fanfiction for Channy.

50. You answer your phone with “Let me hear you say HEEEEY!”

51. When you wanna show your friend something, you say check it out, check it out!

52. Instead of sandwich, you say sammich

53. You leave the room yelling ‘PEACE OUT SUKAHS!“

54. You say a'ight in a Chad Dylan Cooper fashion

55. Whenever someone acts OOC, you like to draw a circle in the air and explain the circle of life.

56. You laugh at people who say double duty (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

57. You know the importance of having two phones.

58. You know it’s serious if Chad cuts his massage to an hour.

59. Camp Hip Hop is better than the Chad Dylan Cooper Story.

60. You break up people by dressing up like Big Foot.

61. Syrup and feathers is the best way to prank someone.

62. To scare someone out of your prop house, you lure them into the arms of a rat that used up all your film.

63. You know to get a hug from Chad, you need to buy a box of cookies.

64. You joined the Blossom Scouts.

65. You know pacts are broken when you deal with a guy who hides cameras in gift baskets.

66. You cheer up people by making them a balloon animal.

67. You know Sonny will always do your science project if you act sad enough.

68. You always practice to be a tennis judge in the middle of the cafeteria.

69. You know why Zac Efron is banned from the Mackenzie Falls set.

70. You know, even if you deny it that you can fall in love with your enemy.

71. "Really, *name here, really?”

72. You like to name your pets/plants/siblings after characters.

73. Most of the stuff you search for on google/youtube/ect. is SWAC related

74. When eating a sammich you use the bite, wipe, and gloss method.

75. Every time you say you feel something- it’s immediately followed by 'and pretty!’

76. Any time you hear banned, you think Zac Efron.

77. Whenever someone’s being dramatic you shout “There’s just so much drama!” and people agree, not getting the reference.

78. Whenever you see a soap opera, the first thing you think is MacKenzie falls.

79. Whenever someone says 'I love you’, you have the urge to say- 'I- I’m afraid of flying’ regardless of whether it was directed at you or not

80. You start answering your phone with, “*your initials* what it do?”

81. You continually channel surf on Wednesdays at 8/7 to see what channel MacKenzie Falls is on.

82. You refer to frozen yogurt as “Fro-yo”.

83. Whenever you hear a dog fart, you try to decipher the message.

84. You go to a Church Play, and when the gospel singers come out in white robes swaying and singing with lights shining down from above, you automatically think about Stop SPS.

85. Blue eyes and blonde hair are suddenly very attractive in a guy, when they weren’t before.

86. In the middle of lunch you start randomly talking with a New Jersey accent while twirling your hair, saying you’re the 'real princess’.

87. You are scared of Candy Face.

88. You have the Chad’s Birthday Song stuck to your head (Chad Chad Chaddy Chad Chad…)

89. You have a hat which says “Embassador of fun”.

90. You think the “Chad-o-meter” should reach 1 million.

91. You will kiss your future boyfriend when pigs fly.

92. You’re a guy and you scream like a girl and run CDC’s style.

93. When you’re nervous you drink too much water until you explode.

94. You want an autograph from Pauly.

95. If you have a problem, you “Sonny-it-up”.

96. You want a pony named Frank and a puppy.

97. Everytime someone says fine or good, you start a Good-Good-Fine-Fine fight.

98. You say “Not cool” with a Sicky Vicky voice.

99. You try fixing problems with a peace picnick and egg salad.

100. You just wish Channy would get back together!


Fangirl Challenge | [10] TV Shows
↳ 6 / 10 - Sonny with a Chance

“Fine. Fine.
Good. Good.
So we’re done now?
Yes, we are.
Ugh. Ugh.”

One of the best shows I’ve ever watched, the incomplete ending still haunts me. But Demi’s health always comes first. 
I just like to believe that Chad and Sonny did end up together.