This is my OC, Esque. He is the brother of Ish.

Esque is very good-natured and friendly. The spines on his sides grow to peak length in the summer and are like flexible plastic rods. They lay flat most of the time and they’re not actually sharp, so they don’t hinder movement or anything. On the contrary, they definitely enhance it! When he fluffs them out like this he can do a little shimmy and they’ll rattle in a way that drives girls and boys wild. Each spine is a long-stemmed rose he grew just for you!

He’ll flirt with you all day and night if you let him. Please don’t hold it against him. He’s sweet but a little dumb.


Spirited Away (Dogo Onsen by Night) by Jake Jung


Room with a View by Jake Jung

anonymous asked:

What are some good blogs to follow?

fokay so i have quite a list so bare with me here. 

@ta-senpai (she’s first bc she’s always self-promoting herself on everyone else’s blogs), @theguiltycrown @themoonenviesyou (these 2 are also part of the newly founded loner’s clique so.) 

i want to recommend all my mutuals but that list would be way too long, so let me just choose a select few blogs that i think are great! 

@halalgrl @khubaani @kiratkarna @yemedy @yungpakistani @desihoeclub @reveil @falastinianhabibti @tangledhijab @sxrx-c @staygold2000 @halalputa17 @makruh @khani-dow @wulfrvc @sirenadeloceano @tablo4president @sikherthanyouraverage @halaldating @thekidacrossthehall @bombaynights @biryanibaba @biryanibabe @ferdoussss @badayala @badaam-gul @lotapani @thisblogisdesigner @selmarella @axsha @asadakahawk @marrshmallow @hungamaa @halalbosnian @punkiztan @humtvandchill @virgoboy @axe-fx @kashmirishehzadi @poetic-traveller @ourconsciences @taoscontour @ima-take-a-nap @ta-hi-ra @punkpaki @punkitab @baewakoofiyaan @baesharam-things @chupreh-idc @gumrah @khatmal @boringbengali @nikcjonas @contentukhti @novennber @achromatiq @desiindistress @13553km @soft-blush @spacepowersactivate @5starkutti @yunggulabjamoon @barkaton @humble-yusuf @lookingforastronaughts @myneighbourarrietty @sahrawia @flovverpuff @lee-jongtae @anklegirl @mjalti @zeynooooooooo @ostracis-ed @fadi7a @the-created @queenfoisback @emiratia @icapturedbeauty @juststarsdust and  last but not least @vitamn


Hida Folk Village (Explored) by Jake Jung


The Flying Fish of Takayama by Jake Jung