Je fais sonner mon DED (trop de disney en moi) : 


Pas trop cher de préférence (oui je sais même Sauron avait plus de chance de trouver son anneaux). Idéalement (la fille pas exigente) dans le 13ème mais jsuis prête à faire 1heure de métro (oui je suis un peu désespérée) si nécessaire. A partir de Novembre jusqu’à environ Mai, meublé, possibilité d’APL, et si possible pas plus de 550€ (les joies du salaire de stagiaire). Collocation, location, coin pas trop exposé sous un pont… n’importe quoi. 

Je récompense le tumblr qui me trouve qqc en nourriture (de votre choix, cuisiné par moi) !

Rebound (and it ain't about basketball) || [Ringabel & Agnès]

This had been the day they’d all been looking forward to for so long, they had all set aside their responsibilities to spend time together again, and everything was as it had been six months ago.

At least until they had found Tiz.

The girls had gone out with Egil in search of their friend and were met with an unpleasant surprise, the shepherd’s body collapsed by his brother’s grave.

After the initial shock, they quickly ran to check his body, which was showing faint signs of still functioning, and soon moved him into the small house nearby.

Agnès had been trying to hold back her tears to no avail, Egil and Edea both urged her to return to the inn by herself while they stayed to watch over Tiz.

Stumbling back in, she missed whatever Karl had said to her, and made her way up to the room they had all once shared before, collapsing on the bed to sob.


sonner la cloche!

Je me suis demandée si ça allait disparaître un jour. Tu sais, ce coin de mon esprit qui, à chaque pensée, me ramène à lui. Ce rappel qui n'arrête pas de sonner, en me criant de ne pas l'oublier.
—  centmotssanstoi


Yuta opened her eyes once the glow around them faded and took a look around to get her bearings. It took a second but she knew then where she was. The base camp of Academia was where she and Yugo had appeared. Around them, ruined buildings and general rubble indicated that they had arrived safely in heartland. With a reluctant sigh, she turned to look at her partner. “Well, come on Yugo, The sooner we hunt for rebels the sooner we can return to academia.”