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I usually only do these with my Tumblr Crushes, but these blogs are so awesome I had to do this. These are hands down my favourite blogs on here, so show them some love!

cromeyellowweb - An amazing blog with everything from film to illustration. They always post the most eye catching, inspiring stuff!

mycinemania - An outstanding film blog. Superb taste. Always has top quality caps and reblogs the best gifs and caps.

sssspace - The title says it all. This is a really neat blog, especially if you’re as into Sci-Fi and space as I am!

sonjackcarl -A spectacular blog that’s always filled with the best gifs. Definitely a must for any Twin Peaks/David Lynch fans!

horrorharbour - Probably my favourite horror themed blog on here. Always has great, interesting posts that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen. And she does great movie reviews every Friday too, check ‘em out! :)

vitaunballerina - A fantastic blog filled with film, television, quotes and everything in between. Thumbs up! :D

roadmovies - Amazing film blog. Top notch stuff, really. :)

animpartialparadigm - One of my all time favourite blogs on here, without a doubt. Unfortunately he’s deactivating in a couple of days, but be on the look out for his new blog, I know I will be. :)

slash-gash-gore - Another great horror blog. Always makes the best gifs, loves Twin Peaks, what’s not to love?

Movie quiz…

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I was tagged by ilikefilms

1. What are your favourite films from your own country (so for me, British)? If you’re American, this question is far, far, far too easy, so instead: what are some favourite films that come from a country other than your own?

Well, I’m Canadian and Atom Egoyan and David Cronenberg are some of my favourite directors. So, I guess Videodrome as well as Exotica are two of my favourites. Hell, they both even take place and were shot in Toronto!

2. What are some films that you think are quite over-rated?

David Fincher’s recent work. (Aside from Zodiac, which I loved) Most of the things that get Oscar attention make me laugh. I also think Sofia Coppola is astonishingly overrated. That’s usually the case with nepotism. Anything that lets hype speak for it as well, instead of standing on its own as a film. (Hunger Games comes to mind.)

3. What’s your opinion on 3D?

I think it’s a neat invention, but is really not necessary for film. Again, you shouldn’t need gimmicks to become fully immersed in the film you are viewing. I mean, I am definitely looking forward to Prometheus in 3D, but it’ll still be just as interesting to see without the 3D. Can’t say the same for Avatar, that thing put me to sleep without the 3D.

4. If you could choose one director to meet and have the opportunity to pick their brains about anything you want, who would it be and what would you ask them about?

Oh god, this is a hard question. I guess I’d have to say either John Carpenter or David Lynch. For Carpenter, I guess I’d just ask him about the connecting themes of his films (i.e. good vs evil, the unknown)and his influences, as well as what made him want to remake classics like The Thing From Another World and Village of the Damned. As for Lynch, I think I’d just sit there and be in awe of his hair. Hah, but in all honesty, I’d love to see how he came up with many of the central parts of Twin Peaks. The White Lodge/Black Lodge idea has always intrigued me.

5. What films make you cry?

Magnolia, for sure. I remember pausing Martyrs on my first viewing of it just to bawl, and then try to collect myself. Exotica made me cry too, I think. The ending of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me almost had me crying, too.

6. What was the best film you saw released in 2011? 

The Tree of Life! No need to elaborate. :P

7. How do you feel about movie piracy? Do you do it? Do you feel bad about it?

Hmm. I really don’t know. I mean, I buy dvds and stuff, mostly just to have a physical copy of it in this digital age. I download only as a last option. (For instance, my dvd of Insidious was fucking terrible. I paid 15 bucks for it and it looked like a five year old made it on their computer. So, I downloaded a blu-ray version of it.) But I totally understand that there are people that can’t afford that, so I’m not against anyone downloading films. The recent crackdown on piracy disturbs me, because it seems to be purely motivated by monetary means. Creativity and the spirit of films always lives on, and by having people be able to download them, doesn’t that fuel their creativity/desire to make their own films? There just seems to be an agenda to it, I feel.

8. What were some of your favourite films as a child? Do you still like them now?

Matilda and Toy Story were a few of my favourite films as a kid. I remember being obsessed with the book ‘Holes’ as well as the film adaptation of it in the fifth grade or so. I will still stop whatever I am doing to sit down and watch Matilda whenever it’s on television.

9. Are there any actors or directors that you deliberately try to avoid?

Too many to name. Michael Bay, and just anything that is purely style over substance. I still haven’t seen Inception, Inglorious Basterds and a number of other things because they’ve been built up so much on sites like this, so I feel like I’ll be disappointed if I ever watch them. I can’t think of anymore right now, sorry.

10. What are the five films that you’re most looking forward to being released in the next year or two?

Uh, Prometheus, definitely. Other than that, meh. Dark Knight Rises looks like utter crap to me, and nothing else has struck my fancy yet. :P

11. Would you ever want to have a career connected with movies, or are you happy just to watch them? What sort of thing specifically would you like to do?

I really enjoy films, so I could maybe see myself writing different analyses of film. I find the idea of connecting two seemingly totally different films by their themes really interesting. I’ve always loved writing, so I could see myself doing that. I think it’d be more fulfilling than writing reviews.

My questions to you guys:

1. What is your favourite non-iconic scene from an iconic film?

2. What is your favourite film genre and why?

3. What films automatically put you in a better mood just by watching them?

4. Are there any respected film directors whose work you just can’t get into? Why?

5. What was the first film you saw that made you think of film as being a form of art, as opposed to a means of entertainment?

6. Most disappointing film viewing experience? Most rewarding?

7. What is your favourite decade for film? What about your least favourite? And more importantly, why?

8. List or describe some non-musical films whose music/soundtrack you truly appreciate, and why.

9. How do you prefer to view a film for the first time? Do you watch it alone or with other people? Big screen, television set or portable device? (iPad, laptop, etc.)

10. Describe an aspect of film making that you feel goes overlooked? (i.e. costume design, art direction, etc.) Are there any films that you find display this aspect well?

11. Name or describe something in film making that generally 'irks’ you.