I read a post by ZippityZap about how the “future children” of Sonic and Sally looked, and I agreed with each point they made. 

I mean look at that… Looks like Sonic and Sally talking to Fem!Knuckles. Just No…

The “Altered” future version ain’t much better. (Sonia’s lookin’ a bit developed. What are they feeding her??)

So I toke my own stab of re-designing these two, plus I wanted to do it either way so… Killing two birds with one stone I guess!

Anyways, I would imagine:

Manik being into robotics and computers often hanging out with his uncle, Tails. He’s more of a go with the flow type attitude, always hanging out in the junkyard savaging for spare parts with his gadgets.  He tends to zone out when thinking up ideas and needs to be snapped back to reality. He has his father speed but looks like his mother. He’s got the infamous Acorn Male Eyebrows and I figured to add a bit of spikiness to his hair. 

Sonia being a person who always wants to be number one in everything that’s anything. She’s the more uptight of the twins and what she lacks in speed she makes up for in agility and determination. She might be uptight but tends to bring her brother into crazy plans and schemes. She’s a hedgehog like her papa and has some mama features within her. 

what your sonic ship says about you
  • i have a theory that who you ship sonic with is reflected in your personality:
  • sonicxamy: you can be over excitable and occasionally annoy others. you look adorable in a bow, whoever you are.
  • sonicxsally: you didn't choose to be the leader of this project but everyone else is incompetent so you just do it so it doesn't suck.
  • sonicxshadow: either very sad or very gay. scratch that, even if you're straight, you're very gay. probably cries to live and learn. sa2 trash.
  • sonicxtails: you are smart and loyal and it'S NOT CREEPY IF THEY'RE AGED UP SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE.
  • sonicxblaze: you tend to be reserved, can come off as aggressive. you have tried to burn something with your eyes at least once.
  • sonicxelise: you are probably a really nice person but a lot of people might hate you.
  • sonicxknuckles: you find arguments cute. you have a massive sweet tooth. probably have a good sense of humour.
  • sonicxrouge: you are really sexy and angry. also slightly broke. but mostly sexy.
  • sonicxsilver: you probably apologise when you walk into doors.
  • sonicxchris: what, really? shucks, i'm sorry, you probably get more bashing than sonelise. i'm so sorry this befell you.
  • sonicxcream: you are adorable but you also could get away with murder. not saying you should, you just could.
  • sonicxeggman: you are dr. eggman trash. you would do anything for the good doctor. a n y t h i n g.
  • sonicxsonic: you probably wish they hadn't introduced so many characters. you came over sonic generations.
  • sonicxsomeoneelse: you are probably one person holding up your little fort but you don't care, you don't need anyone else, you're a badass, please stop crying.
  • sonicxONLYTHISVERSIONOFTHEMEVERYOTHERVERSIONISAWFUL: you just love to be special. probably overanalyses sonic like it's their job. i'm completely you.
  • sonicxeveryoneandanyone: cries a lot. massive slut but might be a virgin. me.
  • ace/aro sonic: traditionalist. there's a possibility that you don't want to hit me with a brick. maybe.
Sonic Shipping, Logically Speaking; SonicXSally

Hoo boy…erm, Sonally shippers may want to look away for this one…

Also this is one of the exceptions to the rule. That, and she’s technically appeared in a game, so nyeh.

Characters involved: Sonic the Hedgehog and Princess Sally Acorn.

Most well known nickname: Sonally, as well as Sonsal. They’re used interchangeably.

Original date of ship: 1993, when Sonic the Hedgehog (the cartoon) started airing.

Analysis of chemistry (aka why people do/don’t ship it): Sonic and Sally are foils for each other. With Sonic being cocky and overeager, it’s up to Sally to reign him in and teach him to be more careful. While Sonic is mostly about being a soldier, Sally is the smart all-rounder of the group, with tactical skills, hacking and computer knowledge, martial arts training and being a level-headed leader most of the time. In SatAM and the early comics, she was more neurotic in her manner, which gave Sonic the chance to reign her in. And there has been explicit showing of dating and kissing, so it’s got a lot more footing than most game-centred ships in its respective media.

Detractors tend to have a few reasons for not liking the foil, though. Yes, some of them are because they have a game-orientated ship that they like more, but I’ve already shown myself to be neutral on them. Most other reasons are linked back to Sally herself…as I’ll demonstrate.

Personal Opinion: I really don’t like this ship. It’s probably because I find Sally the worst thing about both media she’s in (bear in mind that I don’t particularly like Blaze either). She always seemed too controlling to Sonic, which is bad considering he’s very much a free spirit who only really takes  the occasional obvious suggestion, if any, in the other media. Even Underground had the right idea with letting him travel around even with his siblings in tow. In the comics, she’s not even that interesting as a character to me despite all the focus she gets (well, pre-#230 anyway), so she comes off as someone who can deal with everything with no repercussions at times. And M:XYL will always seem out of character for Sonic, even if there are arguments that he’d be more willing to settle when older.

Likelihood in the games: None. It’s pretty much canon is SatAM. It’s on and off in Archie. But as long as Sonic Team are at the helm of the games, Sally won’t even make an appearance, let alone be a love interest.