I remember when on my 6th birthday I have received my Sega Genesis and the first SEGA game i played was Sonic The Hedgehog 2 i would always let my little brother play as tails. He was a pretty damn good assistant to be age 4. I remember having a hard time beating Silver Sonic in the Death Egg and then Robo Robotnik just before my 7th birthday and on that day i received Sonic The hedgehog and Sonic The hedgehog 3. They say Video Games are bad. but in my case  this was a good-bad…. if that makes sense. lol I remember imitating my childhood hero by beating the other kids in a race.  and NO i did not curl myself into ball and started to spin dash into my classmates. lol  It took me 2 years to beat first sonic. In Christmas of 1997, I got Sonic and Knuckles but i still haven’t beaten Sonic 3 because of that ever cursed barrel at CARNIVAL NIGHT ZONE Act 2. those 3 years were a living hell. luckily i beat Sonic 3 and knuckles with the Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds. Then there was a 4 year gap, considering i moved to Sony PlayStation in in 1999 but i relived my Sega days with my brother’s gamecube Sonic Mega Collection  and then Played Sonic Adventure 2 , Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic heroes and More. In a way this actually game me inspiration for my comic series i was working on back then. I was also influenced by the music. In a way Sega kinda formed my High Speed Personality or i like to call it HSP which got me in to NASCAR, INDYCAR, F1. And music wise I liked Rock and some trance music. and also help me to Appreciate friendship. LOL looking forward to the next big storyline for the next sonic game that comes out.