These were made in 2011 and are probably some of my favorite drawings to date. The first one, based on the Japanese Sonic 1 box art, was made for my basic drawing techniques class. It was an eraser drawing, so I covered the whole paper in charcoal and erased the light parts in. I loved this one so much that I made another one like it (seen to the right), based on the Japanese Sonic 3 box art for an art exhibit at my school. I really liked how the second one turned out.


Hey, here some updates on my Sonic fan-game “Sanix the Edgehog Adventure 2 DX ”

In the video you can see a ”Sonic1 -Marble Zone” themed stage, which is still work in progress and missing a bunch of stuff, including enemy types and power ups. Here is some preview of the previous stage:

Here is a model of Dr. Robotnik / Dr. Robatnix / Dr. Robuttneck both on YouTube and on SketchFab to interactive view in your browser in VR! 

Dr. Robotnik by virtuawave on Sketchfab

Ps: I will try to post more regularly