Song 22 : Greenhill Zone Bad Future

Music : goeticThunder(Willo9000) - Green Hill Zone Bad Future
Dang it, I’ve been listening to this awesome masterpiece for over a year now (I remembering drawing back in the army with this remix blastin’ in my ears)
So the drawing isn’t really a creative Idea, I literally drew the bad future greenhill zone (as I’ve seen in some photos), with Sonic running frantically (look how disturbed and scared he looks), he picked a dying sunflower from somewhere around, as to have a grip at something that STILL reminds him of how peaceful it once used to be there, he’s clutching into the past someway.
Sonic regrets his mistakes dearly ;-;
And that’s about it!
This drawing was BEGGING me to finish it for like 4 months, but I was always tempted to draw something else, or, more importantly, DIDN’T HAVE THE TIME FOR IT
And I guess this is my goodbye to this fandom
It was nice and all, but it’s been a year, I’ve been through so much shit for the past 2 months… I guess I just… Changed?
This is definitely the last Sonic art I’ll be drawing… Glad it’s classic Sonic
P.S - I hate how the sky came out. Like an idiot - I colored it withwater colors, the blending didn’t go correct;y, so I had to rape it in photoshop - to no avail -_-
It’s kinda poop, but to hell with it, ALL I did yesterday (like literally ALL I did yesterday) was to do the lines and color it, from morning to freakin’ NIGHT
I’m still proud as SHIT to upload this…


theme song!



  • Sonic Mania has been delayed to Summer 2017
  • the panel did an experiment and asked the crowd how they’d react if they released the Sonic Mania soundtrack on VINYL and the crowd SCREAMED (they showed a sample image the vinyl is bright blue)
  • They tease a new zone and showed a screenshot but it was really zoomed in and like 20x20 pixels
  • Then they showed it for real its Flying Battery from Sonic & Knuckles!
  • Mike Pollock and Roger Craig Smith were there and they did a little skit about Project Sonic 2017! I couldn’t hear most of it but Eggman said “Welcome to a world where I reign supreme!” so we got that lmao
  • Then they showed the trailer from last years party excepted they added the game’s REAL NAME
  • The logo is a big fiery star its LITTT
  • They showed the FULL version of the concept art that got posted earlier this week! I couldn’t see it very well but the guy running the Periscope said Sonic could be seen in the corner
  • The game is a “new evolution” of the gameplay style seen in Unleashed, Colors, and Generations and reportedly boasts changes that can’t be shown today
  • The game uses a BRAND NEW ENGINE called the Hedgehog Engine 2 im screamg
  • The gameplay footage will be released in HD tomorrow morning!!
  • More to come!!!


  • They played an instrumental version of Sonic Forces’ theme song!! The finished song will have vocals I repeat vocals confirmed!! (but by which band??)
  • The panel’s Q&A session is beginning now!
  • Someone asked about what’s going on with the Archie comics, but the panel was unable to comment on the matter
  • It seems the Q&A has been just been delayed for after the panel due to time?
  • It’s Takashi Iizuka’s birthday today!! The crowd’s about to sing for him
  • The crowd was asked to do the SEGA chant just like last time!
  • And the stream’s officially over! It’s time to sCREAM

there are no bad sonic songs. i can predict in advance which songs you guys are gonna link me to prove me wrong, and its not gonna work. save yourself the trouble. im flexing

headcanon time: the Rogues have a long series of inside jokes that have been carefully developed over time (and by time i mean boredom and group meetings)

  • “where’s ___? “oh, you know- *looks off into space* jail, probably.”
  • stealing Cold’s cold puns before he can say them (“why don’t you just…chill” “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH”)
  • Shawna randomly poofs behind people to jump-scare them
  • giving Hartley children’s fairy-tale books as presents (”what? it’s your damn codename!” “AXEL!”)
  • choosing a “play of the game” after each heist
  • stealing lines from their favorite video games to quote during battle (no one will ever forget that time Mardon yelled “IT’S HIIIGH NOON” and Flash hit the fucking deck. amazing)
  • “we came out to attack people and we’re honestly having such a good time right now” 
  • basically infinite tumblr memes
  • arguing over who the Team Mom™ is (it’s Cold)
  • playing the Sonic theme song @ the Flash 
  • incredibly creative insults (”you useless backup plan F from our third heist last month!” “HOW DARE YOU”)

Can we talk about how clever Jack and Taylor were with the sounds? It’s small details, blink and you’ll miss them. Like when she says “the world moves on another day…” and you can hear in a background a sound that instantly reminds you of something making circles, like when you put a record on a gramophone… or how it sounds spooky when she says “I rose up from the dead”. It’s such a sonically clever song.