This gem should hear at least once a week.

A sunset inspire me with this album, and decorate the cover of my other blog with a special photo

Release date: March 28th, 2007 

Length: 55:55  

Genre: Folk/Black Metal 

Country: Finland 

Recorded and Mixed: at Sonic Pump Studios between September 25th, 2005 - February 11th, 2006  

Mastered: by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland 

Producer: Trollhorn and Tundra 

Recording, Mixing: Nino Laurenne  


- A music video was made for the song Nedgang 


Vreth - Vocals 

B. Dominator - Drums, Percussion, Vocals (backing) 

Trollhorn - Keyboards, Guitars (acoustic), Banjo, Mouth harp, Vocals (backing), Songwriting 

Tundra - Bass, Vocals (backing) 

Routa - Guitars 

Skrymer - Guitars, Vocals (backing) 


Petri Eskelinen - Vocals (additional) 

Antti “Perish” Eräkangas - Guitars (lead) (track 9) 

Katla - Lyrics