“I do need a gun. I need a big gun. I need a REALLY big gun…”

Doom is easily one of the biggest classics in video games, and is just as important to gaming history as Mario, Sonic, or Tetris. Doom didn’t create the First Person Shooter, but it established many important features and aspects for the genre, and it sure as hell popularized it. A product of a small team’s love of sci-fi, horror, and intense action, Doom was released in late 1993 and took the video game market by storm.

At this point, Doom is 23 years old and you might be asking yourself, “Well, do I even need to play it? It’s probably old and lame”. YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG. To this day, Doom is still one of the best shooters of all time, and it has an extremely dedicated community that regularly creates new content to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, because of the game’s age, it can be a little confusing to know how to break into the series. Lucky for you, I have written an in-depth guide on How To Doom.

From actually installing and setting it up to details about the monsters and weapons, I cover pretty much everything you need to know to help you play Doom. Doom’s long-lasting legacy deserves to be experienced by everyone, so please give my guide a look, and check out one of the best games of all time!

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Heyo~ I've had this idea for a while but I was shy to ask xD The scenario is that Amy has been injured horribly by the villain and is held captive. The base she's captive in would self-destruct in one minute and no matter how hard Sonic tries, he can't break the bars that she's behind. She tells him to go, to leave her, he refuses, but someone on the team had to forcibly take him away and the base explodes Do you think you can use your writing magic to bring this life and have a happy ending?

I’m gonna be honest, these are the prompts I LIVE for. Not only did you give me motive, major plot point, AND left it up to me to decide where it goes, but you said it so sweetly, ‘I’ve had this idea for a while’ ANYTIME ANYONE STARTS A LINE LIKE THAT I GO-

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Oh boy~

So thank you! I’d love too!!!!



“Sonic! Stop!”


The bars of the cage weren’t like any other, but Amy couldn’t help him with her super strength, being chained to the very floor, though able to get up if she spread her legs out to sit with them to her sides.

The reason Sonic wasn’t responding to her frequent cries was because he had seen her weariness, her absolute hopeless state.

He wasn’t aware of what they did to her, but his imagination took over and the fury of just thinking about it sent his body glowing to different, darker, shades of blue…

“Sonic.. Sonic, it’s not gonna budge!”


“I know you want to save me,… but this time…. this time I’m…” she looked to him with tears blurring her very vision of him. Love and concern for his life more than her own.

This man who was controlling Eggman was a mind-manipulator, and with his unique abilities, had lead her to this fate to lure Sonic to his doom…

He even knew that Sonic would risk his life to save hers…

He had called it, “A true Romeo despite his Juliet.”

But to her,… Even with that slight, untoned insult, Sonic was simply her beloved hero.

Though, she was filled with immense love at seeing him struggle, though the stone walls were caving in on their secret underground location, and the fires beneath her growing more and more unstable by the chemicals leaking into it’s magma.

She could barely strain herself to look over and see the counter, 25…24…23…

It moved faster than her tears could fall.

“Sonic!” She franically turned back to him, putting her hands out and gripping the cage, trembling at the effort it took to launch herself as close to the bars as she could muster, which wasn’t very close.

Sonic breathed heavily, the heat getting to him, as his eyes looked wild. He kept shifting back and forth between blue and the darker shades… he was beginning to realize… that without the Chaos Emeralds… he’d be helpless to stop what was to come next.

“…Sonic…” she caught his gaze, as he looked up, and her fingers… oh, so tenderly, pushed through the small gap, able to do so only until the chained steel that replaced her once beautiful bracelets clanged against the metal of the bar.

She caressed some of his face.

“I can’t let you die in vain.” she shook her head, “Sonic! Sonic, you need to live! You need to free Eggman! Save and preserve this world from that man’s mind control! And Sonic… Oh, Sonic…” He moved as close as he could to the bars, gripping them, as she spoke softer than.

In every bit of a desperate attempt to save him, spoke out her last farewell.

“Always remember… I loved you more than life itself.”

She then nodded behind him, as Sonic’s eyes suddenly widening, his darker shade taking over as hands threw themselves over to him, pulling him away. “No.. No!!” he fought them, kicking as Amy dropped her hands, withdrawing herself to the far end of the cage.

She squinted her eyes shut, and looked away.


“Quick! We have to get him out of here!”

“What about Amy?”

“…It’s… She can’t..” Tails looked down, sorrowfully, as Knuckles turned to see the cage falling anyway, Amy shoving it to the side, slamming herself against it as much as she could to rock it.

She didn’t want Sonic to stay and have a reason to any longer.

He’d keep fighting Tails and Knuckles, like what he was doing now, and wouldn’t go willingly if she… if she…

She took her final breath.

“AMYYY!!!” Sonic’s darkness spiraled, before Tails and Knuckles almost lost their holds.

“Knuckles..!” Tails shouted out, as Knuckles, sorrowfully, with so much regret as he closed his eyes, threw back his fist and knocked Sonic out, the impact completely fading the darkness.

As they retreated, Tails flew with Sonic in his hands, and Knuckles glided to safety alongside him.


There was a massive explosion, as Sonic’s quills gently blew back by it.

They were safe enough away, but Tails started to cry, and shook his head, mourning for his friend. “Amyy!!!!” he cried out, unable to forgive himself, even if he knew that’s what she wanted.

Knuckles floated down to a cliffside, and fell to his knees, weeping down at the ground. “She let herself fall… she did that for us! RAHH!” he smashed his fist to the ground, cracking the earth.

“She was too good to die!!!”

Tails put Sonic down and just held a hand on him, his shoulders bouncing as he couldn’t imagine what Sonic would feel when he woke up hearing this… or just jumping to that conclusion.

The impact of Amy’s death even shook Eggman out of his mind control, and he, himself, defeated the manipulator.

In his own way of remorse, he looked to a piece of fabric that had been ripped from Amy’s dress in a previous battle beforehand, and gripping it in one hand, he moved it to both his hands, and then fell to his knees, silently knowing his judgement was yet upon him.

He bent down over it, placing it near his face.

Sonic would want revenge. Didn’t matter who or what. Something

An eye for an eye

And Eggman knew he was probably going to be at the bunt of Sonic’s heel.

Amy opened her eyes.

“Amy Rose… Amy? Please, open your eyes!”

Amy blinked to see a white light, and slightly panicked. “Is this… heaven?”

A man chuckled, “I think you’ll be alright.”

She moved up, feeling her body ache as the man carefully helped her up, holding her to steady her torso.

She gripped her stomach, “Aren’t I… dead?”

“You certainly were going to be.”

Amy looked and blinked towards the man, as he formed into a white hedgehog in her eyes.

“Who… are-?”

“No time to explain,” Silver stated, juggling a Chaos Emerald in one hand, before tossing it up and catching it. “Well… I guess we technically have all the time in the world.” He made a pun, but she didn’t understand.

She looked to the emerald, “Is that..?”

“Yes.” he knelt by her, placing his hand holding her up now on her shoulder, keeping her steady that way, and positioning himself in front of her. “Alright, I’ve changed my mind. I’ll explain. This is the future, destroyed by Sonic’s uncontrollable rage and anguish. I’ve traced the trigger point to you… your death,… Amy Rose.”

Amy’s eyes shook, listening to him, before getting up, and gawking at what she saw around her.

He slowly rose up, “You… were his trigger.”

The world was desolated, buildings were ruined and barely standing. It was horrific, and he was saying this was his world? Her world? the one she had asked Sonic to preserve?

“I spoke with an ancient man named Shadow. He was fiercely wounded in a battle against Dark Sonic, and retold the tale to me. Being unable to wield Chaos after his battle with Dark Sonic, he taught and bestowed the right to me. To time travel and save your life, thus… preventing this future apocalypse from ever happening. And… ultimately… saving the known world.”

He held out the chaos emerald to her, as she looked frightful at all she heard and saw.

She looked down to it, “….Dark… Sonic?”

“Yes.” Silver nodded. “I know you can only see him as your friend, but please understand… because of his regret in your death,… he becomes a monster beyond the realms of known power. Chaos consumes his heart, by his own will, and he continually destroys, trying to… I’m not sure I should say.” Silver looked away, as if the truth was to painful to relate.

“To see if there was any way I was still alive.” Amy felt something catch in her throat, and she closed her eyes as she struggled to swallow. “All this… he did so much destruction,…”

“He couldn’t handle losing you.” Silver slowly raised his head back up to her, his sincerity almost heartbreaking and deadly at the same time. It showed how much he resented Sonic in it. “He couldn’t handle failing you.”

Amy dropped to her knees, before covering her face in her tears.

She knew he had always cared about her… but this level… this… the impact of seeing the world after her sacrifice pained her heart and also revealed how truly Sonic had loved her.

It wasn’t much of a comfort though, seeing how many innocents had been affected.

“Miss Rose…” Silver stepped up beside her, and offered her his hand, looking more serious than sympathetic this time.

After all… he had viewed this scene since infancy.

“Let’s prevent this future.”

“…Yes…Take me to Sonic.” Amy went to give her hand to him.

Suddenly, a robotic laser came between them, and Silver quickly looked up. “Badniks!”

“Still!?” Amy was amazed, shouldn’t Eggman be dead by now..?

“Renegades!” Silver grabbed her and flew off, holding her close, and looking behind him, trying to speak quickly. “After Sonic first snapped, Eggman went on the defensive, trying to seek mercy and repentance, even though he wasn’t the immediate cause of your death! RAugh!” he spun around, throwing an arm out and sending a massive green, glowing physic wave at the robots advancing toward him, and then flew off into the forest.

The branches barely phased him, though you could tell their prickly, burnt but trying to survive corpses were painful and not pleasant at his current flying speed.

Amy even felt like she was being brushed with bendy spikes, before he narrowly escaped more beams and lasers.

“What then?” Amy spoke up through the chaos, looking up at him. “Ah!”

He charged up, landing swiftly to the ground, letting her go before doing a move normally signature of Shadow. He crossed his arms and blasted the robots away as he opened them.

“This way!” he motioned for her to follow, and they dashed into a cave.

She fell to her knees, still exhausted, as he used his ability to levitate her to safety, and push other following robots away.

“Are you alright?” he knelt over her, as she breathed hard and threw a hand up to his furry chest, pulling him down.

“Then… what…?” she looked angry, as if not wanting him to stall any longer.

He gulped, and she let him go as he pulled away, now released.

“…He couldn’t control himself… his power killed Eggman.”

Amy squirmed, not able to comprehend it.

She turned away, crying. “It can’t be…”

Silver remained silent, watching her expression.

“I’ve never known anyone to love Sonic… considering his friends tried to stop him and were all destroyed in the process… they wouldn’t give up on him… but his true self was lost forever to the Chaos that overtook him.”

“Stop it! Stop it! I don’t believe you!” she grieved this news, turning and thrashing, unwilling to accept that.

“…It’s true. Miss Rose.” Silver looked away.

He gripped a nearby rock, “If I don’t get you to him soon…”

“He’s not a murderer! It’s not him! It can’t be him!” she continued to toss herself left and right, her tears barely able to fall, not much were left after how much she cried with Sonic… risking everything to try and save her life.

“I can’t believe it… I won’t believe it!”

“…Those robots were Eggman’s last hope at saving his own hide. Now, they attack anything that moves.” Silver glared back at the entrance of the cave.

He leaned up, scanning the area. “Shadow told me to get you to Sonic as soon as possible. And keep you far from the Dark Sonic that exist in our world. Most likely, he wouldn’t recognize you at the level of insanity he’s at now. Our only hope, is to get you to him as quickly… and safely as possible.”

He turned back to her, a man with a mission, before bending down and tenderly offering her his hand again. “Please…” he looked desperate, but was trying to be considerate of her. “According to Shadow’s memory… you loved him. Loved him enough to die. Shadow can understand that. Someone did that for him long,… long ago. He feels a connection to Sonic because of that. He said he was so passionate about saving Sonic because he was so close to turning into what Sonic has become himself. Until he remembered his true promise to that girl… a favor… he owed to you.”

Amy looked at the hand, before up at Silver, marveling over Shadow’s words.

“…He… he said that by saving you,… this universe could be saved.”


“I’m begging you… Take. My. Hand.” Silver jerked his hand a few times with each pause, showing his seriousness as he narrowed his eyes, clearly wanting her to cooperate and stop questioning the reality around her.

She nodded, and took his hand.

He helped her up, holding her hand then nodded, pulling her gently closer and lifting the Chaos Emerald up.


She tensed her body.


Tails suddenly saw something bright was forming behind him, and turned around.

“Woah!” he jumped over Sonic to protect him, and ducked his head.

Knuckles did the same thing, looking behind him and rushing to Sonic and Tails, holding his body over them.

When the light faded, the two men looked up, and were amazed at what they saw.

An angel was holding Amy, before letting her step out of the light, and then disappeared, nodding to her a goodbye, as she nodded in return.

She turned seriously back to the two.

“A…Amy?” Tails was barely able to speak.

“It… It can’t be… b-b-but it has to be!” Knuckles leaned up, getting to his feet, and gesturing out with his palms towards Amy, elated.

“You’re alive!”

“Please… help me wake up Sonic.” Amy held out a sweet hand to stay them, before bending her eyebrows back, smiling sweetly to her friends.

They were so filled with joy and wonder, that it took them a second to wipe their eyes and rouse Sonic up from his current state.

“Sonic! Sonic! You’re not gonna believe this!” Tails exclaimed, so happy, so thankful!

So.. relieved.

Sonic came too, shaking his head, “Ughh…” he put a hand up to his head.

Amy felt her entire being wanting to just leap out and embrace him, but held back, taking in deep breaths to calm herself.

So much destruction… so much anger… all because he loved her so much… and couldn’t forgive himself.. for something… he didn’t even do wrong.

“A…Amy?” he looked around, but Amy stood behind him.

She outstretched her hand, but in a wild gust, he rose to his feet, hoping slightly on his feet. “Amy? Amy!? AMMYY!!!”


Sonic turned around.

His immense panic left him, and he dropped to his knees, his eyes forming such release of all worry that her heart almost broke for him.

“Amy… You made it.” he bent his head, struggling not to cry.

The team all stared, but smiled gently, knowing it was probably best to just let it out, but not telling him what to do.

“I thought… I saw you… the cage… it was tilting.. how did you-?”

As he rose his head, his hands tightly up against his head, Amy rushed down to the ground in front of him, and held both hands to the side of his face.

“I love you, Sonic The Hedgehog. And I know you love me. More than even your own heart can take. I understand that now. But please, please don’t ever feel you will ever fail me!” she embraced him, squeezing the living daylights out of him.

She wept so wonderfully that the team just couldn’t help but feel glad, unable to cry anymore.

Tails and Knuckles looked each other, before rushing to join in on the reunion.

“…Amy…” Sonic’s eyes shook, a little confused by what she meant by that, but put a hand delicately to her back, and rubbed it slightly, in comfort.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Those words stung her very spirit, as she knew exactly what would come of that.

The team all embraced as Sonic wiggled in awkwardness, not liking the touchy-feely moment, “W-woah…emm…Ughh..” he shrugged, seeing it was only appropriate, and embraced the team back, as everyone laughed to release the tension.

She never parted from his side since, even when he seemed annoyed by her insistence on staying close by him, he never complained too much, and she knew it was only for the best.

(Tearjerker right here. -wipes eye- I’ve written something similar to this before, but I up’d the ante a bit, and i like how it turned out :) major AU, lol)

Doom’s Eye: “Princess Sally, this is Doom’s Eye of the Dark Arms. I come on behalf of Black Doom, lord of the known universe. I am here to confiscate the chaos emeralds. Turn them over to me, or I will destroy your planet.”

Rotor: “All right, let’s not panic.”

Antoine: “Not panic? The scary purple alien thing is driving his alien battleship toward us. We only have four emeralds-”

Tails: “Technically only three working emeralds.”

Antoine: “That’s right. Thank you, Tails. Three working emeralds and a temple that’s, like, 10,000 years old.”

Eggman: “Actually it’s 10,600 years old. You see, it was built by my grandfather-”

Antoine: “Thanks, Eggman. Thank you for that. See? now is the perfect time to panic!”

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Unpopular Sonic Opinions?

  • Sonic himself is not one of my favourite characters in the series.

  • Sonic not knowing when to shut up has been a problem for a long time, not just since 2010.

  • I prefer Robotnik to be a real threat and a total bastard. Not in the one-dimensional sense, I’m not saying he should be a cardboard cutout like the SatAM version. I just like my Eggmen to be ominous whilst retaining their more comical qualities.

  • I have fun with 3D Blast.

  • While I don’t mind Shadow as a character, his backstory was convoluted from the very beginning, and it’s one reason for why I find Adventure 2’s story in general to be overhyped. Subsequently…

  • Adventure 2’s story was one of the biggest catalysts in this franchise’s serious (heh) problems with keeping a balanced tone.

  • And with a few exceptions, I think Adventure 2’s soundtrack is mostly samey and underwhelming, especially when compared to Adventure 1’s varied soundtrack.

  • I like Rush, but I like Rush Adventure more.

  • I don’t think Shiro Maekawa and Ian Flynn are that amazing as Sonic writers.

  • I acknowledge the effort and love put into Unleashed, but there are too many issues and grievances for me to consider it one of the best in the series.

  • With a few exceptions like Misty Lake and Faraway Avalon, Black Knight has some of the dullest settings I’ve ever seen in a Sonic game. It also has one of the most forgettable soundtracks in the series.

  • I like the Deadly Six, and I’d be all for them getting improved rather than being left in the dust.

  • I’d like to see Marine again.

  • Captain Whisker is a better Eggman Nega than Eggman Nega.

  • One of the reasons for why Rouge is one of my favourite characters is because despite first appearances, she’s NOT a total bitch.

  • Rise of Lyric is a bad game, but JUST a bad game. Bland and unremarkable. NOT the next Sonic ‘06 like so many fans and non-fans make it out to be.

  • I prefer AoStH over SatAM. Neither of them are that great, or fitting for the series, but at least it’s easy to have fun taking the piss out of AoStH. SatAM is just a generic 90′s cartoon and nothing but for the most part. (Also, SatAM didn’t give us Long John Baldry.)

  • I think it’s possible for Metal Sonic to have signs of a personality while remaining fiercely devoted to his creator.

  • Neo Metal Sonic’s design is goofy and laughable for what’s supposed to be a “cooler” upgrade for him. Elf shoes? Ripped dress? Starfish head?

  • I don’t mind Elise too much, and I think some of the reasons people use for hating her are silly.

  • Sonic X’s portrayal of Robotnik is my least favourite of the lot.

  • Season 3 of Sonic X was the worst one.

  • I like Erazor Djinn despite otherwise not caring for the game he comes from.

  • Merlina’s betrayal wasn’t really foreshadowed that well.

  • Thunderbolt doesn’t do much for me. Harley Quinn-type characters generally annoy me more often than not.

  • Due to not much happening in the middle of Unleashed’s story, Sonic and Chip’s relationship falls a little flat for me when I’m expected to see them as really close friends by the time they’re in Adabat.

  • I don’t see the Create Your Own Character system in Forces as something that will ruin the franchise more than ever, let alone kill the franchise. Not when the franchise has made far bigger and arguably crazier risks in the past.

  • People really need to chill out about Pontac and Graff. Even for this fandom’s standards, many fans take their contempt for them way too far, and far too often. They also express even more double standards than usual when the subject is about them. (”Enough with the Sonic self-deprecating, LEGO Dimensions! Besides, they should have made fun of a Pontaff game instead!”)
  • Black Doom is one of the best comic relief characters in the franchise.

Black Doom: “Shadow! You ungrateful little pest! 50 years and not a single Father’s Day card! Or even a thank you note for giving you my own blood so you could be created!”

Shadow: “I didn’t know you existed!”

Black Doom: “And I thought you knew better than to fall from fucking space and get amnesia. Who’s the idiot now?”

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Follow up to the SRB2 question: How do you feel about the NiGHTS-inspired special stages?

It weirds me out because that was actually an idea I had for Sonic: The Fated Hour back in the day. I’d wanted a way to unlock and play as Super Sonic in the context of that game, but just making him fast and invincible seemed boring and kind of like it had been “done.” So I came up with the idea of special stages sending you to a place where you flew around as Super Sonic like NiGHTS in the special zone to earn a Chaos Emerald, and once you had all seven, you could use Super Sonic in normal levels with the flight ability.

Given the blog I wrote about TFH’s history and me making the design document public that idea’s been out there for a few years now. I don’t know if SRB2 deliberately borrowed from me or not. Nobody ever asked, if they did, but I suppose it doesn’t matter if it’s something I literally threw away. I’m not mad or anything, if that’s what it sounds like.

In the context of SRB2, the NiGHTS-style special stages don’t make tons of sense. It sort of goes back to the complaints I had about levels feeling kind of disjointed, like a bunch of ideas just kind of tossed together without any rhythm, flow, or peaks. It feels like “SSNTails made this NiGHTS engine but it’s buried in this weird unlockable mode. We should use it for something better.” “Why not Special Stages?”

Not the worst idea. But in TFH I was tying it to a sort of functionality. It had a purpose for being that way. You were training yourself in the special stages so when you got to use it in real levels you’d had lots of practice. In SRB2 it keeps the scoring/grading system from NiGHTS and it’s not really explained why you want to do any of that. Heck, it’s not even clear that you got a grade at all; it’s actually a very poor bit of UI that the letter just appears on screen. Unless you’d played NiGHTS before you’d never even know the relation of the score and the grade or even that the letter was a grade at all. Super Sonic just kind of flies off in to the ceiling, bonks his head, and the game fades to black. There needs to be a lot more clarity on… kind of every part of what you have to do in those stages.

On the plus side the levels control well, so AS somebody who has played a lot of NiGHTS, I find them to be pretty fun. They have interesting ideas, too. Nothing that really transcends the original NiGHTS, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun than Journey of Dreams, I’ll tell you that. 

Though they’re a bit easy. SRB2′s biggest hurdle with its special stages has always been difficulty balancing; they’re either too hard, or too easy, and these definitely fall on the easy side. It’ll tell me to get 80 blue spheres and I’ll finish toting around something like 200. You are basically always surrounded by rings, spheres, and hoops at all times, so you’re always racking up tons of links with little effort. Despite that, getting high grades seems to be pretty challenging, so maybe my complaints are unfounded (even though I sleepwalk my way to each Chaos Emerald, I’ve never finished with anything better than a C rank).

Regardless of my nitpicking, I think they’re a very good idea, and they’re miles better than the weird “it’s just a platforming level under a strict time limit” special stages they used to have. Cut down on the item spam a little and make it clearer what’s going on and what your goal is (depositing spheres in the chamber) and I think they’d have a real winner.