sonic's friends

chaoticmess1011  asked:

Matchup? I'm 5'3-5-4 yeah I'm considered short. I have blue hair. I'm said to be quiet but once you know me I'm crazy asf. I'm A bit of a rebel. I am also moody and draw alot. (I hope that's enough)

Jeff the killer: Never got to know you well enough to see the crazy side so he got bored.

Ben Drowned:  Thought you were cute and got to know you better. He falls in love with you.

Slenderman:  views you as a quiet child that needs protecting.

Eyeless Jack: Liked your hair but never made it a point to talk to you.

Laughing Jack:  He saw potential in you and starts to playfully pick on you because he has a crush.

Ticci Toby:  Friends

Lost Silver: Has a crush but never talked to you

Masky: Best friends

Hoodie: Best friends

Sonic.exe: LIkes to pick on you because he likes you

Jane the Killer: Thinks your cool

Herobrine: Never took notice of you

Jason the toymaker: Met once but didnt really click

Offenderman: Slenderman shoo’ed him off

Trenderman: didnt get along

Splendorman: acquainted 

Lui: acquainted

Clockwork: acquainted

Nina: never took notice.

anonymous asked:

Matchup(If You want to,thank you for writing these💖)?I'm about 5'4",short brown hair,blue eyes,glasses.I'm really quiet and calm,the studious type.Also the Momfriend,I always worry about everyone and i make sure they are okay.I love reading,writing and anime.I get really passionate about stuff and I am a perfectionist to the point I am hurting myself with too high expectations.Really stubborn,love debating.I have a tendency to push people away tbh.My zodiac sign is Pisces and Im an INTJ.

Jeff the killer: Views you like an older sister

Ben Drowned:  Views you like an older sister

Slenderman:  Falls in love but wont say it

Eyeless Jack: has a high opinion of you/falls in love. WIll fight anyone who says anything negative about you.

Laughing Jack:  thinks you are boring

Ticci Toby:  Thinks of you as a mom. Love getting attention from you.

Lost Silver: friend

Masky: best friend

Hoodie: friend

Sonic.exe: Bullies you

Jane the Killer: thinks you are cool

Herobrine: never noticed

Jason the toymaker: met once or twice

Offenderman: has hit on you before but backs off because he knows of his brothers feelings

Trenderman: friendly

Splendorman: friendly

Lui: acquainted

Clockwork: never met

Nina: is jealous of you


Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!

Something that the sonic franchise has taught all of us, but never noticed

Sonic through out the past 26 years has taught us a lot of life lessons. 

I dont think I need to name them off. just think of one.

There is one BIG life lesson that is never really noticed. but I have recently noticed. I will say; Its a sad life lesson that a lot of us can relate to.

This life lesson is the one where

 friends do come and go

Think about all of the friends sonic has met through out the 26 years he has been around. he has lost a lot of them

even to the point where they become strangers

or sometimes life just drifts them apart

or they just someone you just meet along your journey of life

Even though life is short. you should still enjoy every little moment around those you love

because one day…. you might have to say good bye


When Sonic arrives on Angel Island he soon finds himself locked in mortal combat with it’s guardian; Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles prepares to eviscerate the intruder with a furious charge and a flurry of fists, to which the Hedgehog swiftly dodges by… casually stepping to one side.


In a row.