sonic's art


I did one of those speed drawing challenges, was really fun to do!

I made Skylar and Jacob. BUT WAIT- there’s more~

Here’s Knuckles’ kid. Or apprentice- I’m not sure yet. I’m still working on designs for him and the older version of Knuckles so stay tuned!

And I’m thinking about naming him Claws. Get it? ‘Cause Knuckles…. yea. It’s still a work in progress haha

So “Claws the Panther” has been taken in, or I guess adopted by, Knuckles as a small cub. He’s now training to be the next guardian of the Master Emerald. I’m still working on his story, though.


So on a whim the other week, I decided to whip up a bunch of gift pics for some of my closest tumblr-buds, using some of their OC’s.

1.) @robotnik-mun‘s OC, a hypothetical “Gummi Bears” villain who’s maybe a touch more threatening than Duke Igthorn. >w>

2.) @omnicenos‘s Corin, a “Mega Man X” oc she’s had for quite some time and who I love to pieces.

3.) @bunnikkila‘s Ilya, a Litleo gijinka who’s part of a long-running RP she’s been participating in.

and last but not least 4.) @elistodragonwings‘s Jordan, a SatAM Sonic OC and part of her own team of Freedom Fighters.

All my love to all four of you, and your wonderful characters. ^_^