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x55 PC Demo
x55 PC Demo

How about Space Queens from Sonic X-Treme?

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Our first track from the cancelled Saturn game! I do have the whole conceptual soundtrack for this, so feel to request from it!

This track has super heavy synth base, but I think it’s really what makes it. There’s a lot going on melodically, with several different lines intersecting and trading off–and then there are some neat arpeggios in the background. The bass even has a neat slap sound to it! Chordally, there’s a ton of movement, going from major and minor tonalities–I think it’s a true dorian sound, just moving around the chords that fit it, and it makes for an ambiguous sound. It’s really neat, and very reminiscent of the era.


1) Bakugou actually DOES pay attention to Midoriya as a legit opponent and has analyzed his fighting style to better defeat him

2) Izuku realizes that Bakugou’s style is once again improving, insinuating that Izuku’s been so preoccupied that he hasn’t been paying much attention to him


Interview with Sonic Boom Producer Stephen Frost

Does the 3DS version take on different gameplay styles or is it the same as the Wii U version?

Stephen: As mentioned in other interviews, the 3DS game builds upon the strengths of that platform and will feature a separate story. We will talk more about the 3DS title at E3, but it will still focus on the key aspects of the Wii U game, which is working as a team, exploration and the Enerbeam ability.

When can we expect to see the 3DS version of the game?

Stephen: We will be unveiling the 3DS game close to the E3 timeframe and can’t wait until people can get their hands on it. We’re excited about the experience that Sanzaru are creating for Sonic Boom.

Are the character models finished or still a work in progress?

Stephen: As stated in the opening to the reveal trailer for the Wii U version of Sonic Boom, the footage represents a work-in-progress. All elements are still in a pre-Alpha state and do not reflect the final, shipping quality.

Will Amy and Knuckles retain there personalities from previous games in the main series or will they be more developed?

Stephen: It was important to us to keep the core aspects that make each of the characters unique and special. In that regard, all the characters will still retain key elements of their personalities that have been developed over the 20+ years of the Sonic franchise. However, we felt it was also crucial to really build upon and emphasis certain aspects of each character in order to make it clear to non-Sonic fans who these characters are and why they act the way they do.

How long has this game been in development?

Stephen: By the time it is released, the game will have been in development for several years.

Why was Big Red Button chosen to be the studio to develop Boom (the Wii U version) out of all the possible choices?

Stephen: There were quite a few reasons why BRB were chosen to helm the Wii U version of Sonic Boom. At a high level, it was due to the vast experience that Bob Rafei and other key members of the BRB team have had with the type of game we are building. They were able to utilize all their knowledge and lessons learned to quickly hit the ground running. We were able to get prototypes up and running quickly and really get to the root of what the core game experience was going to be right away.

Also, the team showed us an impressive assortment of different, past prototypes they had put together and those prototypes really showed us that, no matter the genre, BRB could really put their own twist on it. Those two things, plus their expertise with the CryEngine really helped to make our choice clear.

Chris Senn of Sonic X-treme fame is working on this game, what is his job on the game and how did he feel about coming back to Sonic?

Stephen: Chris Senn is a key aspect of the project and has contributed to several features of the game. His current focus, as a designer, is focusing on speed-related components (and another unique, but unannounced part of the title). He brings has past experience and love of Sonic to the table and is excited to be working on the IP once again.

Will Sonic Boom replace the main cannon if popular enough?

Stephen: Sonic Boom is a branch of the much-larger, overall Sonic IP and sits alongside the modern Sonic games that Sonic Team is known for. The two games have very different focuses and it would not make sense for one to replace the other.

Will we be seeing these supposed returning characters in the game as well as the TV Show?

Stephen: Both the television show and the game constantly look for opportunities to bring back fan-favorite characters when it makes sense. No specific characters have been announced at this time, though.

Is there going to be a Chao garden in Sonic Boom?

Stephen: There are no current plans to include a Chao Garden in the Wii U or 3DS versions of Sonic Boom. We understand that the Chao are popular amongst the Sonic fanbase, but their appearance in these games didn’t really feel appropriate in relation to the key pillars that the games are built on.

How confident are you that Sonic Boom is going to turn out great?

Stephen: The challenging thing about game development is that you often don’t know how all the pieces will come together until near the end of a project. All you can rely on is the strength of your ideas and the team’s overall experience and passion to deliver a high quality game. There are moments that things click together and you know you have something special, but there is always a bit of uncertainty that a development team has when unleashing a game for the first time onto the public. In our case, that will be E3. We love and enjoy working on this game… and we hope that fans and newcomers sense that same level of enjoyment when they pick up the controller.

You seem to be interacting with the fanbase more than anyone has before, Why is that?

Stephen: Being a Sonic fan and avid gamer, I understand the passion that people have for certain IPs and their thirst for more information. I love all the excitement and genuine interest that fans bring and I applaud that. All the analysis videos, fan art and so many other things that fans spend their free time doing are amazing. I mean, we wouldn’t be able to make this game if we didn’t have such great fans. So, knowing that, I promised myself at the start of this project that I would do my best to engage with fans as much as possible and show them my appreciation, as well as put the spotlight on the teams that are working so hard on this project.

How involved is Sonic Team with Sonic Boom?

Stephen: As the Sonic IP holders, they are definitely involved with Sonic Boom in many, many ways. I personally talk to them on an almost-daily basis and really rely on their understanding of the characters. They consistently provide great advice and suggestions and have helped us to refine several, key aspects of the game. While the overall design of the game is very much a Sega West and BRB/Sanzaru thing, it would have been a waste to not utilize Sonic Team’s wealth of experience.

Does Takashi Iizuka have a disdain towards Boom?

Stephen: Not sure if you typed the correct word or not, but there’s no reason why Iizuka-san would have any sort of disdain towards Sonic Boom. In reality, he’s been very supportive, along with the other members of Sonic Team. They understand the reasons why we created Sonic Boom and continue to be a very useful resource, given their decades of experience building Sonic titles. And, if you think about it, if Sonic Boom is a success and manages to bring in newcomers to the Sonic franchise then it’s good for everyone all around.

When will we most likely see more footage released for Boom?

Stephen: No surprises here… I would expect that more news about Sonic Boom will be released as we get closer to E3.

What can we expect at E3?

Stephen: You’ll have to find out at E3!

Does Knuckles taste like a fortune cookie and how about that whip cream filling of his?

Stephen: Haha… I loved those parts of the behind-the-scenes trailer. I can’t honestly say how Knuckles tastes, but I have been enjoying all the humor that the television show team has been coming up with. All of the scripts I have read have caused me to laugh out loud on several occasions. I’m really excited about the show and can’t wait to watch it with my friends when it launches on Cartoon Network.

When can we most likely see Sonic Boom released?

Stephen: We’ll have more info about the release date of Sonic Boom within the months ahead, so definitely keep your ears peeled.