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dunno if it was asked before, but what is your all time favorite Sonic cartoon? like plot-thing, ideas, characters development etc?

The OVA. Pays a decent amount of heed to the games (Naka and Oshima were consulted about it as a matter of fact), has characters who are fairly true to their game incarnations, has absolutely amazing settings and likable original characters. The action is fast-paced, frenetic, exactly what I expect to see in a Sonic cartoon.

SatAM wasn’t Sonic’s cartoon. It was Sally’s and ultimately nothing more than DiC’s ideas with the exploitation of the Sonic name in order to make it more marketable. It was a good cartoon but it wasn’t a good Sonic cartoon.

Same goes for Underground. Except for the “good” bit.

X was good but nothing remarkable and it was impacted by a terrible dub and the fixation on Chris who adds nothing of value and detracts from the show as a whole.

Boom is pretty amazing. It knows what it wants to be and abides by it admirably without being annoying with it’s premise. But the “dumb muscle” take on Knuckles and it’s lack of continiuty detracts from it.

AoStH is painfully unfunny and obnoxiously irritating, has bad animation, cliche plots and has very little going for it.

Can we just talk about the fact that Sonic X Sonic ran halfway across the world to a special reserve that grew millions and millions of beautiful flowers and brought them back just for Cream who was struggling to cope with some things??

This Sonic is the literal embodiment of everything that Sonic is and y'all are trying to tell me that 2003 - 2010 was his worst period?
Get out.