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And your heart breaks

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They say that heartbreak comes from the ones you love the most, but you know better. Heartbreak is something you have known for a very long time, and heartbreak is something you know that you will never forget. Not when it comes from the people that you have been told you can trust, from the team that supposedly has your back, Lance! Heartbreak is when you are piloting Blue, and you are surrounded, hundreds of purple and black ships the only thing you can see. Heartbreak is when the others are shouting over the comms and as you ask for help, they do not listen – heartbreak is when the others are free to help but they flank around Green, who is pulling a slave transport ship away from the main transport.

Heartbreak is when you choose to fight your way through, sending beams of ice and sonic waves that scatter and shatter Galra ships across the expanse of space, and you still can find no escape. It is when you look up one last time, send across one last plea for help and get told to hold them off Lance, can’t you even do that?! Heartbreak is when you hear the charge of an ion cannon and find yourself unable to move. But that is not all that heartbreak is. Because your heart has not broken then, only cracked into pieces that you feel are choking your lungs even as you brace yourself for the pain of the ion cannon. No, your heart breaks the moment Blue goes offline, and you still see that your friends have not noticed the predicament you are in. It is when Blue begins to drift, energy pooling into her as the comm systems come back online, and you hear the sound of your name being shouted. It pulls at your awareness for a moment, though you let go of the awareness when you hear Shiro’s disappointed voice. “…why can’t you listen, Lance? We’ve been calling you for the past ten minutes!”

But still you find yourself waking with the cool hiss of the healing pod and stumbling out. The moment your heart breaks is upon you now, though you do not know it. Because your heart, despite it all, is resilient, and willing to hold onto the hope that one day, maybe one, your team will look over, and realize that you are not what they think you are. That the face you put on is a mask, and one that has begun to crack the day you stepped into the Castle of Lions. But even your heart cannot hold onto hope when the first thing you see is the backs of your teammates (so like the first time you were placed in the pod, when you came to see them huddled around a “ticker”), and the first thing you hear comes from Keith’s mouth. “Lance can’t come out of the pod any sooner, can he? He’s always in there!”

And your heart crumbles.

Oh my god, this took forever to make..
But here are some of the Sonic females I could remember on spot.

Crusher’s Sonic Intelligence Tier List

Lately I’ve been making up my own tier list in regards to how intelligent the Sonic cast is, as it’s an interesting thing to think about in my opinion. So now that it’s done, I’m gonna show my list to you guys and see what you think. Obviously not every character in the game universe is listed since that would take forever, and there were a few other characters who I wasn’t sure about.

What do you agree on? What do you disagree on? Or do you have your own intelligence tier list you would like to share? All responses are welcome. :)

Robotnik - Obviously.

Gerald - I realise that Ivo himself considered Gerald to be the greatest mind there ever was at the time of Adventure 2, and yeah, I can see why. However, I think the doctor’s own achievements - and the sheer amount of said achievements - have surpassed his grandaddy’s by THIS point in the series at least. (Also, Gerald’s dead, so it doesn’t matter either way.) All the same, Gerald was a very gifted man to have created a lifeform like Shadow, as well as other accomplishments like the Artificial Chaos and the Space Colony A.R.K. Especially when you remember that he lived during a time in which the world as a whole was much less advanced.

Tails - How many kids do you know who can create different types of highly advanced contraptions and vehicles like it’s nothing? Let alone fake Chaos Emeralds?

- Her engineering prowess speaks for itself.

Rouge - Comes with the job. An expert in infiltration and hacking, a master of deception, and an expert treasure hunter. Given how she explained Soleanna’s monarchy system to Shadow at the drop of a hat, that would also indicate she’s well read and capable of remembering a large amount of info.

Blaze - More to do with implication, but she did once ask Tails if he can build a device that scans and analyses plasma and electromagnetic signals, in a tone that implied she knew what she was talking about.

Sonic - Being able to avoid obstacles and fellow citizens with no issue at such insane speeds would imply that Sonic has a sharp mind and thought process. He’s also been shown on numerous occasions to adapt very quickly to unfamiliar situations, and his advice is usually profound in it’s simplicity.

Shadow - He doesn’t always have it right, but most of the time he’ll figure out what’s going on pretty quickly. And since the Black Arms incident, he’s also been wise to villainous trickery.

Erazor - Played his cards right from start to finish. Didn’t really make any especially stupid decisions, and made great use of what he had to work with.

Metal Sonic - Another one born out of implication, but given how he was created to be a match for Sonic in every way, I would assume Metal is just as clever as the real deal. He was pretty sharp in the OVA at least.

Merlina - She managed to keep Sonic distracted from her plan for long enough, all the while doing a competent job at portraying herself as a helpless bystander.

Zavok - He had a simple plan, but it was an effective one. He was also good at rolling with the punches whenever things didn’t go his way. Definitely the most intelligent of the Deadly Six. (Aside from maybe Master Zik, but that’s up for debate.)

Vector - Despite his occasionally bumbling attitude, he’s still the brains of the Chaotix at the end of the day, and his deduction skills have proven to be accurate most of the time. (Note how he correctly guessed that someone was pulling the Time Eater’s strings.)

- He may be incredibly gullible, but he also knows a lot about ancient history, and like Rouge, he’s a very skilled treasure hunter.

Espio - Maybe he should be higher, but we haven’t seen much to know for sure…

Amy - Can be ditzy at times, but generally has a good amount of common sense, and despite the lack of focus on it, her skill with tarot cards would add further evidence to her being far from stupid.

Marine - She was able to create a decent ship in spite of her boisterous personality.

Cream - Naturally her youthful innocence makes her a little naive, but she’s still prone to surprising moments of insightfulness.

Big - Some fans might think he should be lower, but one of the themes with Big is that he’s simple, not dumb (something Bioware clearly forgot, despite hyping their Big up as being more intelligent than SEGA’s Big). And given how we’ve seen him do things like piloting the Tornado - a plane he was unfamiliar with - without any obvious trouble, he may be more on-the-ball than most fans give him credit for.

- He probably isn’t that stupid overall, but aside from his legitimate hoverboard skills, his arrogance makes him out to be a bit of a fool more often than not. Usually more bark than bite.

Silver - Despite his incredible powers and competence with using said powers, he’s proven to be very foolish, and doesn’t often plan things out that well.

Charmy - He has to be somewhat competent to still be working with the Chaotix, but he’s generally an airhead.

Storm - Clueless individual in general. Mostly a yes-man through and through.

- Total muppet.

  • Sonic: What did one ocean say to the other?
  • Shadow: What?
  • Sonic: Nothing. He just waved.
  • Shadow: You're an idiot.
  • Sonic: Do you sea what I did there?
  • Shadow: ....
  • Sonic: Seariously... Do you?
  • Shadow: ...yes.
  • Sonic: Are you shore?
  • Shadow: ....
  • Sonic: No need to be a beach.
  • Shadow: ....
  • Sonic: Water you saying?
  • Shadow: You are one more joke closer to being single.
  • Sonic: Shell I stop then?
  • Shadow: That's it! I'm done!

[please be aware that these are NOT real autographs/handwriting of fictional characters….it was just an idea…also I’m not good at imitating handwriting]

This is pretty much what I think their autographs or handwriting should be.

I’ll explain only three..

-Sonic’s too quick when it comes to signing autographs, it would be more like this. He writes normally, it’s the scrip that looked ‘rushed’

-My little sister wrote Charmy’s name. I figured he would write like this since he’s the youngest and all. Same with Cream, but her’s is kinda neat. I wrote Cream’s name.

-I wrote Sticks’ name with my right hand.