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Hey Cartoon Network:

I know we’ve got in the wrong foot, so I wanted to show you what a PROPER TV schedule SHOULD look like.

As you can see here, I evenly distributed all the TV shows you air from this decade (the classic Teen Titans hour stays the same) evenly throughout the time you are on.

This includes the TV shows currently on air right now, TV shows that have ended (Regular Show, Clarence, and Uncle Grandpa) and the TV shows that are on hiatus right now. (Steven Universe)

Kids love Teen Titans GO, so I distributed it efficiently for children to enjoy as well.

Variety helps ratings, otherwise a LOT of your viewers will leave your channel in droves. You got that clear?


(This idea was inspired by @cnschedulearchive and @whatsnewcartoons)

lyricablog  asked:

Hi I'm currently working on a comic featuring The Golden Age and therefore working on Cybertron itself. Problem is there is apparently no definite map or clear information on how it's distributed, only bits and pieces everywhere. Does the wiki have any page where it's all gathered up and better organized? The best way I found how to do this was to go to each character's profile page and note down any possible mentions of regions cities lands...

The closest we’ve ever got to a layout for Cybertron is in this (very) rough map, which was just a basic internal document from Hasbro’s “Binder of Revelation,” which was published in the Transformers Vault.

You can see, the far side is just a mirror-flipped version of the front, which was itself just a de-colorized version of the planet seen in Transformers: The Ultimate Guide:

And of course, only a scant few of Cybertron’s known named cities are included on it. Our categories regarding locations on Cybertron are a bit scattered; check out “Polities on Cybertron” for what’s probably our best list of cities, and also the “Cybertron” category itself for other notable locations on the planet like the Rust Sea or the Sonic Canyons.


Today we fire up the steam machine and play some Sonic All Stars Racing TRANSFORMED! We have a special guest today in the form of our boy Sam!

Here’s a good picture of Sam, @likewaterordinosaurs