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First episode of the second season of Sonic Boom is finally up, the uploader has a perfect username as well.


Even nearly 15 years later, this game still stands very well on it’s own.

This scene, man, this scene. Imagine playing this for the first time, not knowing that Sonic was going to be alright.

Eggman has a gun(!) pointed at Amy’s head, Sonic seemingly dies in deep space after asking his friends to do one last thing for him, Tails and Amy are emotionally crushed, and Tails, man… Poor Tails.

His surrogate big brother, the guy who raised and protected him, hands the mantle to him and says: “I’m counting on you.”

Tails’ reaction is just amazing, and is easily in one of my favorite scenes in the entire series.

“Sonic has asked me for the first time to do something for him.”