sonic the hedgehog (8 bit)

Super Sonic vs Super Neo Metal Sonic

     I made this back in January. The background was supposed to be space, but I didn’t wanna burn up my black art marker all at once. X_X

     I’ll probably make a digital version of this with a background sometime in the future cuz I love it too much.

Most Sonic games have 7 Chaos Emeralds that are obtained through either optional bonus stages or as a core part of the story. However, the number of emeralds differs between games, and their appearance and properties isn’t always consistent. Both versions of the original Sonic the Hedgehog had only 6, as did Sonic 2′s 8-bit ports and the Game Gear title Tails’ Adventure. The animated series The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog featured just five Emeralds, and only two were ever confirmed to exist in Sonic Underground. Sonic the Fighters bumped the total up to 8, Sonic Spinball had a massive 16 Emeralds to collect, all of them blue, and some of the earlier Archie Sonic comics showed an unfathomable amount of green Chaos Emeralds before this was retconned and certain events showed that the Emeralds had become the seven multicoloured ones as seen in the games.

While the canonical colours of the Chaos Emeralds are green, purple, blue, yellow, red, cyan and white, this hasn’t always been consistent. The cartoons and early comics showed all the Emeralds as being green, Sonic Spinball’s plethora of Chaos Emeralds were all blue, and many games (usually the older ones) showed some of the Emeralds as being orange or pink.

Me: Your honor, I’ve never been attracted to Sonic the Hedgehog. Not even a little bit. When I was 8 I thought he was cool maybe but that’s as much as I ever cared about him. And no, liking Isabelle doesn’t make me a furry either because everyone loves her even my parents. I am telling you under oath that I am not a furry

Judge: Okay sir but what’s the jury’s verdict on the murder

Me: OH yeah he’s guilty