sonic the hedgehog (8 bit)


[8-bit] Chemical Plant Zone | Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Chemical Plant Zone is my favorite classic Sonic song and it’s now up as an 8-bit on my YouTube channel! :3


[8-bit] Green Hill Zone | Sonic the Hedgehog

A new 8-bit up on YouTube! It’s about time I did something from Sonic u_u

Super Sonic vs Super Neo Metal Sonic

     I made this back in January. The background was supposed to be space, but I didn’t wanna burn up my black art marker all at once. X_X

     I’ll probably make a digital version of this with a background sometime in the future cuz I love it too much.

Me: Your honor, I’ve never been attracted to Sonic the Hedgehog. Not even a little bit. When I was 8 I thought he was cool maybe but that’s as much as I ever cared about him. And no, liking Isabelle doesn’t make me a furry either because everyone loves her even my parents. I am telling you under oath that I am not a furry

Judge: Okay sir but what’s the jury’s verdict on the murder

Me: OH yeah he’s guilty


My 16-BIT rendition of “Luigi’s Ballad” By Starbomb is finally on YouTube! Watch and share with friends, it’s a great way to help support me and my music. More songs are going up on the channel very soon!