On August 1st 2010 I launched my YouTube channel Balena Productions.

Coming off of two lesser known channels (sonicdude3 and sonicd00d3), I wanted to create something a little more than just an average channel with a pretty lame name. I wanted to make something that sounded good and was better to present than just a personal YouTube page. Through these many years I’ve had my ups and downs, praise and criticisms, met many new people in which some are now some of my best friends, and personally has been one big adventure.

I just wanted to thank all 270,000 of my subscribers, 150,000,000 viewers, my fans, my friends, and everyone who makes my channel the great place it is.

I know currently I’m not pumping out content, but I can say that I’m nowhere near done. I’d like to entertain as long as I can. It’s in my blood and it’s the only thing I want to do with my life. Maybe not animations for the rest of it, but I can promise you as long as I live and breathe I’ll always be around in some way or another.

Here’s a few people I think deserve a shout out for making Balena Productions possible:


What can I say that hasn’t been said. She’s the love of my life and an amazing artist. She provides all of the channel art and draws the entire Christmas with Sonic videos.


My most best friend and one of the best people I look to for support. I know it may not seem like it but when you watch my videos it means so much to me.


One of my best buddies and he’s always been one to go to for advice on scripts/jokes/whatever I need! I love making his birthday videos every year too <3


One of my good friends and an amazing voice actor. She’s been with me since I started and I couldn’t think of any better voice for Tails. She plays almost every female for all my videos and she’s just amazing at it. It always makes me giddy to hear my Sonic work off of her Tails. I cannot thank you enough for all of the years of hard work you’ve done.


I know you haven’t been doing voices for me as long as Sonicsong, but damn dude you are an incredible voice actor. I’m proud to share the same industry as you.


Honestly Apoc is one of the most important people to my productions. He provides all of my models, does every stupid thing I ask him to do, and most importantly he’s just one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet. 


I know we don’t speak much bro but you really do make my videos that much better. You provide so many key models and whatnot. Without you I wouldn’t have my Jurassic Park models.


What guy. His amazing map skills are unmatched. I’m so sorry you won’t be around much longer because I doubt I can find someone as loyal and fantastic as you. He also makes killer videos.

I hope you guys continue to enjoy my content. Without my supporters life wouldn’t be as good. I love nothing more than seeing people laugh at my videos. 



today i decided to draw princess elise from sonic 06 but as a cat.

i saw someone suggest in some weird AU that elise and blaze could be sisters because both princesses and connected to fire and all that jazz.

right let me explain the watermark. i have gotten so SICK and tired of my art being used and posted without my permission. against my wishes my drawings are used for some gross RP blog and ive had enough, so for now all my future drawings will be heavily watermarked.

if this drawing is posted anywhere OTHER than tumblr then it is STOLEN please report it and let me know where you have seen it.


i didnt really want to do this but i wasnt left with much of a choice.