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have you ever considered trying to do a crossover with sonic the comic online?

It would be a long time before we could even consider something like that, and even then I don’t think it would be too likely. The amount of planning and collaboration necessary on both sides would probably be overwhelming, and lead to a subpar product for fans of both series. But who knows, maybe it could be pulled off someday, provided both sides are willing.


Hello Everyone! I know this is kinda odd to find in the various tags I put it in, but I’m trying to find people like you. (You as in whomever comes across this who isn’t a follower… ^_^)

I am Kendra(PuzzleDust) and I could use a favor. It’s a gift for our two year anniversary, so hopefully, I can get this done by May.

I know that this isn’t as serious as most signal boost requests, but I need a helping hand from those who do it best! (YOU, the people of tumblr!)

It doesn’t cost you anything to send me a cute, up-beat, or funny message to write on the inside of one of the stars before I fold it up. Puns are always welcome!

I’m not looking for anything other than a reblog and/or something positive to write in a star.

If you send me something to write, It needs to be kinda short. Otherwise I can’t write it down word-for-word. Put “For the Stars” at the beginning of the message and a name (if you are anon, or just don’t want your URL written down) to write in the notebook, so Jake knows just how many good people are out there. ^_^

Thank you for your time, and have a nice day! ^_^

If you can’t read my bad handwriting, I’ve transcribed the text under the read more break! 

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Sonic The Podcast at Summer of Sonic 2013!

All you lucky Boomers attending Summer of Sonic 2013 will have loads of lovely free gifts in you complimentary goody bags, but there’s one gift that’s not in the bag- an episode of Sonic The Podcast!

STP regulars L. T., Shay and Stiv will be hanging out at the Comics Zone for most of the day (which makes sense considering Stiv is the editor of Sonic The Comic Online and Shay is a writer and artist for the comic!) and if you head over there to say hi (which you should, we’re all lovely people) you’ll see a couple of signs with a download link or, if you prefer, QR Code to scan which will let you download Episode 10 of Sonic The Podcast months before everyone else gets to hear it!

Why Episode 10 in particular?  Because our special guest host is none other than Summer of Sonic organiser Adam “T-Bird” Tuff, who joins us to look at the Sonic stories in issues 1-6 of Sonic The Comic (yes, the wait is over for those of you who have been asking)!

The download link will be removed next week so you’ll have to act fast to claim your download.  To non-attendees, don’t worry, the episode will appear in the same form down the line; this is just a nice bonus for those attending the UK’s Sonic convention!  Hope to see some of you guys there!