sonic the comic online


The separate character colours for sonic the comic online cover and wallpaper by @arklande/ @adamisart. I’m not sure if the intention is to set these against the same background separately for postcards and the like. I think on their own they could look rather nifty! 


Some of my favorite colored panels of an upcoming project for @archie-sonic-online. Of course these pages are not fully completed and this is just to showcase what I’ve been doing.

pencils by: @i-r-gigi 

(I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post this since this is a volunteer-based project, so if this violates anything, I’ll promptly take it down) :D


Oh, right. I still have these. This is just a dump of ASO stuff. First is some pages that I colored for a story called “A Maiden’s Heart” Maybe when I get some stuff done I can get back to coloring. Or something. Maybe I’ll be sick of it after my animation project. ~_~ But these are the textless pages.

Second is a few pages from a story that I penciled. Not all the pages, and I don’t even think the bottom center one ended up in there. It was just the one variant I liked most.


A Moment of Appreciation

I wanted to take the time to make a more personal post and speak from the heart here.  When I made the post yesterday about supporting the Archie team on Patreon, I honestly never expected such a strong response.  In only a single day we’ve gotten to almost 900 notes, by far the most our page has ever had.  It’s truly awesome to see the community come together like this, putting aside their personal grief in order to support these people in their time of need.  Making a fan comic of this scope is pretty tough, but seeing how cool our audience is reminds us that it’s all worthwhile.  We’ll do our best to make the continuation that you guys deserve to read, but until then, just keep on being beautiful. ;)

Who wants to help me finish the last Archie Sonic issues

It was bad enough that we didn’t get any real closer when the reboot happened but cancelling the book out right with no wrap up is even worst. Fortunately we have the pencils for the last two issues, so why not use them as spring board to finish them? Any volunteers? Will need writers for the diolague, letterers, inkers, colorists, and a few pencilers to fill in the gaps. Sonic fans have continued two canceled Sonic comics online, plus plans for fanzine for the post reboot. Surely we can do this?