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First of all, this was drawn by the awesome Adam Bryce Thomas, inked by Tim “J” Campbell, and colored by me!

This is a cover for Archie Sonic Online, the upcoming continuation of the old Archie Sonic universe made by the fans and based on ’s Lost Hedgehog Tales! Check out the website here:…

Sonic the Comic #269 Out Now!

Time to kick off 2016 and the countdown to #275!

Check out Sonic the Comic #269, available now! :D

Some eagle-eyed readers will have spotted our brand new website too! It’s still in beta so there might be a few glitches here and there and a couple of unfinished design pieces.

Any feedback, please let us know via Speedlines!

Just your friendly reminder that Sonic The Comic’s 20th Birthday is less than a fortnight away!

If you need to keep a track of when the big day is, head over to the STC Online page and check out the handy countdown timer at the top of the page!

Here are just SOME of the things you can expect on the big day:

  • Sonic The Comic issue 261!  Featuring a story written by STC legend Nigel Kitching with art by the iconic Nigel Dobbyn!
  • At least one episode of Sonic The Podcast!  We have two episodes ready to go and have plans for episodes as far as the end of the first year of STC’s Sonic stories.  Depending on how much of our allocated monthly file space we have, you can expect either a Sonic episode with regular hosts L. T.Shay, Stiv and new regular host STC-O artist Pete Murphy or that same Sonic episode and a Tails episode with L. T.Shay and Stiv!
  • Assuming I can get my finger out, you can look forward to seeing the premiere of Speed Reading: 20 Years of Sonic The Comic!  This documentary/feature takes a look back at the favourite memories of lots of STC fans and current and former STC-O team members as they recall what it is that made them a fan and what keeps them coming back for more.  And, maybe, if I’m lucky enough, I can get a sneaky hint or two of what you can expect in the coming twelve months…

There are bound to be loads of contributions from the talented fans of Sonic The Comic so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the following pages for all the info you could need leading up to the big day:

Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Message Zone

Get ready for something special, Boomers!  May 29th is just the beginning of STC’s 20th birthday celebrations…