sonic the comic online


Who wants to see of my colouring for Sonic the Comic Online?! :D

This time it’s another purple fuzzball; Nack the Weasel who Requests Your Allegiance… or rather… he is… offering his allegiance, I guess.  In STC, Nack was a member of the Chaotix before betraying them to the Brotherhood of Metallix, and has been making dodgy deals (and going back on them!) with various evil villains ever since. By STCO 265 he’s somehow become the Zone Leader of the Coal Creek Zone… but what is he *really* after?!

Story by STC boss Michael Corker, lineart by Adamis.

Read the full comic at! :B

Currently working on a different Sonic comic Sonic boom online (unfortunately) had to have been shafted as I was unable to gather enough members to start the project so I’ll be starting my own Comic with original plots and stuff :) ‘course I’ll be doing the writing and art myself and all that ghost of the future style and all that :) not sure when I’ll get the first issue out but in the mean time here’s a poorly drawn Sonic harem which….yes may happen in the comic lol 😂😂