When I was a kid I was way into the UK Sonic the Hedgehog comics, and my absolute favourite Sonic character as a result was Amy. The writers of the comic seemed to have realised (even way back then in the 90s) that “girl who likes sonic” is a pretty flimsy personality so they made her tough and capable and she wore combat trousers and used a crossbow and she was my life goal.

It was only years later when I discovered that actually, canon Amy is completely different and boy howdy was that a disappointing discovery. Oh well. Here is british Amy and her girlfriend gal pal Tekno


remember that time i am in bands
me and stef made a music video for our new song videogames! watch us do stuff not as cartoons!!!
our album atoms and our first ever band t-shirt is up for preorder on our bandcamp.

Getting excited about Sonic things right now! Watching the new game trailer, the tagline immediately made me think of a graffiti mural.

Of course I just had to make it STC based as that seemed to suit the theme. I’m picturing Sonic coming across this in a Robotnik-controlled city somewhere…

(This one’s available as prints, stickers, clothing etc in the usual places!)

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Sonic the Comic; Sonic, Amy, and Tekno the Canary

Sonic Unleashed; Sonic the Werehog (or more like Hedgewolf) without shoes…just an xperiment XD

Sonic Archie Comics: pre-reboot Rotor (with sandals) , Bunnie, Antoine (and a guessing that how it could be at Lost Hedgehog Tales XD )and Sally (with that generic pose that i always do to her..)