sonic sunday


My cosplay journey - The first thing that ever got me into cosplay was The Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor has always been a style icon to me since he came onto our screens. Matt Smith is still a continuous inspiration to me and he will always be my Doctor. I started cosplaying when it was the big 50th for Doctor Who and since then this is the journey of my cosplay upto Peter Capaldi’s trendy style. Whovian for life! 


Few images of me in my new 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi cosplay! Absolutely love the coat. As soon as the tailor had finished it, I was amazed at the beautiful job they had done on it.

can u believe gee is like walking home in the spring with so many flowers and nice air while listening to save rock and roll? can you believe gee is like watching joey play to the moon on a sunday morning? can you believe gee is like going to sonic on sunday night and drinking a milkshake and giggling about peterick? can you believe gee is like cuddling on a friday night and almost falling asleep? can you believe i really really wanna bump noses with gee? @walkjupiter fff ily