sonic sunday


Dressed up as the 11th Doctor. These daleks looked amazing and there was many different versions and variations. I love Matt Smith and he is a big idol to me in both fashion and his character he portrays!


My cosplay journey - The first thing that ever got me into cosplay was The Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor has always been a style icon to me since he came onto our screens. Matt Smith is still a continuous inspiration to me and he will always be my Doctor. I started cosplaying when it was the big 50th for Doctor Who and since then this is the journey of my cosplay upto Peter Capaldi’s trendy style. Whovian for life! 


A photoset of the two Acen 2017 Sonic the Hedgehog meetups!!!!

im so happy people still came to these bc i love Sonic with all my heart and meeting other fans in person is always the best to me!!!!! And im happy Sunday’s shoot ended up being a good size as well!! That one was more or less a mistake made by me bc i meant to make it a South Park meetup but realized too late I scheduled the Saturday Sonic for sunday so i quickly made two but!!! i still adored both even if i wasnt Silver for the sunday one!!! 

I do plan on making one for Anime Midwest s o!!!! ill love to see everyone and more!!!

Sadly I didn’t quite get everyones credit b u t if you see yourself please send me a message and ill credit you right away!!!

Silver - me ( @my-dream-of-absolution)

Shadow - @ahogehope 

Sonic Riders Sonic - Instagram and facebook: wandering_chaos

Amy Rose w/o ears -@keergeeri

Knuckles - @artificerzeno


Few images of me in my new 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi cosplay! Absolutely love the coat. As soon as the tailor had finished it, I was amazed at the beautiful job they had done on it.

My 12th Doctor cosplay. Red, white and black; smart and sophisticated colours of the 12th recarnation of the timelord known as Peter Capaldi.