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Hi! I hope I'm not bothering, but I just wanted to ask you if you had any thoughts about the very last page of the newest chapter? I believe it should be his right eye, considering the black sclera but I don't know what to think about the pixel-like effect or even his iris. I even have the feeling that his eye is leaking but I don't know what to make of it all, besides maybe the fact that we saw a big vein going over his eye in the previous chapter when he found his resolve.

Hey! Okay. So. 

The coolest thing about this chapter imo is that it’s downright cinematographic. The chain of events is really visceral, and Kaneki is terrifying, but what I loved most is it’s absolute lack of sound. There’s no thundering, no screaming, no car horns blaring. It’s dead silent, and yet we can still feel the sheer magnitude of his kakuja consuming the city. 

And that’s because Ishida added some very subtle details:

See the lines on the sides? They’re present on nearly every page because it’s as if we’re watching Kaneki through a screen. The footage we’re watching is banding and pixelating because his destruction is interfering with their signal.

Power-lines are being snapped, buildings are collapsing, pipelines are bursting, but even in the deafening silence, we can hear his sonic roar. It’s literally shaking the lens through which we’re watching him.

So when our “camera” is finally able to focus on him, our satellite is damaged and reception fried. You know when you’re watching the news during a hurricane or earthquake and the sound cuts out and image is flickering/pixelating? That’s what I feel like this effect is implying.

He’s a leviathan >:D

I really like this take Sonic and Shadow. No longer are they constantly fighting over minor things because the story needed them to. Just a meeting of serious and playful that came to a compromise.

Also just wanted to share that background scene with Fiona and Tails interacting and him offering her a drink. Yardley Tracy!’s art is full of stuff like that and I thoroughly enjoy it, its a reason why I gave Jon Gray so much praise. If kids are gonna read these comics, even in the background its always fun to see little things like characters interacting, because while minor, it adds so much.

someBODY Once Told Me - Smii7y

Couple Things:
1) Thank you guys for 50+ subscribers. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’ve only been on Tumblr for a month or two, so this is incredible that to feel like I’ve been welcome here.
2) I don’t watch people like RacingCatz or Subscribe to KyrozGaming, so I’m sorry if the characterization is off.
3) This is not only a high school AU, but a superpowers AU as well, so all the guys have powers. Tyler had an accelerated healing factor, like Deadpool or Wolverine. This is just to explain an action he does later in the chapter
4)It’s Smii7y. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but there will be memes.
5) I’m now shutting up and sitting back to see if you enjoy.


From: are you coming already?

To: give me time. I’m not getting busted again.

From: hurry up then

Smitty sighed at his friend’s impatience. John knew how delicate this process was to sneak onto their roof hiding spot. It was something they calculated so they wouldn’t get caught.

Smitty could see John tapping his fingers on the side of the building through his so called sixth sense. He also say Jay waiting in one of the stalls like he was in the other bathroom. If he wanted to, he could also check on Cody, who was probably ordering fast food in another state. He couldn’t describe this power really. It wasn’t like John’s foresight since he could only see the now. The word that came closest to what Smitty had was Clairvoyance.

He flicked his vision back to Jay. His friends was just heading out of the bathroom, signing out as the bell rang. Smitty followed out about 30 seconds later, making sure anyone watching didn’t think it was planned. They would then converge at the ladder, and Smitty would keep watch on all the teachers on hallway duty so they weren’t caught.

Jay found the spot first. It was simply a ladder heading up to the roof that a teacher showed him while doing the egg drop project. He told Smitty, John, Cody and a handful of others. Since then it’s been their spot. Other people found out about it though. Mini knew because Cody one time stupidly ran to get McDonald’s without shoes. Ohm found it when Minx made him rage so hard he shadow traveled here. Tyler discovered it when he trailed John one time in order to hide from a teacher. Some of the guys even believed Nogla knew, spotting them a couple times from the tree he was always in.

Smitty quickly snapped out of his thoughts when his feet, on autopilot, stopped moving. He was at the closet, and he quickly ducked inside once he made sure no teachers were watching. Jay was already waiting for him inside, playing with his little penguin character he liked so much.

“There’s the milk boy.” Jay said when he noticed Smitty. A little milk bag appeared besides the penguin, and both men smiled. Jay had a little animation made for all of them. Smitty’s design came from when he brought over a bag of milk from Canada. He even put 3D glasses on it and a propeller hat. Jay just really like penguins, so he made a custom one.

“Sup.” He replied as he picked up the milk bag and put it on his shoulder. “The other guys up there?” Jay nodded. Smitty started heading toward the ladder, but stopped when Jay didn’t follow him. “You coming, man?”

Jay shook his head. “I’ve got physical therapy with Craig. His healing can really only do so much for us.”

“How’s that going for you two?”

“Better than when I first got hit. Not good as new yet, but we’re getting close.” Smitty smiled at his friend as he felt the milk bag fade from where it rested from his shoulder.

“I can tell.” He commented. “You weren’t able to maintain 2 animations before.” Jay beamed proudly as his penguin waddled in circles in front of him.

“Thanks, Smitty. I’ve got to go now, but thanks again the support.” He picked up the penguin in arms and walked to the door. He waved at Smitty, who waved back, before leaving. The latter than made his way up the ladder, only pushing the hatch up slightly as he got to the top so he could hear.

“Where the hell is that fuckboi?” Tyler complained as Smitty focused in.

“Tyler, calm down.” Craig assured him. He put a hand on Tyler’s shoulder, but the other one only glared.

“Relax.” John affirmed. “Besides, I can summon him.” Smitty smirked at this. He didn’t have John’s foresight, but he knew what the other one had planned.

“Wait what?” Cody asked innocently as reached the top of the building’s side ladder with a shake from Sonic in hand. “What’s happening?”

“John’s going to use his mystical power of foresight to predict when Smitty gets here.” Tyler mocked.

“No, that’s not how I do it.” John assured, and Smitty flicked out to wait for his cue. “Watch this.” There was a silence before John spoke again. “some-”

One second pause. Then go.

“-BODY Once told me the world is going to own me.” Smitty belted out as he bust through the hatch. Cody and Craig started laughing, while John’s smirk only widen and he began singing along.

“I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.
She was looking kind of fun with her finger and her thumb
In the shape of an L on her forehead.”

Craig managed to regain enough composer to also add to the makeshift off-key chorus, while Tyler only starred at them in disbelief. Cody was still watching, giggling slightly between sips of shake.

“Well the years start coming and they don’t stop coming
Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn’t make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
So much to do, so much to see
So what’s wrong with taking the back streets?
You’ll never know if you don’t go
You’ll never shine if you don’t glow

“Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you’re a rock star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold.”

When it was clear that they had ended, Cody began clapping at the three. Craig took a small bow while Smitty and John high-five.

“Grade-A memes right there.” Smitty proclaimed, and John only nodded in agreement.

“I hate all of you right now.” Tyler fumed. Craig snickered, before trying to calm him down.

“Did you guys plan that?” Cody asked, ignoring the steaming Tyler.

“It’s about as planned as our CS:GO strats.” John stated.

“Meaning we have a general idea but in reality have no idea what we are doing.” Smitty clarified. Cody nodded, and went back to sipping his shake.

“They are such a couple.” Cody commented a little time later, and Smitty glanced over his shoulder. Mini was holding onto Tyler’s arms, rubbing up and down in efforts to calm him. His lips moved, but they couldn’t hear the words. Wildcat seemed calmed by them though, as anger was slowly replaced with serenity.

“One of the many ‘couples’ in this school.” John agreed.

“How many are there?” Cody questioned.

“You are very curious today, aren’t you?” Smitty wondered allowed, but it fell on deaf ears as John answered Cody’s question.

“Well, there’s them.” He started, gesturing at Mini and Tyler. “Then there’s Evan and Jonathan, Bryce and Ohm, Marcel and that coffee barista.”

“Scotty.” Smitty filled in. “Don’t forget Ze and Chilled. Plus there’s that new kid who might be in a ‘relationship’ with Max.”

“Oh I saw that.” Cody commented. “They were holding hands the first time they walked into the cafeteria. I think it was the new kid’s first day.”

“Yep, definitely a 'couple’.” John confirmed. “Oh, can’t forget about Brock and Brian.”

“Nope, they’re an actual couple now.” Smitty rebutted. “Brock told us at lunch, and he said they’re slowly going to tell the others.”

“Aw.” Kyroz whined. “And I thought we were going to be the first couple out.” Cody practically choked on his shake. Smitty and John shared a glance.

“You two are dating?!” He exclaimed. Both boys nodded.

“We’ve only come out to a couple of close friends.” Smitty explained. “We’ve been trying to figure out a meme-ingful way to do it.”

“Same.” John added. “Kiss?”

“Gladly.” Smitty locked lips with John, the fire that was originally there when they first kissed in a gaming convention bathroom. It synchronized them, heartbeat and breathing, so that they felt no need to come up for air. It felt good, kissing once without fear of anyone catching them in stolen moments. It was their spot, their paradise, though it felt like the world had faded away and it was just them.

“TYLER!” John and Smitty broke away to look at Craig, who was leaning over the edge of the school. Tyler was nowhere in sight. The boys had, in fairness, forgotten they were there.

“What happened?” Cody said, voicing everyone’s opinion. “I was watching John and Smitty make out. Intensely, I might add.”

“Tyler jumped off the roof.” Mini explained. “Said he, and I quote, 'Couldn’t handle these dipshits.’”

“Damb.” Smitty replied.

“Noice.” John added.

“Now I understand why Tyler wanted to jump off the roof so bad.”

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Miss Mayra that was very cheeky of you xD please can you continue that forces prompt where Ames avoids Sonic? Like pretty please? No more cliffhangers xDDD I'm dying!

No promises on Cliffhangers, XD There kinda…

My specialty~


Amy rose up early that morning, hearing an owl hoot and turn his head around, before hooting again.

She squinted in the light of the trees and raised a hand up, tilting her head to try and see what time it may be.

“Pfft. Like I’m that clever..” she teased, turning around and sighing, lifting her head back and closing her eyes…

The image of Metal Sonic advancing… his cold, steely words vibrating from his being as he mocked her so subtly, tilting his body as sounds of light humming from machinery working created the illusion of life.

At first, she didn’t want to believe him.

She leaned forward, gripping her legs and pulling them closer, looking off into the distance as she couldn’t stand the thoughts racing back.

She immediately shut her eyes in pain, ducking her head.


What you refuse to believe is your own concern…” Metal paced himself, circling slightly as he began to move to the left, crippling her from within with his words. “You forget that I was designed,… no… melded into Sonic’s consciousness… his attitudes, mannerisms,… heh, even his stupid puns.” Metal gestured to prove the data he had was sound and concise, before glaring back at her.

It shouldn’t be surprising… everything I’ve said are things you’ve probably pushed out of your consciousness for far too long… things you really should have considered… Things a normal organic lifeform would associate….”

                                              “With hate.

Amy shook her head, before rocking slightly to try and get the thoughts and words out of her head.

It was all… so vivid.

Her mind was consumed with his words… and each strike of his metallic claws only gave literal meaning to being ripped and digged into with painful daggers at each line, each phrase…

Annoyance.” “Pitiful.” “A scorn.” “Mindless.” “Forceful.” “Arrogant.” “Nuisance.” “Vain.” “Pathetic.” “Manipulative.” “A pain.”


Amy gripped her head, before shaking it violently to rattle her brain out to drown out the image of his eyes, the swipes of his claws, the kicks, the utter beating she had endured… simply processing… each hurtful lie.

Yes, she knew it was a lie.

But… but there wasn’t something true in his words as well… she felt horrible, like she had somehow given Sonic a terrible life.

She wanted to address it… that day…

His eyes were full of a happy empty, as if nothing about her was frustrating him.

He seemed calm, neutral…

Then why couldn’t she stay?

In his presence, she felt a fire that leaked into her being… this time… more like poison.

She couldn’t identify her fear, her anxiety, but when the world turned her back to her, she wondered if it wasn’t just Sonic that Metal’s words had meaning for.


She got up, stepping to and fro in a wobbling manner of total and utter demolishing of any self confidence she ever possessed.

Her eyes watered as they twitched, staring at the ground.

They all hated her.

She suddenly heard a snap from a twig and turned, trying to identify it.

“Whose there..?” she stepped back, her arms withdrew to themselves before she gasped, seeing a spring of traps suddenly launch a few robotic monkey’s after her.

“AHHH!” She took off, not bothering to summon her hammer in the mental state she was in, and just carefully, with great speed, raced down the tree infested roots that intertwined throughout the forest, and tried to escape them as they screamed like holler-monkeys, excited to have finally tracked down a target, and swinging from tree to tree, after her!

She frantically tried to make it to the open field, where patches of brown from falling fire in the nearby area had left the place like a thinning patch of green grass.

She looked behind her, but tripped as she lost her breath a moment, and the robotic monkeys swarmed.

Pausing a moment, they saw her ankle was hurt as she tried to get up but winced in it’s pain.

In great excitement, they jumped up and down and continued to holler, as she squinted an eye and gripped her ankle, before looking up in pure horror.

“…Seems you fail to learn your place...”

Her eyes widened, mouth dropping.

Metal Sonic came out of the crowd of hollering robotic apes, all cheering their leader as he strode to the field, and then flicked out his clawed hand….

“N..Em…” she could barely speak, but tried to crawl backwards as he approached, before stopping at her feet, shoving a foot down on her dress to keep her still as she gasped quietly in great fear.

Look at you… I should have disposed of you the second I first engaged… but then… where would the fun be in scanning your face… seeing no hope, delight, or pleasure in them… and knowing… that I’ve destroyed you… more than your physical, miserable, living frame!!!

Not even having the faith to summon her hammer, to tug her dress away, or really have the will to fight at all- Amy drew her hands over her face, and ducked, bracing for impact.

The sound of metal to skin made her cry out a moment,…. before she realized… 

She felt no pain.

She turned to look back up.


Falling backwards and down to her side, Sonic’s head bounced by her legs, his eyes closed, and his body…. 


Metal Blinked his eyes, withdrawing his hand in a bit of disbelief before Classic drilled a spun kick into his back, sparking his circuits as he turned around.

His eyes flared red.


His anger filled with memories of past battles lost, and Classic Sonic wiggled his tush in front of him, patting it and using his other hand to lower a bottom eyelid down, sticking his tongue out to mock him into coming after him.

Metal twitched, raising a claw, “I shall have my revenge, at last!!!” he revved up his stomach-engine and blazed forward, eyes burning red as he shouted out a battlecry, charging at light speeds to race after the little Sonic, and take down his ultimate enemy!!!

The Robotic Monkey’s stood motionless, as if stone, since Metal had not released them from his control.

Amy was frozen a moment in fear, her eyes shook as she slowly moved to lean over, looking at Sonic as her eyes squinted from tears.

“Sonic… Sonic, no…” she felt more painful reminders of Metal Sonic’s words… bending her head down and cupping Sonic’s head.

Useless.” “Delusional.” “Needy.” “Worthless.” “Disgraceful.” “Patronizing!

A waste of time.” “Ignorant.” “Clingy.” “Hopless.”-

                                                   “I’M SORRY!!!”

Amy burst into tears, crying upon his turned head as she wept profusely, rubbing her head into his quills as she cried such sorrow and innocence, such pain and misery.

I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to make you feel like I was forcing you. I just wanted you to be happy. That’s all I ever wanted! Oh, Sonic… why? Why do you constantly get hurt because of me!? Why am I always the problem for you… why can’t I… why can’t I just love you how you want to be loved…Emm..” she bounced her shoulders, bending down and still holding the sides of his face, as the air turned soft and the smell of metal and robotic monkey’s shouted had faded away.

Then, the metallic clanking of Robo-Monkey’s gaining their AI systems slowly cranked on, as their arms began to move, their feet began to end their jump cycles, and suddenly they were shaking themselves free of being frozen stiff.

Amy rose her head, gasping in fright as she tried to get Sonic up, shake him alive, something!

The four gashes upon his stomach said otherwise…

She tried to pull him closer to her, wrapping her arms around him protectively as they started to advance, hopping forward and baring their silver fangs, opening their mouths to reveal shredders as throats, and bombs disposing from their sides, a panel swiping up as they lowered their hands to catch the item, using their shredders to light the bombs on fire.

They all slowly raised the bombs…

No… no, not like this… I…” her head motioned up, all around, then down, then up again, frantically. “I can’t lose you like this!!!” She bent her head, holding him closer before summoning her hammer.

She flung bombs away, but suddenly…


Sonic’s eyes opened.

Her cry was piercing beautiful to the ear.

As if perfectly fine, he started to dash into the monkeys, kicking them and having them explode on touch.

For that was how powerful his hits were.

He spun around and homing attacked others, jumping up and then ramming a foot down to come in hot and ready, destruction at every footfall.

Amy was amazed, looking around, before he sped up on one knee and one hand down to catch himself, his other arm up in the air with flare as the robotic apes all were exploding behind him.

He winked.

I can’t lose you…”

                                             “Not ever!

Amy’s eyes widened.

He suddenly winced, his eyes showing pain as he collapsed in front of her, his head landing on her legs in her lap.


Classic Sonic, after happily looking back at the carnage of metallic pieces all over the place, and snickering at Metal reaching up and out to him, before shouting out, “Nooooo!!!” and exploding from defeat.

 He always loved that part!

His smile was lost as he bounced up the hill, looking stark-shocked.

Amy had leaned down..

Sonic had tilted his head up.

A kiss to end all further doubts and resolve all other conflicts.

They would never be without the other…


Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x) This was… INTENSE. XD Hoo! I hope you loved it just as much as I did. Spazzed the whole way through, lol!

Sonamy One shot -

A/N - 

Sonic Boom Sonamy fluff. Amy is behaving oddly, and Sonic starts freaking out. 

It was a pleasant day in Hedgehog village, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, Eggman was attacking.

“I’ll be a back you blue buffoon!” Eggman yelled as he retreated to his lair.

The team cheered happily.

“Another victory for team Sonic!” Sonic yelled as he high fived his fox friend.

“Who’s hungry?” Tails questioned, “That battle’s made me starving, anyone up for Meh Burger?”

“Sounds good buddy, I could go for a chilly dog about now.” Sonic replied as he patted his stomach.

They began walking, before one of their team mates spoke up.

“Actually guys I’ve got to…I’ve got a thing, I’ll see you later.” The pink hedgehog said quickly before running off.

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| Sonic Chaos | Chapter Two: The Great Dive-Bomb of Death

(Illustration provided by @sonicwind-01 <3)

                                                ~Chapter Two~

Sonic felt weightless. His eyes were closed, and his muscles relaxed. It was such a strange feeling like he was floating in a pool of water. He lingered for just a brief moment, and suddenly rocketed towards the ground. His eyes shot open, and his breathing suddenly became very quick and short.

He was met with a bright blue sky. For a moment, he was frozen in shock. Just an instant ago, he was inside of an exploding ship, and now he was without a scratch, but quickly falling to his death. He was confused, frightened, and relieved all at once, so the only thing he could do to express this was scream at the top of his lungs.

“AAHHHHHH!!!” He looked around frantically, searching for any debris he could grab onto, but there was nothing in sight. He raised a brow; where did the ship go? Didn’t it just explode? He quickly spun himself around and faced the ground. He was so high up that his vision was blocked by huge, dark clouds.

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Hi ! I Absolutely love your stories and i have seen you getting many prompts, so here's mine... There is actually no prompt just do whatever your heart desires, have fun ! ;)

n*w*n So then…



Shadow had began to notice something off with Amy, she definitely being a bit too submissive with just letting her ideas go unheard, but he started to wonder what she was actually trying to talk about.

Later, Silver stated that the future was at stake if this last attack didn’t go well, however, Amy stood back, and began to walk away from the crowd.

Sonic had turned around, seeing her departure. “Amy! Wait up.” he turned and gestured a small motion with his hand towards her, as she jumped skillfully up a building, before continuing to face her back to him.

Shadow turned around too, wondering…

Was she finally going to speak up about what she thought now?

“…I… I need to do something. Something that feels right.”

Confused, Sonic was about to walk over and kindly as what she was talking about, but Shadow immediately held out a hand and came up to Sonic, shaking his head.

“I may not know Amy very well… but I think you should trust her on this one.” Having spent some time on a mission with her, he trusted that whatever she had wanted to speak up about before to Sonic,… was probably very important to her.

Silver suddenly also dashed in the line of Amy and Sonic, spreading his arms out, and assertively slashed a hand down to put some passion to his words, “Let her go, Sonic. This is how it must be…”

Sonic raised an eyebrow, looking up and at the two hedgehogs. “You mean… she’s meant to leave?”

“Only for a short while but…” Silver looked down, as if something was nagging him… something was catching in his throat, but he forced it up, trying to not make eye contact. “Yes…”

Sonic looked up at Amy, worry coming across his face, before Shadow stepped up again, seeing as Amy had looked over her shoulder, wondering if he’d be okay with letting her go off on her own too.

Shadow put a hand to Sonic’s shoulder. “I normally wouldn’t do this… but with what Silver just said… I think you should consider the possibilities… and how this is our last chance…”

The tone Shadow used on the end was pretty clear to Sonic… he had to consider the battle… if this assault didn’t work, according to Silver, they would fail and Eggman will succeed in his creating his new world.

Something… bit inside Sonic. Something… pinched and strained to rip at little areas in Sonic’s heart. It was like the worry inside him was bothering him… what if something happened to her.. and he wasn’t there to save her?

Another flinch of pain.

He barely showed this, just squinted his eyes in a slight twitch, as he began to process all the possibilities…

So many…. possibilities…. that don’t all end well.

Sonic turned back to Amy, shaking his head. “I don’t quite get it…But,” he looked up, giving her a thumbs up, and confident smile.

“I understand you gotta do what’cha gotta do! Hurry back, Amy!” Sonic waved her off and turned, having only for a split second see her smile with genuine love for him.

But he couldn’t look at it for long… he had to turn away… it was necessary.

Everything was pulling him back to her side. She belonged safely there. Not off on her own..

But he knew that everything around him was reassuring him she’d be just fine, he had to get his mind off that and trust her.

After all… she had trusted him to return to everyone’s aid. And he did so.

What constitutes that she won’t do the same?

Shadow and Silver turned to watch him walk away, but only moved when they saw him run towards the teams.

They were assured now he was willing to stick to his decision, and Shadow closed his eyes, almost in a nod, before running ahead of him. Silver, looking oddly guilty for some reason, turned away with his teeth showing in his frown, a harsh look of ‘keeping it together’ for a moment, before he took off ahead of Sonic and up with Shadow too.

Sonic purposefully slowed down, watching the two take off ahead of him, and slowly turned to look back.

She was gone.

‘…Be safe…’ he’s eyes bent to an arch of concern. ‘…Amy…’

He moved his head forward, not giving the intruding thoughts a second more.

Later in the game, Sonic was enraged.

Not only had Silver lied to him to try and keep the mission from failing for the future’s sake, but Amy had allowed her soul to be absorbed to power into a powerful, ancient machine.

This machine could ensure victory in seconds, but Sonic wasn’t willing to go through with it.

Defeating the machine, taking it down before it could fully charge up Amy’s soul-power to attack, he broke the metallic mirror beast into fragments, and when he saw Amy’s image in one, he beat against it.


“Sonic…” Amy’s voice sounded echo-y… it didn’t feel right.

He moved closer to the mirror, breaking any distance between them. “Get out of there! It isn’t safe!”

“Sonic… This is what needs to happens.” Amy nodded, but far in the distance, Shadow had fought Silver in rage, also believing him. He then left him with a threat, and went to try and keep the assault going without Sonic’s help.

Silver, getting up from the ground, coughed in pain at having the wind knocked out of him.

Everyone… walked by him.

He was shunned from the team, but he still felt he only did what was required of him.. to save his future… even if that meant losing an innocent soul…

What was one soul to an entire future of souls?

“I’m so sorry, Amy…” he lowered his head, holding in tears as his shoulders bounced. “I couldn’t let him save you!!!” he slammed his fists to the cold, cracked pavement, letting the black soot of war grip around the side of his glove.

He tightened his fists, letting it scrape back and forth against the pavement as he bent his head down, “But I couldn’t lose this mission… I couldn’t let Blaze… or anyone down!!! Not again!!!”

“AMY!” Sonic saw her fading, as the machine was broken but not completely destroyed yet.

She smiled kindly, “Sonic, all I want to do is help! Even Silver said this was necessary!″

Sonic’s expression was still very intense, as he ducked his head, realizing she wasn’t going to listen to him.

He started smashing into the mirror through his spin-attack, homing around her image as to not crack what little he had to see of her.

She stepped back and looked around, seeing him trying to break in.

“Sonic! No! Don’t-!”

He stopped and pushed against the mirror, feeling some foreign aura from it.

As he strained, he spoke through gritted teeth, “You’ve always been so stubborn, Amy! You know I would never have let you gone through with this. Then why!? When you knew I would be upset! I don’t want to win this war without every one of my friends safe and sound beside me. We were suppose to win this together! Amy!!!” he shoved the shard of the mirror again, ramming into it, starting to get desperate. “Fight!!”

She did nothing, but watched in touched horror as he kept attacking the mirror, doing everything in his power… just to save her…

“Sonic…” she started tearing up.

And then…

“If…” he started shaking against the mirror.

He put his hands up, leaning his head down and upon it’s reflective surface, his face not even present in it, but just her image… her hand against the mirror…

He placed his head right upon it, before his voice turned cold and almost sounding betrayed…

“If you love me…” he began, “You wouldn’t do this…. not to me.” 

Her eyes shook.

The mirror began to quake.

Suddenly, Amy summoned her hammer and smashed from the inside of the mirror, struggling as she looked behind her, seeing a light coming for her.


He looked up, a broken man before seeing her struggling, the fear in her eyes at the light coming to engulf her.

He once again took a powerful swing at the mirror, looking serious and dead-bent on not failing her, or his team, ever again!

Suddenly, the mirror broke and Amy leaped out.

Her body was spiritual, not physical, so when she went to embrace him, and him her, to grab her and carry her far away from here… from danger…

Her body faded and disappeared.

In shock, he looked around himself, only having caught air.

“I’m here!” Amy called, as he gripped his chest, breathing out a second in shock.

He couldn’t hear it.. but he felt the words come to his mind.


He looked up but was sucked into the mirror.

Within the mirror world, Sonic had to the fight the being that first drew Amy in, deluding her with lies that this was the only way she could save her friends, and this angered Sonic, immensely… cause this ‘being’ had convinced her that Sonic would have honored her deed, and understood it.

“Like heck I would have!” he drew back a fist, and broke the mirror containing the ancient machine’s being, an old spirit who last sacrificed himself for his people when it was first made.

He escaped the mirror world, realizing how Amy may be feeling now, before suddenly getting a swarm of images, memories that he didn’t own, and feelings that were also not his own.

The connection he felt with Amy was unbearable. He didn’t like having two sets of thoughts, feelings, memories,…even desires..

He shook his head, “Look, I don’t mean to be rude Amy, but…” A memory from her flashed through his mind, and a feeling of joy he had never felt before, a silly emotion, so it seemed, of butterflies and energy swarmed up his chest and flushed all other thoughts out of his mind.

Was this how Amy felt when she was around him?

“But cut it out!” Sonic stopped, shaking his head profusely. “Ugh… I think I’m gonna be sick…” he gripped his stomach, not liking all the different sets of emotional and mental strain having two souls inside him was doing.

“Just pipe down a moment and I’ll get you back to-”

He was amazed to see Tails, and the rest of the team by Amy’s body.

“…Everyone…” he was shocked to see them.

They turned around, smiling calmly to him.

Tails walked forward, speaking first. “We couldn’t continue without you. Both of you.” He nodded, and Sonic smiled, putting a hand to his shoulder, and nodding.

Amy was deeply touched, and Sonic could feel it.

He smiled wider, knowing she would want him to say something on her behalf.

But they didn’t know about her being a soul and all that…

He just simply closed his eyes, looking a bit awkward as he stated, “She would appreciate that, Tails.”

Sonic walked over to her, and bent down by her bodies side.

“Anything?” he wasn’t sure if her soul was just going to spring out of him back into her body, and waited as Tails pulled out the Miles Electric.

“W-woah!” Tails was shocked, seeing signatures that read two different wave lengths inside of Sonic’s being.

A wave length did leave Sonic, giving him some relief, but was torn between the space of him and the resting body.

“Ah! It looks like she’s trying to wake up!” Tails looked down, along with the rest of the team, trying to see if she’d be okay.

She squirmed, calling for Sonic gently as he bent over and gripped her hand.

“I’m here, Amy… I’m right here…”

The subtle touch made the aura stronger, as she smiled, able to speak more audiably.

“I can’t… I can’t fully feel…” she felt blind, like she couldn’t hear, only understanding him through their rare connection.

Tails was trying to read what he was seeing, but couldn’t understand.

“It got stronger the closer you were to her, but… Ah! It’s moving away!”

The aura was being pulled back into Sonic, as he slightly panicked, getting closer to her.

“Amy… Hang on!”

“She’s losing it!”


The teammates looked away, thinking the worst was bound to happen.

They had lost… so many….  along the way… they were the few left to defend the world now.

Amy slowly stirred at the closeness, but her soul couldn’t fully attach.


Again… that strange feeling…

Sonic bent down slower.

“The readings! They’re off the-!”

There was a light press as Sonic once again felt the relief of her soul leaving his presence, and hoped this meant she had fully returned.

The party all turned to stare once again, before a wild cheer was had when Amy opened her eyes, Sonic fully leaned back, and resting as he knew she’d be alright now.

Shadow and Silver had carried out the mission with their bare hands, but were about to fall to exhaustion and face their demise till the team showed up.

After the final battle, Silver was shocked that not only did they succeed, but they succeeded without Amy being lost.

“That’s… that’s not…” Silver was glad, don’t get him wrong, but he couldn’t fathom how it worked out.

“There are…urk..” Shadow strained, laying down on the grass where the team had placed the two to recover. “Many … possibilities… in this world. Life times… change… destinies… rewritten..” he fought the pain, as his body began to hyper-regenerate itself.

Sonic had come back after seeing Tails and Amy had already returned to help Silver and Shadow, before Amy turned around, gasping at Sonic being alright, and racing across towards him.


He nervously smiled, then stepped back a few times, holding his arms out to brace for impact…

She collided into his arms, laughing as he turned his face to avoid hers, but kept his eyes bent in care for her well-being, chuckling in his nerves.

“I’m so glad you didn’t risk your soul! I’m sorry, Sonic! I had to break out! I had to prove that I-!”

Suddenly, she was cut off when Sonic returned her nuzzling for a brief moment, before looking away.

“I-I-I’m glad you’re safe too.” he looked away, his mouth turning to a slight swiggle as he spoke.

She blinked her eyes, not fully understanding or having it click in her mind before a huge, open grin crossed her face once more.

She lovingly looked to her hero before closing her eyes and lowering her eyelids, seeing that things may change for the better now that he had experienced her feelings and thoughts from before.

Maybe… this meant he also understood why she did what she did.

Suddenly, she turned away to see Shadow trying to lean up, before falling back in down in exhaustion.


“Huh?” Sonic, not liking the sudden ‘shift’ of her attention looked shocked with blinks of confusion at how fast Amy left the situation.

He hadn’t had much time with her other than helping her to ‘wake up’ so to speak, and frowned a bit as he walked after her to Shadow’s side.

She bent down by Shadow’s side, as he looked up, smiling.

“Heh, I just knew they couldn’t kill you.” he smirked, before feeling the pain spike up his back again. “Ugh…. you’re too stubborn to lie down.”

She grinned warmly to him, before tried to help him get up.

He patted his hand in the air, a motion for her to leave him be, and slowly rose up, before falling back down. “D…Darn it.” his eyebrow twitched as he held his chest for a second.

“Just let yourself rest..” Amy gently lowered him down, as he didn’t have much chance to put up a fight about it. “It’s not that you’re weak, you’re just spent. So no complaining or beating yourself up over this! Okay?”

Sonic folded his arms… looking away with a slight pout on his face.

Seeing his reaction, Shadow smirked, knowing the hero was probably wanting some time with Amy.. Alone… without distraction.

He looked to Amy, “Did you know how Sonic revived you? I think you would be.. erk! …hah….hah… interested… to know…”

It was probably the only act of kindness Shadow would do for Sonic, and he mostly did it for Amy’s sake.

He had grown fond of her positive but forth-going attitude, and knew that in some ways… she was perfect for Sonic’s weaknesses and flaws.

She complimented what he couldn’t have on his own, and gave him strengths he couldn’t have possessed without her influence in his life.

Shadow felt that first hand, but didn’t say anything.

Sonic flinched at his words, leaning back, his spines bristling upwards.

“S-Shadow!” he looked like he was trying to threaten him. “Don’t you dare!”

“Huh?” Amy blinked.

“Just like a fairytale… he bent down… and kissed you alive.” Shadow closed his eyes, before breathing hard and seeing Sonic point a finger at him, only one eye slightly opened as a wicked grin spread across Shadow’s face.

Sonic had leaned down to him, “I’ll get you for this!” he whispered, before waving his hands to Amy and stepping back, seeing her lean forward with excitement and get up, rushing after him, hands behind her back, humming as if wanting him to admit it.

“Is that so..?” she giggled, as Sonic nervously tried to sway her away.

“N-now Amy, Shadow probably just saw things! You can’t take his word for it-Eeee!” he dashed off, as Amy laughed and took off after him, calling his name as she usually, fondly, did.

Shadow’s ears turned slightly, as he smiled and closed his eyes.

“He’s not moving… nearly as fast… as he could be. Heh. So I was right.” he strained to get up again, not having Amy as his annoying nurse anymore, he was glad by the sounds of the sweeped passed bushes that Sonic was only fibbing his fears..

He was skillfully leading her away from the open eyes of the crowd…

“You… did that… for them to be alone?” Silver looked confused, also trying to lean up.

Shadow kept a smile before it faded, “I owed her one.”

Silver didn’t get it, but looked away, still feeling guilty.

“Don’t worry..” Shadow got up, feeling more strength as his body quickly began to mend itself. “I won’t tell her of your deceit.”

“She may have figured it out by now…” Silver looked away.

“Or she’ll think it was her own fluke. A stroke of bad luck. Don’t say anything and you’ll be fine.” Shadow glared, still not forgiving him, but accepting that Silver wasn’t a bad guy.

Later that day… Sonic struggled as Amy had ‘caught’ up to him, and tackled him down to the ground with mini-kisses all over his face.

He alluded any ‘real’ ones but seemed to try and push her off, ducking, turning, doing whatever he could to avoid the doting on and kicking his legs as if to escape.

Suddenly, the speaker on his communicator turned on that was attached to his wrist.

Suddenly, his expression of uncomfortability faded and he looked quite normal, turning to answer the call. “What is it?”

“Sonic! The others are heading back, you should too!”

“Oh… Can’t do, Tails.”

Amy leaned back, a little surprised to hear that.

“Amy’s got herself into trouble again. Don’t worry! Nothing too big I can’t handle. Anyway, I’ll bring her back soon. Until then, I’m busy.”

Sonic clicked the communicator off and quickly shot himself back to his back, as if still ‘imprisioned’ or ‘stuck’ under her.

“.. Trouble?” Amy smiled, raising an eyebrow as she wondered if this meant…

“…Well,-” Sonic leaned up, close to her.

“You aren’t now… not yet.” His expression suddenly shifted.

Her eyes widened and her face blushed.

(A combination of daydreams I had. WAY AU, lol. I need to start writing back in Canon again.. it’s just.. less fun XD but more realistic of them. Thanks for letting me write it, precious anon!)

Unpopular Opinion

Super Mario Odyssey is basically Sonic Unleashed but with Mario characters and no werehog. 

anonymous asked:

Could you do a dark sonamy prompt? Since I love Dark Sonic as a character (wish we got to see more of him) and you're one of my favorite writers.

Thank you, darling~ You know- I’d take any opportunity to write a dark sonic prompt~<3 I was actually thinking of taking Dark Sonic and using him in a different way? I wasn’t sure if you wanted Sonic X Dark Sonic but if not, i hope you enjoy my AU idea for him! :)c

(x) Another public wallpaper.


Deep in the night, after a horrible nightmare broke lose from Sonic’s dreams… and after a long and hard battle to reclaim his dream-

Sonic was faced with one last showdown… Locked in his sleep, and trapped in the Dream-realm, his only hope of waking up was defeating this last… test…

“Show yourself!” he called out.

He was surprise to see the shadows closing in on him, and brace himself! Crossing his arms in front of him before jerking his head out of his defensive form to see a hedgehog.. just like him coming out of the deep, dark blue mist…

“T-that’s…” he threw his arms down to his sides but kept them crooked for strike… if need be….

His feet shifted, as the other Sonic grinned.

“This is the last test before you can wake up in your silly tree.” The Dark Sonic mocked with a Sonic-traditional flare as he motioned his hand out to him.

The true Sonic glared, and dipped his head down, waiting to hear what he had to fight next.


Sonic’s eyes widened, “Amy?” he turned around, seeing her in the mist, reaching her hand out a bit before backing up as if she was scared.

“What’s she doing here?” He lost his form completely, as Dark Sonic smirked and narrowed his eyes… chuckling slightly.

“She’s moved on, buddy. Guess sometimes… you really are too slow.” he swiped his hand out, and suddenly the mist was taking Amy away,… her image started to disappear as the mist encircled her more and more.

“Sonic!” she coughed profusely, stepping back more into the mist. “Sonic..!”

“Amy!” he leaped into the mist, spinning before finding himself completely alone.

“Sonic!” Amy’s faint echo escaped and he turned around in the direction he thought her voice was in.

“Amy!.. grk…” he clenched his jaw, and went out after it.

After rushing around, trying to find her, he suddenly came out of the mist, Amy’s form looking down and weathered…

“…Amy..?” he reached a hand out to her.. about to touch her when she turned around, crying..

“You left me… you abandoned me and I was all alone!” she cried out.

“N-no.. wait a second…” he started to back up, fear creeping into him as the mist symbolically started to swirl faster and encircle around him as well.

“You left me without anything to tie myself to you! I’m done waiting around, Sonic!”

“Amy, I came in after you!” Sonic threw his arms out, but suddenly heard laughing and looked around, seeing the mist start coming through.

“Seems you don’t know you’re own feelings on the matter…”

Dark Sonic came out of the mist, putting an arm around the hurt and angered Amy…

“If you want to wake up… tell her the truth.” he pushed her towards him.

She shoved him away as he caught her and walked back away. “You never loved me! You played me and cheated my life! my youth away!”

Sonic shook his head, getting up from the ground.

“You’re not my hero anymore, Sonic! You never could be!” she squinted her eyes down, letting tears flow.

“…That’s not Amy…”

Dark Sonic stopped smiling.

“W-what?” The Amy looked frazzled, moving her arms up and protectively around her.

“B-but I am Amy…”

He got up with his back facing the two, dusting himself off. “No, you’re not. Amy doesn’t whine and complain like you do… she may have feelings hurt, but she would never lie and hurt mine in the process.”

Dark Sonic’s rage grew as the Amy in front of him looked touched by Sonic’s words.

“So… you’re not going to tell her how annoying she is… let her down and crush her dreams!? Even to wake up!” he powered up, his energy resembling Sonic in his super form…

Sonic looked over his shoulder, a powerful look in his eyes. “I don’t need to tell her anything she doesn’t already know.” He jumped up into a homing attack.

The false Amy cried out and ducked her head, protecting it as she ran to the side and the two started sparring.

“She knows I’d would never lie to her!”

“LAIR!” The dark Sonic slammed him down with his hands together, shooting him out of the air.

He came crashing down on his back, twitching from already having a rough night of nightmares he had to chase down and conquer, but this Dark Sonic wasn’t letting up…

Throughout the trial, Sonic fought and defended his statements regarding his friends. Tails was a trusted ally, a true friend he could depend on. Knuckles was his equal in defending and guarding what they held to be true. Eggman wasn’t so bad if you took away all his evil schemes and robotic toys-

But as this battle ensued, Dark Sonic got weaker, and Sonic finally got enough ‘dream power’ to turn himself into a new form…

He dreamed himself a powerful ability, and used his new form to shoot down Dark Sonic.

“It’s time for the real Sonic to wake up!” Sonic stated, and powerfully withdrew his hand blast as Dark Sonic crashed into the darkness below…

The mist circled away from Dark Sonic… and as the real Sonic peered down, he took his hand to charge up one final death shot, before-…


The false Amy leaped out of the mist, rushing to Dark Sonic’s side and laying over him.

She gripped his head and held it close to her.

“You can’t! Please! You can’t destroy him!”

Sonic’s eyes suddenly lightened up and he stopped charging his blast.

“Please! I.. I couldn’t bare to lose him…” she lowered her head to his own…

Sonic lowered his head to watch her… listening… his frown remained but his eyes closed in on her.. trying to decipher if this was some trick…

She cried, and her tears began to wake the Dark Sonic up.

He blinked his eyes and shook his head. “A..Amy…” he fully got up and shoved her to the side.

“Out of my way!”

“Ah!” she was thrown to the side, but held her hand to her chest, looking up at him.

“Sonic, stop! Let him wake up!”

“So,… you’re turning on your own kind now, are you?” His eyes suddenly glowed white.

“You’re a traitor!”


Dark Sonic conjured up the mist into his hand, “I should of just let the mist take you back! You’re nothing but a-”

“I can’t help how I feel!” she got up, spreading her arms out.

he suddenly shot forth the beam, but Sonic- the true heroic Sonic- intersected it.

Taking the full force of his nightmaric power, he was flung to the side, and breathed heavily, gripping his side.

“Wha… what?” Dark Sonic was astonished, but the fake Amy looked to the true hero and ran to him, helping him up.

“You can destroy me… you can do whatever you want with me.. but he’s passed his trial!”

“What are you trying to do?” Dark Sonic suddenly saw her walking towards him again, her hands together, as if pleading.

“You don’t have to be alone… you don’t have to push everything you love away…” she reached forward, as her hands touched his chest, and he twitched, but for some reason… was unable to move…

“N-no… what are you doing!? I… I can’t move!” Dark Sonic was frozen, shaking in place as Amy looked up to him.

“You have nothing to fear… nothing to hide… I don’t care about your faults… I don’t even care if you don’t, fully love me yet. The true Sonic was right. I would never… never leave you. I know you have faults but I won’t abandon you in them! Just as you won’t abandon me!”

“Y…You..” in rage, Dark Sonic suddenly noticed something off. “Wait a minute… you’re-” he looked up, seeing Sonic, even in his pain, was sharing an energy link with her.

“You’re fueling her with Dream power!” he shouted out, “You’re manipulating and controlling her! Heh, why am I surprised?” his lips curled into a cruel smirk, but Amy forced it back into fear as she leaned up, placing her head on his chest.

“Even if he is supporting me with giving me a way to be like his Amy… the true Amy… I would do anything to save you from this curse…”

“Grr… Grahh…STOOOPP!!!” Dark Sonic’s back arched, as suddenly light protruded from him, and the mist of darkness seemed to hiss a shriek at it coming at it.

It started to depart, as the real Sonic got up and hunched himself over, looking over to Dark Sonic.

“You don’t get it… I didn’t start supporting her until I saw her rush out to save you.”

“URK!!!” Dark Sonic’s body started to tense, more light beams shedding from it. “WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME!?” he looked at her hands. “YOU…YOU’RE USING HER TO TRANSFER YOUR DREAM ENERGY TO ME!? WHY!?”

“Because she wanted to save you.” Sonic smirked. “And I think I know why.”

“NOOOO!!!” With the world fading away, Sonic turned to finally see his exit!

A bright light was formed from the light that engulfed around him.

Amy, now shining, floated down with a renewed version of Sonic, as the true Sonic smiled at the two.

“Mind if you not float over to the real Amy’s dream and tell her I’ve been dreaming about her?”

The two looked to each other, and smiled charmingly.

“You’ve completed the test.” Amy smiled.

“By sparring me… you’ve also forgiven yourself.”

“Huh? Myself?” Sonic hobbled a bit to shift his body to looking at the two.

“What do you mean…?”

The two smiled again.

“You proved not only to your heart, but to your worst fears… that no matter what may happen with you.. or you’re friends… you will always hold those sacred truths close to you. That you’re friends are an essential part of who you are… and you could never mistreat them… or abandon them.

The Dream Sonic looked to Dream Amy, who was started to almost cry again, before he lifted a hand to her chin.

She smiled to him, and he grinned back, before they both turned back to Sonic.

“Sorry for the trouble, Hero. You’re dreams will be safe from now on.”

“That’s comforting to hear.” Sonic beamed, putting a hand to his hip as he tried to fight the imaginary pain…

“But anxieties, fears, and other such nightmares may come.” Dream Sonic warned, stepping out in front of Dream Amy and swishing a hand out.

He acted more and more like Sonic now.

Who he truly was.

“Never forget. As long as you remember what you’ve learned- and held true to here, in this nightmare… you’ll never be steered wrong.”

“I was always told my will was unbreakable. And now i’m being told in a dream that my heart and those tied to it are just as inseparably strong. Thank you.” Sonic nodded, but then looked a little tried.

“But I just want to have a normal sleep from now on. Tell ya what, no more lessons of ‘self discovery’ through dreams, huh?”

They grinned.

“No promises, eh?”

Sonic laughed and exited, waking up, and missing his friends already.

He kicked a leg up and threw his arms behind his back. “Hoo. What a night!” he teased.

(Finished this at 6:27 AM, so if it’s wonky, you know why xD)

Things I’ve said/done on my period

- *calmly* “Who the f(*not so calmly*)UCK ATE MY HO(*crying*)t chettos?

- *takes four showers in a day*


- *is mad at everyone else because said phone now has a cracked screen*

- “hell yea i can drink 3 large Sonic chocolate shakes.”


-*commits 1st degree murder inside my head*



- *repeating constantly in my head* “Don’t sneeze, don’t sneeze, don’t sneeze”

- *­­­­­­­period is over* *family comes out of hiding*