sonic screwdriver sunday


Few images of me in my new 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi cosplay! Absolutely love the coat. As soon as the tailor had finished it, I was amazed at the beautiful job they had done on it.

My 12th Doctor cosplay. Red, white and black; smart and sophisticated colours of the 12th recarnation of the timelord known as Peter Capaldi.


Recent images of a cosplay shoot of my 11th Doctor cosplay variant. I love the swing of that coat!! Came out looking awesome haha

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My 11th Doctor cosplay just before christmas 2014. My instagram: _timelord_of_gallifrey feel free to follow me for all my photo updates and cosplays :)

Three stages of my Doctor who cosplay from the past year or so. 11th Doctor brown tweed and red bow tie look, 11th Doctor purple frock coat and waistcoat look and finally my wardrobe invention purely from my own clothing of the 12th Doctor’s outfit!