sonic screwdriver

“Not The One You Were Expecting” - Digital Oil Painting

I had a request to paint Bobby as the Doctor and I loved the idea of it. I rather like how my interpretation turned out, he seems very 8th Doctor to me. I gave him the trans-temporal sonic screwdriver because I love the design of it. The title is a reference to “The Night of the Doctor” when the 8th Doctor appears and says, “I’m a Doctor. Though probably not the one you were expecting.”

In my vision, Bobby!Doctor is working on something at his console (the lower right picture) when the Tardis door opens and in walks Belle (the picture on the left). He whips around, pointing the sonic at her (the top right picture), and demands to know how she got in. She explains, a bit confused, that she saw this blue box sitting on the hill and got curious and the door was open. As she is marveling over the ‘bigger on the inside’ time ship, the Doctor lifts an eyebrow toward the ceiling. If the Tardis opened the door for Belle, then Belle must be special. He instantly whirls her up into his life, determined to find out just what makes her so different that the Tardis would take a liking to her instantly, and Belle, fascinated by this strange man and his stranger life, goes along for the ride.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

How a Sonic Screwdriver Might Work

The first part is obvious: it’s a sonic screwdriver. The definition of Sonic by the Oxford Dictionary is:

1.  Relating to or using sound waves

1.1. Denoting or having a speed equal to that of sound. 

Of course, only the first definition actually applies to the screwdriver. It certainly doesn’t travel at the speed of sound. My theory is that the screwdriver emits a different frequency sound wave according to the Doctor’s wishes. How does it know? Time Lord Technology; it’s just as mysterious to me as Sexy.

Different substances, such as metal, rope, snow, or even flesh reacts differently to different frequencies of sound, and sound moves differently through different objects as well. That’s why you can usually feel sound vibrations on a balloon, but not necessarily a pillow, but in order for the balloon to vibrate, the sound has to be a certain volume and frequency. This goes the same for the pillow, it has the potential to vibrate as well, but it would have to be at a pitch much higher than that of the balloon. This explains why the screwdriver can sometimes cause certain things to break or fall apart, like a glass that shatters when the correct note is sung.

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