sonic reign

anonymous asked:

Hmm, you remember the bonus cutscenes in Unleashed with Sonic and Chip? I kinda want to see the same thing done with the extended cast and how they're fairing against Eggman's reign during Sonic's [supposed] absence or behind the scenes during the story.

That’d actually be pretty awesome.

You hearing this SEGA?

plot twist: sonic for real justice is an elaborate marketing scheme advertising an upcoming sonic game where one by one sonic’s friends disappear, supposedly having “kicked off the team after an argument” or “left on their own”. Halfway through the game, and after the group is narrowed down to Sonic, his girlfriend Amy, and once-lover Sally, it is revealed that over time Sonic has been taking his friends out, one by one (maybe not killed because this is a Sonic™ game after all), and has become a complete tyrant, dubbing himself Super Sonic, and taking over the world. It is now up to you (the player) as either Amy or Sally, to put an end to Sonic’s reign of terror by enlisting the aid of their missing friends and leading them to victory against the tyrannical Mod Super Sonic.