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WHat do you think of the nerds angry about the new Mario game going on about "they're making the same mistake with mario that sonic team made with sonic 2006!" i.e. putting a colorful mario in an urban street with normal people.

I can’t imagine anyone actually, seriously having that kind of opinion. If they do, they’re being ridiculous. The difference here is intent:

Sonic Team put Sonic in a world full of humans because Sonic Team has (or maybe had) a weird vision for who Sonic the Hedgehog was. Remember: the original pitch for Sonic the Hedgehog was an edgy rockstar that had a human girlfriend with giant boobs. They thought this was “cool.” Sega of America stepped in and told them it was weird (because it was) and made them change it to something a little more friendly. But in the back of somebody’s mind at Sonic Team, those ideas stuck around. When Sega of America stopped being able to boss Sonic Team around, we got Station Square in Sonic Adventure and Princess Elise in Sonic 2006.

And everything Sega of America told Sonic Team back in 1990 ended up true: having Sonic take place on earth was a little weird, and it was DEFINITELY SUPER-ULTRA-WEIRD to give him a human girlfriend. 

By the very next game (Sonic Unleashed), the terminology changed: nobody was allowed to say the planet’s name anymore. Was it Mobius? Was it earth? All the characters simply referred to it as “this world” or “the world” or in Eggman’s case, he bizarrely refers to it as “Sonic’s world” as if he’s not even from it.

And the next game after that (Sonic Colors) removed all traces of human life entirely, outside of Eggman himself. Eggman is now the Sonic franchise’s sole homo sapien entirely. It’s a move very clearly done to get as far away from games like Sonic 2006 and the idea that “yeah, Sonic takes place on earth.”

Now, going back to Super Mario Odyssey, we have a completely different context entirely: There is no notion that Mario has always taken place on earth. Lifelike humans are not suddenly appearing under the guise of “they’ve always been there, you just haven’t seen them.” Lifelike humans in Mario being weird is the point. That’s why they’re there. To be weird. To have a three foot tall cartoon character run past a 6 foot tall man in a business suit. It’s Roger Rabbit. Look at this:

Does this look like a place that’s trying to actually be a realistic representation of a world? It’s two square blocks suspended in an endless void. It’s not trying to tell an “epic” or “serious” story, it’s just “hey look at this weird place.” It’s exactly the same as showing Mario in some kind of bizarre rock candy world, where the ruling entities appear to be sentient dinner forks wearing chef hats and scarves.

Anyone saying Mario is actually fully committing to aping Sonic Adventure is either dumb or intentionally being outlandish in their speculation in order to get clicks for their website. Because, if anything, New Donk City exists to parody games like Sonic Adventure. 

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What would you say was the worst art in Sonic Archie comic history?

By my memory, it was an artist that only ever went under the name “Many Hands.”

Many Hands’ artwork only ever made a couple of appearances in the comic, never using their real name. And it was clear they were not a “full time” artist on the book. As I recall, Many Hands would vanish for years at a time, only to mysteriously resurface again.

The thing to keep in mind about Many Hands’ work is that it seemed to change dramatically from appearance to appearance, suggesting that, true to the name “Many Hands,” it wasn’t just one person behind the pen. Above, we have a scan from Sonic #113 in 2002. Here’s Sonic Super Special #15, from 2000:

Still obviously amateur hour on the artwork, but also clearly a very different artist.

Rumors were passed around as to the true identity of Many Hands. Some theorized that the “Many Hands” moniker was employed when Archie literally had no other real artists available to draw for the book – meaning they had to turn to editorial staff to fill in on art duties, who may not have even had a formal background in producing artwork (specifically, I remember hearing some claim issue #113 was drawn by current EIC Freddy Gabrie).

As the Archie Sonic Wiki points out, neither of the two “Many Hands” issues have ever been republished – with a particularly odd wrinkle in this being that Sonic Super Special #15 did actually resurface for Free Comic Book Day… with the script completely re-written and all of the artwork re-drawn! It’s the exact same story, just told in a completely different way. Check it out, here’s (roughly) the same page I posted above:

Somehow they felt the story was important enough to axe the original work done by Ken Penders and Many Hands and recreate the entire issue for Free Comic Book Day in 2011. It’s super weird!


just some junk ideas i had a time ago:  ^3^/

1) it was Sonic telling Shadow that he is going to do hero stuff, Shadow telling Sonic he is anything but that, Sonic replies that of course he is because he saves the village almost everyday  and Shadow: and that means to be a hero to you? ..—- the concept was Shadow making Sonic question himself if he was a true hero or not. XD

2) Sonic and Amy sharing a soda thing, and then Lady goat and Lady walrus think they are an adorable couple, Sonic ask them, what makes them think they were a couple, the ladies say that they seem to do many things together and they seem to have a nice bond.. Amy tells them that’s called frienship and that if a guy and a girl decide to go out it doesn’t mean they are in a date or that they are inlove eachother, but the ladies keep thinking they look good together XD  3) Sonic says that they have to admit they do look good together, Amy: this is not about how we look Sonic, it’s about our relationship, we are just friends right? doesn’t it bother you when people thinks we are a romantic couple?

Sonic recognoizes it does bother him but he sighly blushes

—the concept here was mostly that, boy and girl that go out together it doesn’t mean they are dating or in a romantic relationship, even when we know Amy does love Sonic (and maybe Sonic feels something, maybe) they are still just friends and i even if i do ship them, i just really wanted to do something to appeciate their friendship  X//D

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How would you say Ian Flynn is a strong writer and adds complexity and depth to the comic?

I feel like you’re my English Lit. teacher and you just underlined a question on a written test.

I just feel like he’s good at making characters with strong personalities. The most obvious one would be E-123 Omega.

Omega is kind of a stereotypical homicidal robot in the vein of HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic, and while that can be insufferable in the wrong hands, Ian manages to do right. He’s the perfect mixture of deadpan robot speech, violence, and brief flashes of gleeful joy at said violence.

It’s rare that Ian Flynn writes a bland character. All of the main cast is unique and has easily definable personalities, and Flynn is good at letting these personalities bounce off each other.

And that’s really the core of it. You can put your cast in to all kinds of perilous situations, but unless you care about the characters themselves, it can be kind of hollow. By having such strong character work from Ian Flynn, the stories he tells ring that much truer, because you know there’s more going on than just what’s currently at hand.

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The recent post that's tagged "mecha sonic" is wrong.... the robot Sonic's facing in that picture is Silver Sonic

It’s not wrong, but neither is the second part of your message. There are two names to that robot. “Mecha Sonic” is the name used for that robot, the 8-bit counterpart, and its updated version in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

“Silver Sonic” is the name of the robot in Europe.

Amethyst’s Room is Awesome!

You can see a bunch of fun stuff, mainly from video games such as:

  • a backwards Snorlax from Pokemon
  • a super leaf from Super Mario
  • a Gyroid from Animal Crossing
  • a brick block from Super Mario.
  • a Chao from Sonic (or a slime from Dragon Quest. I can’t really tell)
  • a Question Mark block from Super Mario (Again lot of Mario stuff in this castle temple)
  • the Wheel of Fortune… Wheel
  • and a lucky cat sitting on..
  • a GIANT Rubix cube (that would be really difficult to spin)

There are a bunch of other things in there, but tell me if you can figure out what the red dragon-like thing is from first picture or the wing chair in the third picture is.

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Could the Super Sonic boss fights at the end of certain Sonic games technically be considered poor game design? Most of them use an engine that's wildly different from the other 99% of the game so it's not really testing you on anything you've learned up to that point, I don't think.

Most of the Super Sonic final bosses are trying to recreate the awesome feeling from the end of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, so we should really be looking to that as an example of whether or not it’s “right” or “wrong.”

And in that regard, the Super Sonic segment is almost kind of an afterthought after the real final boss at the Death Egg. Super Sonic at that point is more of a victory lap, a splash of spectacle in order to sell the game’s big finish. You aced your final exam, now let’s have some fireworks.

It’s also kind of that “turning of the tide” moment. Doomsday Zone is technically the fourth phase of a final boss that lasts five total phases. It’s still hard, but it gets easier and easier as you really stick it to Eggman. It’s that moment where Goku pulls out a new transformation and the villain has their “WHY CAN’T I HURT HIM” moment.

The problem is, nearly every single sequence to follow Doomsday Zone tries to be the actual final boss. Perfect Chaos is a lot harder than Egg Viper. Final Hazard is a lot harder than Biolizard. Metal Overlord is WAY harder than Egg Emperor. Perfect Dark Gaia is so far beyond the difficulty of every other boss fight in Sonic Unleashed that it’s actually kind of unfair. It’s not a victory lap anymore, it’s a final challenge for an arbitrary rule set.

This is one of those things where Sonic Colors really got it right. Not only did they avoid the Super Sonic ending, but the final boss is all about Eggman using your own powers against you in ways that test your ability to jump and quickstep and have twitch reflexes. In that context, the “Final Color Blaster” is your Super Sonic moment. And it feels great! 

But those other games’ final bosses? Not very good design, no.

Sonic ask meme: 100 questions

There are always fandom ask memes circulatin’ round Tumblr, but I wondered: why not make a Sonic-related one? Here I made 100 questions that you can ask any other Sonic fan or blog. I tried making them as broad as possible to appeal to as many as possible, but if I missed or omitted anything, I apologize.


1.) Who was your first favorite character? Are they the same character as your number one choice as of today?

2.) Pick a villain, any villain. You are now that villain. What are you going to do and why?

3.) Describe your favorite game in a haiku.

4.) The last Sonic game you played is now your life. How awesome is this adventure gonna be?

5.) Post a photo of the Sonic object that is nearest you right now. Can be merchandise, plush toy, comic book, game, etc.

6.) Post a sprite of your favorite character.

7.) How would you react to seeing your OC in a Sonic game?

8.) Post a random Sonic quote and a reaction gif.

9.) (for all universes and adaptations) How would you have written your most hated scene differently?

10.) What do you like best about your favorite animated adaptation?

11.) Top five stages.

12.) Worst five stages.

13.) What are some tropes you’d like to see implemented in future games? What are some tropes you think are overused?

14.) Do you know any fans in real life? Describe your RL fandom interactions here.

15.) Do you know any fans online? Describe your online fandom interactions here.

16.) (if you read fanfic) What are some fic tropes you love? Ones you hate?

17.) (if you write fanfic) What’s the most difficult thing about writing Sonic fic, in your opinion? The easiest?

18.) How closely does your favorite character act like their RL species?

19.) Favorite soundtrack?

20.) Least favorite soundtrack?

21.) Tell us a funny Sonic-related story.

22.) Have you ever had dreams related to Sonic? TELL US ABOUT THEM. IN LUDICROUS DETAIL.

23.) What would you say if you could say one thing to your favorite character?

24.) What would you say if you could say one thing to your least favorite character?

25.) Top five boss fights.

26.)Worst five boss fights.

27.) Send me a character and I’ll tell you their ultra-lulzy embarrassing nickname.

28.) In your opinion, in which game(s) is it the most difficult to obtain all 7 Chaos Emeralds, and why?

29.) Do you have Chao? How evolved are they?

30.) What’s your favorite console to play Sonic games on?

31.) Tell us a Sonic-related story that will give us feels.

32.) Most underrated character, GO

33.) Most overrated character, GO

34.) Guilty pleasure game?

35.) Guilty pleasure ship?

36.) C’mon now. How many ships do you have? :P

37.) List your favorite platonic ships. (Queerplatonic, sis- and bro-tps go here).

38.) Which characters who haven’t interacted yet would you love to see interact and why?

39.) Which game is your golden standard?

40.) (all universes and adaptations) Write a love letter to your favorite scene.

41.) What was the last Sonic-related thing you Googled?

42.) If you could say one thing to Sonic Team right now, what would it be?

43.) List the easiest and most evil enemies there are.

44.) Tell us the one unpopular opinion you have that you wouldn’t dare admit to anyone else. (Note to askers and responders: Please try not to judge others here!)

45.) ______ vs. _______. Who would win in a rap battle?

46.) ______ and ______. What would they do if they were chained at the ankle all day?

47.) Who or what first got you involved in Sonic? Describe the inciting incident here.

48.) Which character would you defend with your last breath?

49.) Which game would you defend with your last breath?

50.) Which character ability would you want to possess and why?

51.) If you were your least favorite character for a day, what would you do and why?

52.) Do you share the same hobbies as your fav? What do you think of those hobbies?

53.) Send me a character name with their Japanese pronoun, and I’ll tell you if I think it fits that character. (ex. “ore” for Sonic, “boku” for Shadow, “washi” for Eggman, etc.) TV Tropes lists most character pronouns under the label “Japanese Pronouns”. Additionally, here are some useful notes on Japanese pronouns.

54.) Give us a random headcanon about your favorite level.

55.) Give us a random headcanon about your favorite ship.

56.) In your opinion, what’s the weirdest thing any character has ever said?

57.) If you could make a cameo in one game, what would it be? And where would you make your star appearance?

58.) Tell us one thing your favorite character does when the others aren’t looking.

59.) Tell us what you think would make for an ideal Sonic movie.

60.) What character item would you want to possess and why?

61.) Run your favorite Sonic quote through Google Translate and give us the result.

62.) Opinions on Japanese and English voice acting, GO

63.) If you could communicate using only the lines your favorite character has said, transcribe how you would order takeout. XP

64.) What’s an obscure game that you like to play?

65.) What makes your most difficult level so hard?

66.) Have you ever ragequit? Where?

67.) Which game could you not be bribed to play again?

68.) Post your favorite Sonic music remix here.

69.) Would you want to live in Sonic’s world? Why or why not?

70.) Which character do you have a difficult time understanding?

71.) Post a random headcanon about your favorite character’s shoes. :P

72.) Which level design always dazzles you?

73.) Describe the first time you had a squee moment in this series. :>

74.) What’s the best thing about being in the Sonic fandom?

75.) What’s the worst thing about being in the Sonic fandom?

76.) (during gameplay) What’s the one move or action you never get tired of pulling off?

77.) Post a scene that always leaves you in stitches.

78.) Post a scene that always gives you feels.

79.) Are there any games you can speedrun?

80.) What’s one mystery or bit of fridge logic you’ve always wondered about?

81.) Favorite and least favorite memes?

82.) Which locale would you love to visit, and why?

83.) Which locale could you not be bribed to step foot in? Why?

84.) List some Sonic moments that scared you or made you mentally BSOD.

85.) Emblem hunting: yea or nay?

86.) Any favorite character barks? (Note: A bark is a short voice clip. I’m talking about the random things characters will say after completing levels or during levels. Which are your favorites?)

87.) Which mission is a cakewalk for you? Which mission has you gnashing your teeth?

88.) If you could control one Eggman invention, what would it be? And what would you use it for?

89.) Favorite and least favorite VAs?

90.) Talk about your favorite character’s design.

91.) Talk about your least favorite character’s design.

92.) Which character do you simply not care about? Why?

93.) Which handheld titles do you play most often?

94.) Give us your opinions on alternate gameplay styles.

95.) Tell us a story about something funny, weird, scary or interesting that happened to you during a Sonic game. Can include but is not limited to: glitch stories, multiplayer madness, lost data, accidental wins, etc.

96.) Which character annoys you?

97.) Send me a character name and I’ll tell you if I like the same foods they do. If they don’t have one, I’ll tell you a headcanon about their favorite meal.

98.) Send me a character and I’ll tell you how my OC would interact with them.

99.) Where and when do you usually play Sonic games? What time of day?

100.) Ramble about anything that’s Sonic-related! :>

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Looking back at that Sonic Adventure trailer got me to wondering: What do you think about the Homing Attack it introduced? I see a lot of people down on it, but I really loved it, at least for the 3D games at the time. I even wished Mario had something similar, since his 3D game of that time seemed to really downplay his trademark stomping. So do you think it was good for the game design, or bad? And can you think of anything to improve it?

Gosh, where to even begin. Every time somebody asks me this question I have to launch in to this big spiel, so buckle in.

To answer your question simply I’ll say that I think the homing attack is good and even necessary for Sonic to work in 3D, and I’m going to try and explain why. This might be difficult to understand because I’m gonna try and condense it, but bare with me.

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Doomed Words(Villain!AU)
  • Genos: *wrestling with Rover* you're goin' down you hairy beast!!
  • Sonic: *sitting and reading* heh heh, there's a comment Saitama will never hear
  • *Genos and Rover freeze and stare at Sonic*
  • Sonic: ....he's right behind me, isn't he?
  • Saitama: *looms behind Sonic cracking his knuckle*
  • Genos: *hugs Rover*Nooo you should stay right there totally unguarded, Sonic....unrelated question, what color flowers do you want at your funeral?
  • Sonic: ...Fuck.