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Pro-filmed live performance of The Dead C at Sonic Protest in 2013 circa their cover story for The Wire magazine:

Check, Please: “You always this quiet?“ with Sonic x Mumen

This one goes out to @feylen, my partner in Speedal crime. Enjoy!

It had taken months for Mumen to convince Sonic to come out for dinner.

And not just a noodle shop or oden. A real dinner, at a nice restaurant, where they would have to dress well. Sonic had stubbornly refused on very practical (paranoid) grounds: what if he was recognized? What if they were followed? What if…

“I’ll have it handled,” Mumen insisted the first time, kissing his forehead. “I promise.”

For a while, the ninja just said ‘no.’ Until one night when Mumen had gotten particularly adventurous and was doing something very, very pleasant with his mouth…and then stopped.

“What the hell, Rider?” Sonic had protested, face red and breathless.

“I don’t know if I want to do this with a guy who won’t even go out for one dinner with me…”

“You little shit,” he hissed back. He dropped his head back against the bed, making a noise that was somewhere between a growl, a groan and a curse. “Fine. Fine, okay? Just…keep doing that. I am so close.”

And Mumen had. With a smile on his face.

And that was how he had managed to get him there, dressed in a very nice purple suit with gloves and a very form-fitting dress shirt, one that Mumen had not only helped him pick but had paid well for. The hero had stuck with his own standard brown blazer and green tie. When they arrived, Sonic was surprised (and secretly impressed) that Mumen had rented out the chic location for just the two of them.

As they sat down, Mumen couldn’t take his eyes off his date. And damn if Sonic couldn’t tell. When the wine arrived, he slid one slender finger along the rim of the glass, brilliant eyes fixed on his. It probably would have been an innocent gesture in and of itself if he didn’t also feel a very dexterous foot making its way up his calf and between his thighs. A slow smile spread across Sonic’s face as Mumen froze. “You always this quiet?” he asked, teasingly.

Mumen cleared his throat, trying not to look panicked as the waiter reappeared with his pad ready. “I'mgoingtoneedanotherminuteplease,” he said in a single, low breath while Sonic tried not to laugh.

The waiter retreated, and Mumen didn’t even have an opportunity to scold Sonic before he could feel him move and fondle in one twist of his ankle. He gasped, then tried to pass it off as a dry cough. “Do you need a drink, love?” Sonic asked, his voice absolutely dripping with satisfaction.

He wouldn’t dare. Because it would spill, what with how much his hands were shaking with every little flick beneath the table. He tried to squeeze his legs together, but it just made the ninja more intent to have his way. “Please, Sonic,” he whispered.

“What was that? Can you say it again?”

Mumen could feel his face heating up (along with other parts of his body), and he glanced towards the kitchen to make sure that they weren’t being watched. “Please,” he said again, a little whine escaping as he felt that soft arch rub him from base to tip through his slacks.

“I really like that.” Sonic said, as he pressed once more in a path up and then down. “When you beg.”

“Fuck, Sonic…”

“Such language from Mumen Rider, Cyclist for Justice!” Sonic tutted.

“Please. I can’t handle it. What do you want from me?”

“Find out where the restrooms are, and we’ll take it from there.” Mumen’s stomach shot from his heart to his groin and then settled at the base of his throat. “Unless you’d rather I just finish this here and now.”

This. This was why he should have just stuck with the ramen shop.

One thing I love about Lucio’s backstory is that it doesn’t rely solely on fictional events like the Omnic Crisis to make it dramatic. Instead, it takes an already-present issue (the poverty and corruption in Brazil) and just pushes it forward a bit. Everything that happens in Rio makes sense with the political climate in real life and in the Overwatch universe. 

A company being fully licensed to bulldoze homes, later solidifying itself as practically a regime, and using sonic cannons to suppress protests. All of that makes sense. And so does the idea of a popular musician being a revolutionary. (In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard based Lucio’s design on Bob Marley.)

I don’t know, Lucio’s backstory just feels a lot more real to me than, say, McCree’s. (Not to say any of the other backstories are bad, Lucio’s just feels more tied in to real life.)


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Torturing Nurse • Sonic Protest Marseille • 19 Avril 2013 © Vidéo: Penny Green-Shard