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Check, Please: “You always this quiet?“ with Sonic x Mumen

This one goes out to @feylen, my partner in Speedal crime. Enjoy!

It had taken months for Mumen to convince Sonic to come out for dinner.

And not just a noodle shop or oden. A real dinner, at a nice restaurant, where they would have to dress well. Sonic had stubbornly refused on very practical (paranoid) grounds: what if he was recognized? What if they were followed? What if…

“I’ll have it handled,” Mumen insisted the first time, kissing his forehead. “I promise.”

For a while, the ninja just said ‘no.’ Until one night when Mumen had gotten particularly adventurous and was doing something very, very pleasant with his mouth…and then stopped.

“What the hell, Rider?” Sonic had protested, face red and breathless.

“I don’t know if I want to do this with a guy who won’t even go out for one dinner with me…”

“You little shit,” he hissed back. He dropped his head back against the bed, making a noise that was somewhere between a growl, a groan and a curse. “Fine. Fine, okay? Just…keep doing that. I am so close.”

And Mumen had. With a smile on his face.

And that was how he had managed to get him there, dressed in a very nice purple suit with gloves and a very form-fitting dress shirt, one that Mumen had not only helped him pick but had paid well for. The hero had stuck with his own standard brown blazer and green tie. When they arrived, Sonic was surprised (and secretly impressed) that Mumen had rented out the chic location for just the two of them.

As they sat down, Mumen couldn’t take his eyes off his date. And damn if Sonic couldn’t tell. When the wine arrived, he slid one slender finger along the rim of the glass, brilliant eyes fixed on his. It probably would have been an innocent gesture in and of itself if he didn’t also feel a very dexterous foot making its way up his calf and between his thighs. A slow smile spread across Sonic’s face as Mumen froze. “You always this quiet?” he asked, teasingly.

Mumen cleared his throat, trying not to look panicked as the waiter reappeared with his pad ready. “I'mgoingtoneedanotherminuteplease,” he said in a single, low breath while Sonic tried not to laugh.

The waiter retreated, and Mumen didn’t even have an opportunity to scold Sonic before he could feel him move and fondle in one twist of his ankle. He gasped, then tried to pass it off as a dry cough. “Do you need a drink, love?” Sonic asked, his voice absolutely dripping with satisfaction.

He wouldn’t dare. Because it would spill, what with how much his hands were shaking with every little flick beneath the table. He tried to squeeze his legs together, but it just made the ninja more intent to have his way. “Please, Sonic,” he whispered.

“What was that? Can you say it again?”

Mumen could feel his face heating up (along with other parts of his body), and he glanced towards the kitchen to make sure that they weren’t being watched. “Please,” he said again, a little whine escaping as he felt that soft arch rub him from base to tip through his slacks.

“I really like that.” Sonic said, as he pressed once more in a path up and then down. “When you beg.”

“Fuck, Sonic…”

“Such language from Mumen Rider, Cyclist for Justice!” Sonic tutted.

“Please. I can’t handle it. What do you want from me?”

“Find out where the restrooms are, and we’ll take it from there.” Mumen’s stomach shot from his heart to his groin and then settled at the base of his throat. “Unless you’d rather I just finish this here and now.”

This. This was why he should have just stuck with the ramen shop.

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Here's a prompt : Sonic Boom : Sonic and Amy are forced to share a room (or more importantly, a bed) after the team finds a village, can you write something about how they would react to that, and how they would make it work? That would be interesting!! (and evil >:D ) KAY BYE!!!

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Oh my~ naughty naughty~

Well, I don’t usually write stuff out of ‘innocence’ but I can keep this cute AND steamy at the same time~ maybe~ lol, if canon permits me XD

To be honest, I’m really excited to do this, but I’m going to leave the characters as true to Canon as possible… so… no weird moments in bed or something, just… mostly talking and discomfort xD lololol, but that’s the BEST anyway, right!?!? cause if the characters we’re in this type of odd situation, this is how they MOST LIKELY would react to it! And I find that better than making up some romantic squee feast that don’t mean a thing cause the characters aren’t acting themselves. So let’s see what I can do~

“THE SAME ROOM!?!?” Sonic and Amy both shout out together, as Tails sighs with some sweat drops on the side of his face.

“It’s all they can afford to provide us… and we can’t leave Amy alone, this village has proven to be more shady than it even appears.” Tails warned, and then looked to the tree house that Amy and Sonic would have to be sharing. “It’s only one night, can’t you… just put up with it for one night!? Please?!” he placed his hands together and up, ducking his head down in a begging stance.

Sonic looked away, not liking this AT ALL, but getting the point Tails made. This was a shady place, and it may be best to stick in pairs…

“Besides, if you won’t then-” Tails was about to offer but Sonic stopped him.

“Knuckles snores! There’s NO WAY I’m sleeping next to THAT!” Sonic had outstretched his arm to completely cut Tails off from Amy, as Tails looked unamused by his action and just rolled his eyes.

“Then I suggest you stop complaining… if anyone should complain it’s me..” he sighed out, silently whining as Knuckles gorged himself on the food they had left out for them.

“Yeeeah. Good luck with that.” Sonic waved back and walked to the tree house with Amy, who was strangely… quite silent.

Sonic looked over to Amy, worried a bit about how she might be taking this news, “Hey, you okay?”

“Y-yeah.” she drew a smile on her face, though she looked nervous and was tensed up.

They were passing by one of the village’s taverns as a few men whistled to Amy, and started calling out to her. “Whoo! Who brought the cutie in here!?” “She sure looks new.” “Hey, sweetie! Dump that kid and come see how a real man lifts! 1, 2, 3-!!” the men all roared different things as Amy slowly moved closer to Sonic, who suddenly felt an urge to aggressively attack those men.

He held in the response though, and just casually put his arm over Amy, pulling her away as she blushed and walked quickly away at his pace.

“Aw man! Looks like she’s already got a dude.” “man! what a waste.” “Hey, are they..?”

Sonic quickly lifted his head up to whisper in Amy’s ear, “Grab onto my back.” She was confused at first but did so, as he climbed up to the tree house.

“I-I could of climbed myself!” Amy slightly protested, but Sonic just let her go when they reached the top, and rolled up the wooden-stringed ladder, not wanting any unwelcomed company…

“Go ahead and get in.” Sonic motioned for her to get in as he looked around, scanning the area and trying to plan a route of escape, if one needed to be made, that is…

Amy walked in to see a padded bed of sorts, low to the ground as the ceiling was barely tall enough for her to stand, and so she had to bend down considerably. “THIS… is a ROOM?” she felt it was a more like a bird’s nest, but at least the covers felt warm.

Sonic came back in and suddenly noticed the smallness as well. “Dratt.” he spat out, thinking he could of been as far from Amy as possible, but now… that wasn’t going to be an option.

He shut the door and lowered the mini blinds that were on the two windows to the side, and then turned and just flopped down, trying to not make this uncomfortable for the two of them.

Amy wasn’t laying down just yet, and peeked out the window. She had her knees up against her and was holding her legs with one of her arms as she used the other to look out the window, before Sonic finally caught her attention.

“Hey, you going to sleep? It’s been a long day.” he really didn’t want to sleep either,… but maybe if Amy fell asleep first,.. it could be easier.

“N-no I’m okay.” Amy was sadly, thinking the same thing, and waiting for Sonic to sleep.

They both looked away for an awkward moment before Sonic lost it.

He threw his hands up to his head, letting out a silent noise of agony over the situation he was placed in, before faking it off as a stretch and a yawn and then reaching for the ceiling, able to touch it. Once he was bored of banging on the ceiling he looked away and sighed.

“…Maybe it would be better if I laid down.” Amy noticed he was just as nervous as she was, and giggled slightly. Glad she wasn’t the only one.

Sonic moved over as much as he could, but their sides still touched, so they turned over to their backs.

“…So…” Amy started.

“…Nice night.” Sonic concluded, as they both looked around, before looking back at each other.

At the exact same time, they both laughed, rolling back on their backs and laying next to each other, they let go of their nervousness together.

“Hahaha! We’re acting like children!” Amy laughed out.

“I know! It’s not like we haven’t ever been this close before or something, right!?”


“Yeah! I mean, I could lay here and watch the stars with you, what’s the difference between that and this!?”

“I know right!? We’re such goofs!”


They laughed again before finally calming down and looking away again.

“…So… you have enough covers?” Amy asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah,… I’m good…” Sonic AND Amy weren’t using the covers, so it was a kind of funny question to ask.

They were both still waiting for the other to fall asleep first….

Sonic bounced his pointer finger up and down on his stomach, as he had one hand over the other, before pulling both arms under his head, and looking off again.

Amy took a deep breath and let the awkward silence commence on. Fiddling with her fingers, biting her lower lip, before finally moving more toward Sonic.

Sonic had a mini-panic attack as his quills stood on end and he spread his arms away but Amy just placed her head on his chest and that was that.

“…Uhhh…” He let out a very breezy awkward noise.

“…There’s no pillows.” she countered, looking away and pouting slightly.

“That’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard.”

“It’s cold.”

“That’s slightly more believable.”

“It’s cramped.”

“That one would of got me.” Sonic settled down a bit, but held his hands up in the air, not sure what to do with them now before Amy reached up and moved one of his hands to her back, and the other he just looked at and slowly moved behind his head again.

“…Okay.” his heart was racing, feeling the nerves again as Amy smiled, having her head right next to it and hearing it beat wildly.

If only he could hear her heart right now…

“Okay.” she whispered back, and giggled. “Good night, Sonic.”

Sonic looked down a moment,.. and for a second he lost where he was and just smiled at Amy. “…Sweet dreams… Amy.”

A moment went by…~

“Just not to sweet, okay? I mean, I’m RIGHT here, so..”

“…Sonic… not ALL of my dreams involve you, okay?”

“…Are you sure?”


“Cause if I wake up and there’s selfies printed all over your room when we get back to the hub-”


“…I’m horribly ugly when I sleep.”

“hmm, that’s tragic.”

“So no selfies.”

Amy giggled, realizing he wasn’t going to sleep until she did first.

So she gave in, and tried to fall to sleep first.

A few minutes went by of silence,… before…


She looked a little annoyed now.


“…I think your rather cute when your sleeping.”

That was it.

Her eyes shot open, she blushed, she rotated 180%, and slept with her back towards Sonic as she hyperventilated and her heart raced with joy.

“Wo-woah! I didn’t mean to make you nervous! Wait! Come back! My chest is cold now!!!”



Tails’s eyes twitched as Knuckles sprawled out on the bed, literally leaving only a small corner for Tails to curl up in as he snored to the high heavens.

“I should of grabbed Amy when I had the chance!” Tails looked like he had gone crazy, but that’s what happens when you don’t get any sleep…

Silly SonAmy Drabble~ 

Inspired by an Eremika prompt I saw, except this oneshot/drabble thingy isn’t as in depth as the prompt, but I could totally imagine Sonic doing this to Amy. 

And also it’s 01:12 AM here–HOLY, I didn’t realize what time it was until now. #sleepdeprived 

Being drunk was, obviously, a strange thing to experience. Sonic always thought that if it happened to him he’d been conscious of it happening; that part of his mind would still be capable of remaining normal. Of standing there and commenting on it like “well, this is new.”  But it wasn’t like that at all.

The stairs he usually takes two at a time are a mountain to be negotiated on all fours. Sonic’s arms flap down on the carpet too hard, and with each push his legs don’t respond. His stomach began heaving, along with his head spinning in a way that didn’t make sense.

Oh god. That thought passed the same time his hand jerked to his mouth, covering it. Then like an inflated balloon in his stomach, everything he ate and drunk for the past couple of hours came racing forward. Sonic tried throwing himself closer to the bathroom but he was barely at the door when he suddenly noticed a girl with clownish make-up staring at him. Her hair was a mess and her cheeks were flushed red, but she didn’t look as much as a wreck like he did, at least she was still standing.

“Sonic,” somehow her voice sounded better than the muffled music playing behind him, and it gave him a weird feeling, like a force that urged him to pick himself up. The cyan teenager leaned heavily against the wall for support, pulling himself from the drenched carpet back onto his feet. When she took a step forward so did he, then staggered like an inebriated tramp and instantly tumbles.

One minute she was far away then the next she’s there, arms outstretched wide, her body acts like a pillow cushioning his fall and invading his space. Sonic gawked up at a rather familiar face that, at first, he couldn’t comprehend. Until his vision focused and soon enough a cheshire grin broadened his lips. “Hello, Ames!”

The pink hedgehog wanted to roll her eyes at the dreadful sight of him. What had he gotten himself into? It seemed like she couldn’t leave him alone for five minutes. Although despite his state, Sonic’s heart flutters as Amy smiles sweetly at him, drawing him closer she pulls his right arm over her shoulder. Before Sonic could protest or question anything Amy begins walking, half carrying-half-dragging him out of the house.

“Where are we going?” He manages to say.

“Home.” Amy throws him a side-glance, using the heel of her high-heel boot to nudge the door open. His fur smelt a mixture of fried food, alcohol, and smoke, it stung Amy’s sensitive nose so much it was hard not to gag or make a horrible face, although she was known for being good at keeping a straight face. “And a bath. You need one. Real bad.”  

Sonic never drank to excess but the giddiness he felt from just the touch of her skin muzzled his higher thinking in much the same way. Suddenly he wiggled, prying his arm away from Amy. In retrospect, she should’ve identified that to be a bad sign, however she let him stand by himself, wondering what he was going to do because seeing Sonic drunk was a rare sight indeed.

With great effort he dropped onto his knees on concrete floor. The ground was wet and it took Sonic a while to realize that it was drizzling out here in the cold night, though he didn’t care. Amy allowed him to clasp her hand pulling it close towards his chest as well as her with it. A massive, but affectionate smile poked up his cheeks, accompanied by a soft rosiness–although that was probably due to the alcohol in his system, Amy wasn’t sure.

“Amy Rosssse…” With his primitive brain in charge and the flood of endorphins urging him to continue he was swept away in the moment with his girl, his love. He was too far gone. “The time has come for me to…express myself to you.” His hand caressed her palm as if it was a jewel. “I really think your pretty–no, beautiful! Your so, so beautiful I can’t stop looking at you. Actually, now that I think about it, I actually love you. So make me the happiest guy alive and do me the honors of becoming my bride. Please? Marry me?”

She looked down at his face, unattractively decorated with vomit still caked around his mouth. However his tired, restless eyes glistened in pure admiration, as if Amy was the sun and he was the moon. Which made her question how many drinks he had.

The girl knelt down to his level, bringing both hands up to his flustered cheeks, she cupped them gently, always loving the way they fit within her hands so nicely. When contact was made a low rumble vibrated from his throat, a purr that threw Amy off guard slightly, he only did that sort of thing when he was feeling particularly affectionate towards her.

“Sonic, we’re already married.” She said.

Amy felt heat growing in his cheeks. Sonic froze as he watched in awe at her expression. Had he gotten so drunk he forgot about their engagement and the wonderful marriage that followed after that? Or hadn’t he meant too say that? Either way Amy thought it was amusing and could not hold back the giggles that rolled out of her in waves.

She didn’t miss his tomato-red cheeks either. Utterly embarrassed, Sonic wanted the earth to open up and swallow him whole.


Pro-filmed live performance of The Dead C at Sonic Protest in 2013 circa their cover story for The Wire magazine:


Sida @ Sonic Protest

Our 12″ will be released around june !


Torturing Nurse • Sonic Protest Marseille • 19 Avril 2013 © Vidéo: Penny Green-Shard

One thing I love about Lucio’s backstory is that it doesn’t rely solely on fictional events like the Omnic Crisis to make it dramatic. Instead, it takes an already-present issue (the poverty and corruption in Brazil) and just pushes it forward a bit. Everything that happens in Rio makes sense with the political climate in real life and in the Overwatch universe. 

A company being fully licensed to bulldoze homes, later solidifying itself as practically a regime, and using sonic cannons to suppress protests. All of that makes sense. And so does the idea of a popular musician being a revolutionary. (In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard based Lucio’s design on Bob Marley.)

I don’t know, Lucio’s backstory just feels a lot more real to me than, say, McCree’s. (Not to say any of the other backstories are bad, Lucio’s just feels more tied in to real life.)