sonic poster

Sadly, Sonic Mania has been delayed and is now set for a release for the Summer of 2017. Don’t worry, this just means that the development crew are all working hard trying to bring us what could possibly be one of the greatest video games in recent years! All we have to do now is be patient.

I’m honestly more hyped about this game than I am with Sonic Forces!

Artwork by Tom Fry of PagodaWest Games


It’s finally done! :o

I wanted to create a series of minimalist posters representing all of the main-series Sonic games leading up to Sonic Generations. I wanted each to focus on an important and/or iconic artifact from each game, celebrating Sonic’s rich history as a franchise despite all of the ups and downs.

Also, fun fact: I actually started this over two years ago and only just now got around to finishing it. Although, with Sonic’s 25th anniversary now coming up, hopefully it’ll be more relevant again!