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I couldn’t find a drawing prompt I liked so I’ll make my own based around mr Needlemouse himself: You can respond in art or whatever you like!

a) what is your favourite sonic character moment ever (good or bad or memorable to you from any media)

b) what is your favourite game level (and why you love it)

c) what is your worst level/character moment (whatever made you the most miserable about playing/watching something sonic)

d) who is your favourite otp/friendship/interaction and why? (no judgement)

e) what was the first game you played and what made you enjoy it?

f) Team Rose? Team Dark? Team Sonic or Team Chaotix? Who are you on?

g) Did you ever create a sonic OC? Who were they and are they still around?

h) Classic Style or Modern style? Do you prefer art style of one, or gameplay of another, or do you like both? -discuss

i) Which character do you not give enough time or attention to? And why not? Do you want to pay them more attention? 

j) What level would you love to see the most either remade in modern style or classic style and why?

k) What is you favourite OST or song from the series?

l) If you had to be a sonic character for the day who would you be? Cosplay, kin, nearest your personality, coolest backstory, favourite - why would you pick them? And what would you do differently in their shoes if anything?

m) Who or what is your favourite villain, robot or badnik? And why?

n) What is your favourite sonic themed meme of all time?

o) What is your favourite NON-GAME canon series? This can be from comics, books, cartoons or movie if you’ve seen them.

p) what is your best headcanon? In fact just go mad with headcanons!!! 

q) What is your favourite sonic merchandise you either own or want to own?

r) What was your favourite boss bottle?

I can’t think of any more right now but ummm enjoy. send stuff like SONIC MEME A) …. to people who reblog this so they know what it’s from


I’m sure everyone is pondering over what type of backstory Infinite has or how his role will play out, but I’m just asking myself ‘what if he turns out to be bat-crap crazy, like Zant form Loz Twilight Princess?’ I doubt Sonic Forces would go that dark, but it’s a fun Idea so I decided to make a crack comic about it. xD Oh and in case you’re wondering why Sardonyx is wearing a different outfit it’s because: A) Her usual attire got a bit roughed up in this picture and B) I just wanted to test out drawing her in an actual outfit available for the custom-made hero. |D

Also if you can guess where the minor reference came from in this, then props to you. //SHOT

Fresh offthe Fini-Mun press! 

This here be my fancharacter, Serena. She’s the daughter of none other than Snively, constructed for a personalized Sonic setting. She’s a wee little gearhead and quite blissfully unaware of the truth regarding dear old dad, who for the moment has no clear where she is or if she’s even alive… though all that might change in the future. 

….and yeah, I built her to try and fill the void left by Hope and to stretch my creative muscles while doing so ID

Big props to @fini-mun for making her turn out awesome. 

Well now I have the transformation of Tails … but I got it cost me. But we go with the details:
He has 4 queues that improves speed and flight, their weapons are energy chain as in the original, a tool that could change at any ammunition and hand that is as attacks that appear in the teaser.
Also inspire me in some, for example in @drawloverlala, @fini-mun and Sonic Adventure. Hope you like :)
P.S: I think it may make them very bizarre, but hey that is going to do. Certainly he has a ponytail at the nape.

Hoo, hot offf the presses courtesy of Fini-Mun, this here is a design for Bunnie Rabbot for my personalized Sonic setting, as rendered and interperted by the artist, and dang if she ain’t amazing looking!

In this world, the Roboticizer process leaves nanites that will continue the job regardless of how far along a subject was before escaping. The nanites are slowly converting Bunnie into a Robian- not shown here is the wholly Roboticized spinal chord that she has and that she hides under her jumpsuit. Luckily, through a device known as the Nanite Suppressor, she has a means of staving off her fate… for now, anyway. 


This has to be the first Sonadow picture I have done in 4 years, is that unbelievable or what? I’ve deprived myself of this ship. Not to mention I haven’t been drawing Sonic recently so hopefully the picture didn’t come out too weird. AHh, I have finally given SOMEONE a birthday gift, I am horrid at that, especially if I lack time and motivation. But welah~ <3 @blue-needle

The Prodigal God Returns...

(Part 7/7)

Summery: Having finally recovered all seven of his emeralds, Chaos sets out to the domain of Solaris. Assuming only danger has befallen her, Chaos aims to demand the omnipotent entity tell him where to find his friend Tikal. However, having been absent for millennia, the Sun God sees this visit as a chance for all the order to finally meet and address their issues with the aquatic aggressor.

((In This Part: Their battle comes to a close, Chaos the clear loser. Opting not to continue, Chaos drops to a knee to apologize in hopes of leaving. He is attacked by his peer sensing weakness, and saved by another for a far greater reason. With some unlikely help, Chaos is allowed to escape back home to plan a rescue mission.))
Part Length: Longest

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