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Hey Galaxy, how'd you a Scourge meet? What were your first thoughts on each other?

Neither of them expected what was going to happen.

Edgy Lost Hedghog
Edgy Lost Hedghog

According to Sonic, Shadow is nothing but an Edgy lost hedgehog, cant really disagree there can we?

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the signs as things i've heard people i know irl say
  • Aries: "I'll put your face away!"
  • Taurus: "I want to go to sleep and wake up next year when I have all my qualifications."
  • Gemini: "It feels like days since I was last in the existential crisis chair."
  • Cancer: "You know what's the best antidepressant? A cat."
  • Leo: "The SQA are my enemies."
  • Virgo: "Do I hear stupid over here?"
  • Libra: "No I don't like him, I like his jumper."
  • Scorpio: "I win, I have paper." "No I win because I nearly broke your hand!"
  • Sagittarius: "She looks like a spoon."
  • Capricorn: "Don't punch the computer."
  • Aquarius: "Haribo smut."
  • Pisces: "I have a secret meeting with Sonic!"

Did you know that the game Shadow the Hedgehog is a filthy shipper, on top of everything else?

Say you like Shadamy. There’s a path you can take to make their romance bloom!

Here, Shadow obeys Black Doom until he meets Amy in Cryptic Castle - then his love for her reedems him, and he turns into a pure hero until the very end. How romantic!

But maybe you’re into Shadouge more. You’re in luck, because there are two paths for you!

Same story, except it’s meeting Rouge in Digital Circuit that makes all the difference.

If this is too perfect, there’s a less smooth version:

Shadow falters for a bit in Prison Island before keeping being a hero. This is the story where Shadow finds Charmy so annoying that he’d rather ruin his perfect hero record than help the bee and his stupid secret disks. But he still manages to honor Rouge’s wishes <3

(or alternatively, this is the path the player can take to avoid losing their will to live in Lost Impact, but that’s a different matter)

And believe it or not, the game supports Sonadow (and a bit of Knuxadow) too!

Here, Shadow is on a quest for himself only, caring for nobody in his way… but apparently he has a soft spot for Knuckles, as he helps him in Glyphic Canyon before keeping himself neutral once more… but when he meets Sonic in Space Gadget, our blue hero manages to sway Shadow on his side, and he turns on the side of good just in time, just for Sonic.

This game is a big fanfiction in more ways than you ever imagined :D

AU - Speed Demon

  • Name: Genos
  • Alias: Swift Speed
  • Rejected Aliases: Boost Burst, Speedy Quick, Racing Racer, Shitty Stalker
  • Rank: None / Freelance Mercenary
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Goal: To find and destroy the Mad Cyborg.

The moment he first witnessed Speed-o’-Sound Sonic dispatch an entire platoon of mysterious beings, he knew he had to study under him. Such speed, such precision, not a single wasted movement (aside from some initial bragging, but someone so talented had every right to show off every once in a while); for the first time since becoming a Cyborg of Justice, Genos began to think that raw strength wasn’t the only path towards his revenge. After all, what was more dangerous than an enemy you couldn’t see coming?

With his decision to pursue the path of speed and concentrated, effective attacks, Genos requested Kuseno to alter his body to be more aerodynamic, his Sensei’s frame serving as a model. His heat cannons were focused into more powerful, smaller weapons, and several types of blades joined his repertoire.

At first the ninja was not interested in taking a student, but Genos wore him down with sheer stubbornness, bold-faced praise to his skills, and exploitable household abilities. Sonic immediately regretted his decision when Genos began getting in the way of his assassination contracts, half guilting, half sabotaging any criminally-inclined jobs the ninja intended to accept. Were it not for the cyborg’s willingness to search for new freelance contracts for Sonic, the ninja would’ve stabbed him in the core several times over. There’s also the fact the cyborg learns frighteningly fast, which Sonic sees as good training to better his own techniques, but he’ll never admit to that aloud.

Genos has no delusions about his Sensei’s shitty attitude, and while they butt heads very often and can’t keep from insulting each other at every turn, Genos genuinely respects Sonic Sensei. But only because his stalking of the man allowed him to coin in on his innocent self-consciousness over his bad habit of grinning too wide, and his kindness towards animals and people that don’t immediately piss him off; even his horrible naming skills can be kind of adorable sometimes.

He’s still a bitchy asshole, though.

The public despises you with good reason, Sensei, but I’ll still follow you anywhere.“

I’ll easily admit this one’s just crack.


So when I was still looking for a pet hedgehog I was looking up breeders online who were near by and looking for available baby hedgehogs. It was really hard trying to find them because you have to buy in advance and the babies I saw were all taken and had deposits on them. 

Anyway, after a few hours of searching I saw one breeder and they had photos of some of the parents and this particular breeder had named their Hedgehogs Sonic and Shadow. They had bred them and named their babies, Tails, Blaze and Amy. 

Shipping has gone too far. 


I just had to rewatch the Sonic X ending theme… Those lyrics, along with the fact that they chose to show Sonic meeting up with Amy, out of all characters, gives me the feels ;;

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Probably too early to ask this but is Sonic Forces good? I legitimately thought 4 years of dev time + a return to the colors style of gameplay could end up making this the best "modern" sonic yet.

It’s bad. I haven’t beaten the game yet, but I’ve played a good enough amount to share my thoughts on it.

I think they lied when they said it was made by the same people who did Colors and Generations. Because this really feels like it was made by someone who haven’t made a game before and only seen some gameplay of Colors and Generations.

Level design is super linear and really forgiving. It just feels like an automated course where you just hold forward and jump sometimes. Sometimes turn left and right too. Enemies aren’t a threat either, they just stand there and sometimes fires a very slow moving projectile at you after a few seconds of waiting. Levels feels really short too, like it feels like they’re over before they even get started. It takes about 2-3 minutes, which isn’t bad but the level design just doesn’t get anywhere other than making you hold forward most of the time. At one point in a 3D part as Modern Sonic I just ran off the edge because I was so used to the game doing the turns automaticly. And the few times so far the game have made me do platforming as Modern Sonic, it feels really bad. Like it’s really hard to turn into the other direction when in mid-air and it just feels wrong. It’s not really a momentum thing like in the Mega Drive games, it’s more just like a a really bad attempt at replicating it. Speaking of Mega Drive games, Classic Sonic isn’t good either in this game. His levels are also super linear. At least he stays silent and doesn’t comment on every single thing that is around him like Modern Sonic does.

In Classic Sonic’s chemical plant stage they did a little throwback to that one part in Sonic 2 when the liquid started rising and at the top of it you had to jump on the platforms that were moving left and right, and if you fell off you would most likely drown. But in Forces they made it super easy because there’s a current in the water that pushes you up again if you fall into it, so you’re not in danger at all.

I still don’t really get why Classic Sonic even is in this game. He appeared because of the Phantom Ruby, yeah. But he doesn’t really add anything to the plot. They said at first he was from another dimension, but when Modern Sonic meets him later he says “It’s been generations since we last met.” which obviously implies it’s the same Classic Sonic as in Generations. But in that game it was just Sonic from the past.

Story is bad too. It tries really hard to be dark but just ends up sounding stupid. One of the first cutscenes in the game has Knuckles walking into the room and going “I’m glad to see you’re all still alive.”

And it just keeps going.

The game starts with a Modern Sonic Green Hill level where you hold forward and jump sometimes. And in the cutscene afterwards he meets Infinite and is defeated by him. The game then explains that Eggman manages to take over almost the whole world now that Sonic is gone. Sonic’s friends thinks he’s dead and they’re struggling to do anything. And then the dialogue before Stage 2 is them finding out Sonic’s actually alive and just kept prisioner while being “tortured”. It feels like the game has absolutely no attention span. Sonic was only seemingly dead between Stage 1 and 2.

Sonic looks like nothing has happened to him while being as snarky as ever, as if he was never actually “tortured”.

I also don’t get Sonic’s friends are so helpless without him. Why did they let Eggman take over the world as soon Sonic was out of the picture? Most of Sonic’s friends have defeated Eggman on their own in the past, so why is it such a big deal now? Even the avatar character who is completely new to this is handling it just fine.

Infinite is a joke and one of the worst Sonic designs I’ve seen. The cutscenes portray him as this powerful scary character, but once you fight him he’s super easy. And then the following cutscene shows your character nearly losing to him.

Music isn’t even that good either. It’s just lackluster, and sometimes “ok”.

The hud design is also really bad and looks like a placeholder. It’s nothing more than black rectangles.

It’s just a badly designed game with a bad story. I really hope this isn’t the tone in story later Sonic games are going for because this attempt at being dark is just ridiculous. I wanna say they’ll probably learn from their mistakes on this, but haven’t we been saying this about everything Sonic that came out after Generations? (excluding Sonic Mania of course)