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So when I was still looking for a pet hedgehog I was looking up breeders online who were near by and looking for available baby hedgehogs. It was really hard trying to find them because you have to buy in advance and the babies I saw were all taken and had deposits on them. 

Anyway, after a few hours of searching I saw one breeder and they had photos of some of the parents and this particular breeder had named their Hedgehogs Sonic and Shadow. They had bred them and named their babies, Tails, Blaze and Amy. 

Shipping has gone too far. 

AU - Speed Demon

  • Name: Genos
  • Alias: Swift Speed
  • Rejected Aliases: Boost Burst, Speedy Quick, Racing Racer, Shitty Stalker
  • Rank: None / Freelance Mercenary
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Goal: To find and destroy the Mad Cyborg.

The moment he first witnessed Speed-o’-Sound Sonic dispatch an entire platoon of mysterious beings, he knew he had to study under him. Such speed, such precision, not a single wasted movement (aside from some initial bragging, but someone so talented had every right to show off every once in a while); for the first time since becoming a Cyborg of Justice, Genos began to think that raw strength wasn’t the only path towards his revenge. After all, what was more dangerous than an enemy you couldn’t see coming?

With his decision to pursue the path of speed and concentrated, effective attacks, Genos requested Kuseno to alter his body to be more aerodynamic, his Sensei’s frame serving as a model. His heat cannons were focused into more powerful, smaller weapons, and several types of blades joined his repertoire.

At first the ninja was not interested in taking a student, but Genos wore him down with sheer stubbornness, bold-faced praise to his skills, and exploitable household abilities. Sonic immediately regretted his decision when Genos began getting in the way of his assassination contracts, half guilting, half sabotaging any criminally-inclined jobs the ninja intended to accept. Were it not for the cyborg’s willingness to search for new freelance contracts for Sonic, the ninja would’ve stabbed him in the core several times over. There’s also the fact the cyborg learns frighteningly fast, which Sonic sees as good training to better his own techniques, but he’ll never admit to that aloud.

Genos has no delusions about his Sensei’s shitty attitude, and while they butt heads very often and can’t keep from insulting each other at every turn, Genos genuinely respects Sonic Sensei. But only because his stalking of the man allowed him to coin in on his innocent self-consciousness over his bad habit of grinning too wide, and his kindness towards animals and people that don’t immediately piss him off; even his horrible naming skills can be kind of adorable sometimes.

He’s still a bitchy asshole, though.

The public despises you with good reason, Sensei, but I’ll still follow you anywhere.“

I’ll easily admit this one’s just crack.


I just had to rewatch the Sonic X ending theme… Those lyrics, along with the fact that they chose to show Sonic meeting up with Amy, out of all characters, gives me the feels ;;


..World meet Sonic; Sonic meet World.. ✖️🐹✖️ #Sonic #SonicTheHedgehog #Hedgehog #Hedgie #BallOfSpikes #MyFirstChristmas #DaddysLittleBoy #SantasLittleHelper #HelloWorld 🌎

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so i had a thought

okay, so there is one universe out there where shadow and maria(and possibly gerald)

you know what that one universe is?

the wreck it ralph verse

“but tada!” i hear you typing already, “wouldn’t they just be like brad, since they were killed before the game began? simply memories?”

that would be the case…in sonic adventure 2

but what about shadow’s game?

from what we’ve seen in the wir verse, if a character has a programmed in-game model, they are a sentient and living being, whereas cutscene characters…aren’t, necessarily? like if they’re in a pre-rendered cutscene, they aren’t a person, but if they have a model, then they can do whatever the fuck they please. We can see numerous examples of this, from the spectators in Sugar Rush, all the way to the nicelanders in Fix it Felix! Not to mention the miscellaneous soldiers in Hero’s Duty? The list goes on. Anyway, I digress.

The case COULD be argued that Maria would possibly be able to move around and such in SA2, as she does have a full model, BUT it was only used in cutscenes so we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt? However, we know for an ABSOLUTE fact that Gerald does NOT have an in game model so he is DEFINATELY not gonna be hanging around Tapper’s after hours.


In Shadow’s game, guess who you get to run around with in mutliple levels? Maria Mother Fucking Robotnik. Gerald is debatable, as he does appaear in regular cutscenes, as opposed to pre-rendered, so he DOES have an in-game model this time around, so who knows?

so basically what i’m saying . WHAT i am SAYING. is that in each of our gamecubes and ps2s, maria can, like, be alive?? and happy??

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Can you write something about Sonic and Amy meeting their Boom counterparts? Idk how they ended up in their universe, could be the same as how that smart knuckles ended up on the normal boom universe. I just wanna see how Boom Sonic and Amy would react to Main Amy's more flirtatious and direct personality.

(x) <– thought it was a cool image, lol

I have done something similar to this where Modern Sonic met the Boom crew, but having the whole gang there or something could be fun xD


“But what if they don’t like us?”

“Sonic. You’re like… the first ever American made universe that’s also purely owned by SEGA. They’ll love you!”

“Ermm…” Boom Sonic twiddled his fingers. “But what if I’m not cool enough.” he stopped walking, folding his arms and looking away. “I mean, you’re in luck. Pfft. As much as I’ve heard, you’re counterpart’s gonna think you’re so cool just cause you can handle yourself. Me? I’m competing against other sonics here!” he gestured to Amy before tugging on his own quills.

Boom Amy rolled her eyes, and pulled on his arms so he would let go of his quills, causing a funny cartoon sound effect as the quills shook back into place. This also startled Boom Sonic out of his rantings.

“Calm down, Sonic! And for your information, my counter part can take care of herself too!” Boom Amy got a little offended, as Boom Sonic held up his hands apologetically, before the other two walked in.

Modern Sonic and Amy smiled, seeing the two that they were suppose to meet.

“Oh! It’s them!” Amy excitedly tugged on Modern Sonic’s arm, and then raced over to them.

“Woah! Amy, hold up!” Sonic warned, as she skidded to a halt, looking back at him with an excitedly warm smile on her face.

“I know, I know. Gentle.” she motioned her hands down, letting her hoop dress bounce a little in the action, before moving over to Boom Sonic, and taking his hand immediately before he could even say hello. “Hi, Boom! I’m Amy! Amy Rose!”

“O-oh…um… hi.” Boom Sonic looked down at the hand, then her face, then his hand again before raising his other one to greet her.

He then used it to make a side comment to Boom Amy, “Fast, isn’t she?”

Boom Amy giggled, “She’s confident in herself, see? We’re like- twins.”

Boom Sonic comically rolled his eyes, before noticing his Modern counterpart walk to the side of Modern Amy.

“We’re thrilled to have you here!” Modern Amy exclaimed, nodding her head before releasing his hand, and then pulling her arms back, leaning to look at Modern Sonic. “Aren’t you gonna say hello?”

“I was getting to that.” he remarked, and moved a fist out for Boom. “Nice to meet you!”

“You too!”

The two side-pumped with their fists, and smiled neutrally.

Boom Amy smiled, seeing they were getting along just fine, and her Sonic had nothing to worry about-…

“Ohh~ I like your dress!”

Boom Amy turned to Modern Amy, who was examining her hip line.

She suddenly scooted up beside her, and then put her hands down on her hips, and pushed her dress down, trying to keep the corners from sticking up.

She then gasped, “Ah! We’re so pretty!” she giggled, looking up at Boom Amy.

Boom Amy blinked her eyes a moment, before they sparkled and she gripped Modern Amy’s hands. “I’m SO gonna love it here!”

“Ah-ha! Me too!” Modern Amy nodded, “You’ve just GOTTA tell me where you shop!”

“Oh, you know. The village’s got some great thrift shops.” Boom Amy fanned out her hand.

“Looks like they’re getting along.” Modern Sonic looked over to the Amys, completely absorbed in their conversations. “It’s good to see her enjoying her first real ‘other’.”

“’Other’?” Boom Sonic looked back at Modern, who turned to him, surprised he didn’t pick up on the lingo.

“Yeah. You know. There’s a bunch of universes. But SEGA only really owns a few.” Modern Sonic looked back to Modern Amy, happy to see her smiling. “Amy doesn’t always get along with the other girls… she tends to be very forward. To others, that can come off abrasive.”

“Abrasive? Her?” Boom Sonic looked back at the two Amys, “Gee… I just thought she was confident.” he shrugged.

Modern Sonic glanced back at him, and laughed, unfolding his arms and placing his hands on his hips, leaning down. “You’re the first Sonic to get that besides little me. Haha!” He looked back up, and nodded. “So? Did you get that vibe off of her Boom counterpart too?”

“Oh? What? M-My Amy..? Confident…” he slowly looked over to her, seeing her cheekily poking at her Modern counterpart, as she hid her face and squee’d away, seeming to blush at something they were talking about before laughing.

“Y-your Amy?” Modern Sonic raised an eyebrow. “Now you sound like the confident one.”

“YAAH!” Boom Sonic flinched, jumping slightly as if electrocute and quickly shook his head and hands out. “N-No way! Nu-uh! Amy’s-”

“Scary?” Modern Sonic blinked, seeming to test this new Sonic out…

“S-s-sca.. what? No, I was gonna say intimidating.” Boom admitted.

Modern Sonic laughed again, “She can get pretty worked up over things.”

“Are you… are you testing me?” Boom suddenly caught on quite fast.

“Don’t skip a beat, do you?” Modern winked, before looking up at the sky. “Well, while their distracted, want to run?” he challenged him.

“Heh, you bet!” Boom saw that signature smirk, and matched it, flicking his nose with his thumb to imitate Modern Sonic’s usual gestures, which only made him roll his eyes and shake his head. “I’ve been dying to get out of here all day!”

“Great! I hate staying inside too long!” The two Sonics nodded in agreement, before…

“And where do you think your going?” Modern Amy had her hands on her hips, as the two boys slowly turned from having one leg already up to the window.

“…Umm…” Boom Sonic looked to them,… and then his other.

Modern did the same, but without speaking. “…Shopping?”


The two girls ran down the stairs.

“Why would you say that!?” Boom glared back at him. “Now they’re gonna wanna keep up!”

“If you let them.” Modern Boom winked, “Now come on! Before they see which direction we head off too!” He pushed the window up and jumped down.

“Alright. I like you’re thinking!” Boom jumped after him.

(I hope this is something like what you wanted xD They’re meeting the Boom characters in SEGA for the first time, much like my Sonic IRL fanfiction xDDDD but obviously, different. I know she didn’t really, ‘flirt, flirt’ but basically, it’s hinted at that Boom Sonic would just have taken that as ‘confidence’. Like Boom Amy suggested XD Plus, Sonic asked her to chill out as you saw him warning her about being so direct, so she tried to tone it down. Still, I hope this worked for you!!! If not, I can always try again with something different >x<)

Sonic headcanon: After their defeat by the hands of Sonic, the Deadly Six would discover that their robot controlling abilities don’t work anymore. In light of this, they’d go on their separate ways:

-Zazz, still hungering for destruction, would join Eggman’s army and become a new regular enemy for Sonic to face (though his incompetency would be somewhere between Eggman and Orbot & Cubot.) He’d also become a frequent enemy the Chaotix would face.

-Zomom would give up his destructive ways for being a cook for a take out (that makes chilli dogs.) He’d be the first to meet Sonic after the D6 breakup and explain what happened. He’d also still care for his brothers despite what happened.

-Master Zik would retire to a hidden Chao garden and attempt to regain his inner peace. He’s still quite bitter about Sonic and his world, but he won’t actively try to destroy it now, instead focusing on improving his mind and spirit.

-Zeena would decide to go on a quest to discover the lost origins of the Zeti. She wants to know what her heritage is and how they ended up in the Lost World to begin with. While on her travels, she’d gain companions to aid her search, though she won’t admit they’re friends as she’s still rather snooty.

-Zor would be recruited into G.U.N, not to his liking but goes along with it anyways. He gets paired up with Team Dark on occasion, much to everyone’s displeasure. He’d also start a secret poetry jam with Shadow.

-Zavok will go to seek out Sonic by himself, while giving himself the title “The Deadly One” after his old team name. Still with the power boost he had from the end of Lost World, he’d terrorize a city or capture a friend of Sonic to call him out, and even when he loses, he’d get back up and make a better plan to crush him, like right after Sonic fought a really tough battle and is weakened.

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Who is the character on the far right in the Sonic girls pic? She looks like a fox with red hair. I've never seen her before. o.o

This is Tiara Boobowski.

She was designed to be in the cancelled Sonic X-treme and Sonic Mars. 

Here’s what Wiki says~

Christian Senn, her creator, intended for her to be a love interest for Sonic, adding romantic tension to the story.[6] He had hoped that the story would show Sonic meeting his “match” in Tiara, but the stories the team developed had to focus on bringing together the levels and supporting a basic premise of good against evil. He feels that they still could have focused on the interactions and relationships between characters more than they did, and if they had the game would have been more rewarding and deeper.[7] - Game Play Clip

Tiara was developed to be a spunky female protagonist who could match Sonic the Hedgehog in attitude. Christian Senn later admitted that, should she have ever materialized completely, she would be a “girl power” character. She varied from the typical “damsel in distress” seen in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.[1]

  • Tiara has a cameo appearance on page twenty of Archie ComicsSonic the Hedgehog #134, standing next to Amy in front of the stage as Sonic and Sally break up. She is seen in the bottom right of the crowd.
  • Tiara has a second cameo in Sonic the Hedgehog #138 in the scene at Uncle Chuck’s diner. She can be seen taking orders at the table on the right.
  • She is the second female-cat character to be a scrapped character, the other one being Honey the Cat from Sonic the Fighters.
  • She is the first and only organic, non-super classic character to have an eye color other than black. Her eyes are blue or green in the character sketches.
  • Ian Flynn has said on several occasions on his message board and Twitter that given the go ahead and the opportunity, he’d like to incorporate Tiara and Gazebo Boobowski into the Archie Comics.
  • According to a recent Q&A, Ian Flynn has said Tiara and her father will never feature in the comic books, but did not disclose the reason as to why.

There you are :) The long forgotten ‘Almost’ love interest, power type girl character in Classic Sonic xD

Our Secret Meetings (Boom!Sonamy Episode)

I wrote this in January, so if it seems a little less revised than the others, I was too lazy to fix anything.

I just wanted to try something a little different. Come outta mah comfort zone for a sec, ya know? (This will probably have a episode cover soon…probably)

Amy pressed her lips against Sonic’s softly, pressing her body close to his as her hands clutched his scarf. Sonic had his hands placed on both sides of her head against the wall.

This was another one of their secret kissing sessions after Sonic confessed his feelings for Amy during a steamy argument. It had been accidental, but they both knew what the other was thinking and went in for the inevitable, not resisting the heat of the moment.

Amy parted from Sonic’s lips softly and stared dreamily into his eyes. “You know. The others might find out eventually. Sticks is always spying on me even though she thinks I never notice.”

“Yeah? Is she spying now?” Sonic asked, his eyes half-lidded as he looked to the side, gesturing behind him. Amy leaned her head down to see the window and shook her head.

“Nope. No sign of her.”

“Well then..” he dashed toward all the windows and closed the blinds before dashing back into the same position in front of Amy, startling her a bit. “I don’t think we have anything to worry about. ‘Sides..” he gently took her hands in his and raised them to his chest. “I don’t regret that little blunder of mine one bit. I meant every word of it, Amy. I’ve always had this gut feeling that I should say something, but I was never sure if you felt the same. After the "U-T” incident though, I kinda had a feeling.“ he said as he began to caress her face with his right hand and she moving her head toward it.

"Sonic, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to tell you. I didn’t know if you felt the same either and, well…” she looked down bashfully before continuing, “I was hoping that if I kept it hidden, it’d protect our friendship. I didn’t want you losing track of what’s important. You’re needed way too much to be tied down to me.”

Sonic tilted her chin up to face him. “I’d rather be tied down to you than anything else. Amy…don’t you ever think you’re not important enough to me. That’s one thing I’d never like to hear from you…or any of my friends for that matter. And what’s this about protecting our friendship? Haha, Amy, you’re so adorable.” he said, cupping her face and nuzzling her nose tenderly. She giggled, placing her hands on his wrists and nuzzling his nose as well.

“Oh, Sonic, you’re so-”

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  • *Sonic meets with Saitama for a new mission*
  • Sonic: So it's basically just gathering information at this party? Easy enough, Stealth should work for this.
  • Saitama: *Shakes head* nope, we need you to actually talk to people there. So you have to go undercover for this one
  • Sonic: *arches a brow* hey genius, half the hero gang knows what I look like. I'll be shot at before I walk through the door.
  • Saitama: *grins* Oh we know, that's why Genos and Kin are going to help you with a disguise
  • *Sonic looks to the side as Genos folds his arms over his chest, little Kin hopping up and down with excitement*
  • Kin: Dress up! Dress up!
  • Sonic: *groans* just don't make it something tacky
  • *Sonic walks out from the back dressing room in a long black, backless dress with a silver necklace and silver bracelets on his wrists. His hair clipped up in a pin up style with make up to match*
  • Sonic: *grumbles* You know they will still recognize me, right?
  • Saitama: We're taking extra precautions for that, we got you a date. They won't be quick to pick you off if you're there with a hero.
  • *Hellhound walks in*
  • Hellhound: Cool it, Slick. I wouldn't go with you anyway. I was picking up your date. He's a little jumpy around the bosses so I had to go get him. *Steps aside as Mumen Rider stands behind him in a tux*
  • Mumen Rider: H-hello.
  • Sonic: *Face goes red* I'm going to kill all of you later
  • Saitama: You can try
  • -------------
  • *Later at the hero gang party*
  • Sonic: I don't see why they didn't just ask you to give us information
  • Mumen Rider: Oh, I can't give information like that to the villain gang but there's nothing saying I can't escort a member here.
  • Sonic: enjoy finding loopholes don't you?
  • Mumen Rider: Heh, I guess I do
  • Sonic: That's adorable
  • Mumen Rider: What?
  • Sonic: I said you're stupid, come on I have work to do