sonic magical girls

magical-girl-blair answered your question “Torn between shorts and trousers for my Shadow cosplay. Like, trousers…”

For some reason I always feel like Shadow wears shorts for some reason, like whenever I see him grinding on stuff lol

See, I think this works but only really in the context of SA2. 
Like, the shorts make him look kinda young and seeing him this adorable WITH GUN is kinda… 

You know what, adorable child with gun isn’t much worse than cartoon hedgehog with gun. 


(red parts would just be bodypaint xD)


SHADOW: When I take off my inhibitor rings, I start to lose control…It’s not immediate but I can tell that the control I have over my chaos energy begins to slip. And as it slips, the power increases. I haven’t taken them off long enough to really experience the true potential of my powers, and I don’t really want to. Sometimes knowing that I could have so much power….it’s honestly terrifying.