sonic lost world spoilers

It’s a shame that this bit is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it (well, not anymore. I catched it!)

Because this is probably the best scene in the entire game.

After all the crap he had to go through, after all the suffering, after all the depressing moments, after all hope seemed to be lost forever…

Sonic can finally be happy. Sonic can finally smile again.

Tails is back. His surrogated little brother is back. His best friend that he thought he had lost forever, is with him again.

There’s no joy greater than that.

I… hate the fact most people, when talking about Tails in Lost World, get angry and say he’s an obnoxious asshole who loves to knocking Sonic down a peg, only cares about himself and is generally annoying throughout all of the game.

Yes, even I agree that he’s a bit annoying when he swagger about how he build a tv out of paper clip ect, Even I wanted to punch him when he said “ya think?” after Sonic admitted he should have listened to him. Even I wanted to shut him up when he yelled “why you trust Eggman more than meh?!?”

…but then he gets better. Why people fail to realize this?

After the Cubot incident (Tails is so desperate to prove he’s better than Eggman that he gives Cubot a new body, but he inadvertely turns him into a killer machine) Sonic gets pissed and scolds Tails. Does Tails yell back and be even more of an asshole?

External image

No! He feels sorry and sad! He realizes he was doing it wrong!

Then they run into the Zetis’ trap. Tails realizes it’s… well, a trap, but Sonic ignores him. What does Tails do? Does he let Sonic get captured out of spite?

No! He panickingly (you see the look in his face, do you?) tries to save Sonic and sacrifices himself. The priority in Tails’ mind is clerly Sonic’s safety, and NOT his own selfish desire to be recognized by everyone.

Fast forward to Lava Mountain. Tails scares the crap out of the Zetis and forces them to run away like pussies. Sonic shows his happiness to have Tails back, then run after the Zetis to finish them off once and for all. What does Tails do?

External image

A gesture that probably means “Good luck, Sonic!” or “or "You can do it, Sonic!” or “Kick their asses, Sonic!”. Bear in mind that no one is around to see Tails doing this gesture, yet he does it anyway. This is not how a selfish prick acts.

Then Sonic defeats the Zetis. What’s the first thing Tails say?

External image

Y-ep. He compliments Sonic. Tails loves to swagger about his own technical abilities, but he never, NEVER, devalues Sonic’s merits.

Then Eggman pops out revealing his evil schemes, but Sonic defeats him too. Tails… yes, he swagger a bit about how he was right all along (he says: “you know you didn’t need Eggman, right?”), and Sonic apologizes and promises he’ll never doubt Tails again. Tails’ reply:

External image

It’s cool. It’s water under the bridge. No problem.

So, why is Tails an asshole again?

Oh yes, he is. But only in the first half of the game.

In the second half, he developes and goes better and better.

Dear friends, followers and tiny Sonic on the screen.

You are all gathered here today to witness the union of Lava Mountain Zone 4’s music and Tumblr user Holoska.

If anyone believes they know of any reason why these two should not be wed, please get out because this music is FREAKING EPIC