sonic logic

Sonic fandom logic.

Sometimes i seriously wonder about our fandom..

We have prominent figures in our fandom who seem more like Sonic haters, or Fans of anything but Sonic, whom start up bandwagons which undermine and or perpetuate negativity regarding our favourite Blue Blur series. 

Than comes this fandom itself. 
The fans who legit care, or love the series are so quiet.
And the haters who really are questionably fans, seem to be the most vocal.

It’s so fucking cringe seeing our fanbase sometimes. (Most times.)
Complaining or shitting on things that are so damn petty. 
“Omgawd! Infinite’s mask is a different colour..”
“OMGAWD! Iconic stages return!!!” (Note: if that’s a bad thing refer to image above.)
“OMGAWD! Sonic has a new power up!” 

Like seriously.. “Fuck off.” 

I recently saw a post who compared Mario to Sonic, coming off more as a Mario fanboy than a Sonic fan whatsoever.
Basically stating, Mario does so much, but Sonic hasn’t or doesn’t?

“Everything Sonic has done is discontinued or at a stand still.”
Well blue balls… Maybe it’s because with the Mario/Nintendo fandom, whenever Mario gets a new power up, fans are fucking stoked! 
They don’t even care about anything else, just that old Mario got a new power up.

Whereas when Sonic gets ANYTHING new, it’s bashed to shit by the so called “Sonic fans”. 
So how the flying fuck does Sega do anything or why would they want to make new sequels when the fandom itself are a bunch of ungrateful little cunts?
Just some perspective/food for thought. 
It’s sad as fuck to see such a dope series have so many haters/trolls instead of legit fans.

*Also any trollolos who think this post is just a fanboy complaining article:
This whole post is likely talking about you, ya fucking cunt. ;)