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You know how a lot of pictures show Sonic wearing normal headphones? Well, I found a way to make mostly normally shaped headphones work for him. I was partially inspired by those weird headphones with the cat ears on them.

This would work for all Mobians too! They all have the same ear placement and the shape of the ear doesn’t matter! It goes directly into the base of their ear, just like how our headphones work!

Now they can be comfy and functional. 🎶

bracecrescent  asked:

Heeey :) could you do a story about an AU @steffywolf did in which Sonic is mute, and Amy tried to learn asl (sign language) to make him feel more "fit in" in the world

(x) it’s cute you guys lol.

I took sign language for two years so I hope I can do this justice :) (Sonamy AU)


Amy sat with Sonic in the library, where he usually liked to read in silence.

She hated not being able to disturb him though, considering she wanted to practice more of her sign language. She had been studying on her own, but she loved it when Sonic taught her a thing or two, or corrected her ‘hearing signing’ which is when hearing people try to put english sentence structures to sign language. She had been working hard, but it still didn’t seem enough…

She flopped her head down on the book she was reading, and peered with a slight pout up to Sonic, who was nonchalantly going through a study book…


She leaned over to peek and noticed he was secretly reading a comic book instead.

She mused over that fact, knowing him not to be one to study, and smirked up at him.

He seemed to notice her movement and looked up. Seeing her sarcastic grin, he knew he had been found out and smiled back.


He smirked and leaned forward, off of his arm which was supporting him and humorously signed, BUT YOU STARE AT ME. NOT STUDY EITHER.

She snickered and sat back down, scooting forward.

“How do you sign, touche?” She stated, but also spoke freely in her whispered voice.

With Sonic’s acute hearing, he honed in on her voice, his ears twitching at the sound he’s been learning to pick up on since he first met her.

He smiled once again, and leaned forward, signing something similar to the idea.

But while moving his hands some girls came up to the table.

Suddenly, Sonic looked to the motion, and immediately stopped signing, going back to his ‘pretend’ of reading the study book.

“Amy?” One girl piped up, she seemed a cheerleader, as Amy was part of the social standing that would jump from one social ring to another.

The ‘kind, all-around girl’ is what most would call her, since she can get along with practically anyone at school.

Amy perked up and looked to the girl with her small ‘following’ behind her.

“Amanda? What’s up?” Amy smiled, as Sonic would shift his eyes to each movement, trying to ‘stay in the know’ but be secretive about it.

“Whose your new friend?” Amanda turned to Sonic, who didn’t acknowledge as he turned the page of his comic book.

“This is my friend, Sonic! He’s teaching me sign language, isn’t that cool?” Amy happily stated, gesturing to Sonic.

“…Oh, hello then!” She moved to reach her hand out, but by this time, Sonic wasn’t looking at the girls.

He was silently reading his book, being aloof, giving Amy her time to speak to the ‘outside world’…

She withdrew her hand, and looked somewhat concerned to Amy.

Amy sweat-dropped slightly and tried to politely smile, “He’s mute.” she practically said this as if there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. “But I’m sure he meant to say hello.” She gave him a slight scolding with a narrowing of her eyes, but he only ‘pfft’d at seeing her reaction and returning to being ‘distant’.

She flipped her hair, ushering a normal atmosphere once more to the conversation.

“Sonic says I’m getting pretty good at sign language. I think I might take a course next year!” 

Her charming jitters from excitement at her words were expressed through slight bobbing left and right, up and down in her chair; as if eager to introduce her new friend, hobby, and passion. 

The cheerleaders stop to process what she was saying about him.

Shifting their eyes to Sonic, they looked at one another and back to Amy, “Can he lip read?”

Sonic did pick up on that part of the conversation.

Sonic closed the book, rolling his eyes to the left, and seemed disturbed with a slight frustration or annoyance at the girls.

He started to get up, scooping up his jacket, which was slung over the chair in a cool but lazy manner.

Amy, noticing the shift in his behavior and attitude, immediately got up as well, leading over the table, calling out- “Sonic!”

He could hear.

But he chose not too.

Amy quickly waved the confused girls off, scrambling to get her things, and slung her backpack over one arm.

“I’m sorry, he’s kinda shy… See you girls later!”

Amy took off as the girls raised an eyebrow and continued on their way.

Charging out the library doors, Amy threw her arms down, still having her study book in her hand. “What was that ‘anti-social’ attitude all about back there?”

Sonic turned around, putting headphones into his ears, and frowning mildly.

“You know, if you want to make friends, you really ought to learn how to carry a conversation.” She then briskly walked up to him, gripping his hand from him lowering it to his side.

“Oh, and how to shake a hand.” She shook his own, matching his resentment with some sass, before he looked away and seemed to mutely groan.

“What’s your problem anyway?” she put her hands to her hips, as he seemed to shift his gaze to them.

Something sad was in his eyes,.. realizing her hands were still, lifeless, her mouth the only thing communicating… or at least trying too.

He turned his eyes away, as she continued to speak with her lips.

“It’s like you don’t want to connect with anyone.”

Sonic looked down, as if not disputing.

Amy suddenly noticed his hands in his pockets, after she had released them from her grip.

A sudden sorrow came over her, and realizing her error, she immediately signed, I SORRY.

Now he attentively looked back at her.


He seemed to bite at his lower lip, looking down before pulling his hands slowly out his pockets and returning with a hesitation to forming any signs.


Amy’s eyes bent back in care, looking up at him before back to his hands,.. seeming hurt that he might be grouping her into the same category.


Amy started to step up, signing back, IT NOT LIKE YOU GIVE FAIR CHANCE.

Sonic’s eyes widened, slightly looking back up to her, growing upset again.


Sonic gripped her hand, stopping her from signing any further as he looked down, seeming hurt by her words.

He then softly let go… slowly signing again. I CAN’T TRUST EASILY.

Amy sighed,… before a huge grin skimmed her face and she happily signed with a big, optimistic look on her face. AT LEAST —

She seemed at a lost suddenly, trying to sign ‘TRUST’ but couldn’t remember how he formed the word.

He chuckled slightly, inaudibly, at her attempts; before stepping forward, taking her arms and slowly moving up to her hands…

She blushed, feeling him slide to her hands to help her stop and form the correct shapes and movements to properly communicate.

They were so close now.. as if this conversation was intimate somehow… as if Sonic only wanted the two of them to see what they were saying…

As if anyone else here knew how to tell what was going on…

He let her hands go and seemed to notice how close they were, and shyly stepped back, rubbing the back of his head. Having a faint pink that could barely be detected on his cheeks, he seemed to try and avoid showing that he knew that.

She cutely smiled and signed the rest of her thought.


He looked back and signed, I DO TRUST YOU.

He then smiled and quickly signed again, BUT WHAT WITH?

Amy then spent the next few weeks introducing Sonic to other kids in the school. A handicapped kid named Tails who was a genius, born with two twin tails, was the first she sent him to befriend.

Sonic and him quickly learned how to write notes and were friends almost instantly when Amy started to help him learn sign.

Knuckles mostly mocked Sonic before losing a fight against him, impressing but also worrying Amy; however, this made Knuckles come back for more, and aggressively began to learn sign language to properly challenge Sonic time and time again.

It was odd making these kinds of friends… but Sonic was, without words that could express it, eternally grateful.

He smiled to Amy one day, as she asked for a new sign.

He seemed to grow uneasy, uncomfortable,… before forming with his hand the thumb out, index and pinkie finger up, and the middle and ring finger down.

She looked oddly at it, before her face lit up in shock, and turned to him.

“Isn’t that..?”

He looked away and tried to wave off the sign.

“Wait, wait, wait-!!!” Amy turned him back to face her, as he refused to look her in the eye.

He started to sprint off, repetitively signing, IT NOTHING. JUST NEW SIGN. NOTHING BUT NEW SIGN.

As he got away from her, she called and he spun around, seeing her sign it back and call out.


His heart felt it would leap out of his chest. (inspired by the pic lol)

(I kept forgetting he could hear and made some adjustments, cause i’m used to ‘sign language’ being for the deaf, you know?)

(I’ll leave it there, what do you think? :) I tried to practice using OBS studios to show you how I make a story. If I edit it, you can see me writing this on Youtube, We’ll see~ :) UPDATE: not very good frame rate -lag-, I fixed it slightly but I’ll let you see it if you want too. It was a test but my audio is spot on so at least that’s good :) ) (Youtube vid: x)


Listening on headphones :

- PAN SONIC - Gravitoni


- ELIANE RADIGUE - Transmorem transmortem



- JG THIRLWELL - Impoderable ost

- NURSE WITH WOUND - The surveillance lounge


- RUDOLF EB. ER - Brainnectar


I made some sonic humansonas because Im no longer afraid to say that I actually really do love sonic!!!

I’ll color them at a later date but for now heres Sonic, Tails and Amy!

Some headcanons:

-Sonic needs glasses
-Sonic was mute for a while and tails translated for him
-He doesnt use gel. His hair is just…Like That™ The more he runs the floofier it is.
-Tails either built himself some tails or he was born with them.
-Sonic got tails the kitty ear headphones
-Sonic has never worn pants. Ever. Even to formal events he shows up in shorts.
-Tails is just as bad, but hes 8 so he gets away with it better

[Please dont tag sonic and tails as a ship. They’re brothers in this!]


the red portions of shadow’s hair begin to glow when they’re flustered :) (so do the red patches on their back)

you all know by know i rp as shadow so before….fun valentines “RIVAL GET TOGETHER” (date) shadow gets sonic headphones after some CAREFUL RESEARCH to find out what he wants. probably got him the big ones that fit over your head yaknow