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i dont think i ever introduced all my sonic gijinkas on tumblr but here they are..!

i am going to Self Destruct 

presenting: ??????? THE ??????S?? from the ever growing sonic character generator meme oh my god

I dug up and drew as many as i could i know i missed a ton but featured here are those of: mine, @squeakybat @criminalcrow @plebiantologist @rauthrraven @veggiemadness @drawloverlala @fini-mun @spiritsonic @shinyzango @squigglydigglydoo 

they’re all horribly beautiful disasters and i unconditionally love all of them

id Love to shade and highlight these but 

If you ever do your own, tag it Sonic Character Generator so I can see! or SCG Meme for short!

Sooooo I’m kind of in the mood

to do a quick round of late night Sonic-related sketch suggestions! So many lovely new people have followed me because of my doofy Sonic stuff so why not! XD

-Sonic-related stuff only please!
-No OCs please. Official characters only!
-I will not guarantee that I’ll get to everyone. I can only draw so many. ;__;
-NO NSFW. Instant disqualification if this happens. Sorry. :(
-Violence is ok though!
-Please don’t reblog this post. This is something fun for followers/friends!
-Unless I feel like doing more at a later time, I’m only taking requests tonight. This post will be deleted when I’m done taking ‘em. The window will only be extended for close friends!

I think that’s it! Lay it on me by replying to this or sending me a message. <3

PART 3…. can you believe im still doing this
its just. Something to see them all in one image. I’m becoming numb to these designs they all look fine and im dead inside.

FEATURED IN THIS ONE are those of: @ultimatenightcore @dubstep-fox @pewun @dweepingangelw @celepom @goroose @bool-prop @winged-seahorse @a-jumping-spider @89animegirl @coolchao135 @everystarstorm @cliffedoodles 

@cript-art-blog submitted to fini-mun:

Hi, I’m the anon who asked about you giving critique… This is my oc Cole (the snowshoe cat)… This is the only full body reference I have atm- I made it just the flats, so that it might be easier to critique.

anyways here’s some info on him to help your critique; he lives in Holoska (which is basically Canada), has hydro-kenisis and I didn’t give him much to wear because most male sonic character don’t wear much. Just gloves and shoes.

Ps. If you’re going to tag me- tag me as “cript-art-blog”. Its the blog I usually use- its just happens to not be my main. (I wanted my ask blog to be)

Okay sorry for the long, long delay on this. You sent this to me back when I did that bottlenose redesign thing, so I’m guessing you wanted me to give similar input for your character (”How to make it look more SEGASonicish”).

These are just my personal thoughts, and this is your character so take from it what you will!

I didn’t draw the full body because it wasn’t important towards the points I was going to make, sorry if that looks odd.

  • I emphasized the star like shape the fur was making around the head. I always think with Sonic characters that it’s a good idea to find a strong shape and work with it. You could also turn the ends of the ‘points’ of the stars upwards a bit to be more like your original design, but I just wanted to emphasize the star-like quality.
  • I like the mask you did around the eyes a lot. Very snowshoe and adds visual interest to the face. The only thing I really changed was to make it more flush with the shape of the eyes. Think of how Marine’s eyemask follows her eyes.
  • I made the ruff around the neck more ‘poofy’ and going around the entire neck. I’m trying to invoke sort of the concept of a wooly jacket hood, since the character is a Holoska native.
  • I also added the fluff to the gloves and boots, but I’m thinking the colour may have been better white rather than lavender, or even a pale tan? But anyway I was trying to make the gloves and boots look somewhat heavy duty- gotta keep those extremities warm. Since Sonic characters don’t generally wear a lot of clothing, you need to work with the articles you do get.
  • I tufted the tail, a bit like Blaze’s. There’s really nothing wrong with the blunted tail, but SEGASonic characters don’t really do that and this is slightly more visually interesting/ties with the head shape better.
  • Small, small detail, but on the legs (and would have on the arms if it weren’t covered) I made the markings begin just a little down the leg and not immediately at where the leg joins the body. It helps emphasize the limbs as being ‘part’ of the body and not placed ‘onto’ the body, if that makes sense.
  • … I changed the colour pallete, obviously. A big thing I see fanartists do is use more natural colours for their characters. I’ve done it before myself, so I’m not saying ‘never do it’. But as a rule of thumb Sonic characters aren’t coloured anything like their natural counterparts. I picked a desaturated blue and purples for your character because they gave an ‘icy’ or even slightly ‘aurora borelias’ feel, to tie into the Holoska thing. It also played well with the teals of your character’s clothing.

I hope that helps you out. Like I said, it’s your character so you’re free to do as you wish. You can use any of these ideas or ignore all of them, that’s up to you :)

anonymous asked:

I promised myself I wouldn't do this, but screw it. I'd like some advice. I'm seriously getting sick of being a, for lack of a better term, "closeted" Amy Rose fan around the general Sonic fanbase. [while also generally being a closeted Sonic fan around everyone else] Am I perceiving a problem that isn't there and should just go for it, or should I give up and disconnect from the Sonic fandom, not engaging with anyone?

First off, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve felt the need to shun your fondness for Amy/the franchise for the sake of not getting on anyone’s bad side. No one should have to do that, and if anyone has seriously given you grief for liking those things, then balls to them. Your interests aren’t causing them any harm.

Secondly, you’re not as alone as you think you are in your Amy fandom. There are plenty of fans on this very site alone who are similarly fond of the character, such as myself, @greenyvertekins, @benignmilitancy, @cutegirlmayra, and @the-amazing-p3a. Amy may have her share of detractors, but I assure you that she has loads of fans as well, pleasant and understanding fans at that. :)

Thirdly, forgive the personal question, but are you still in your high school years? Because generally it’s people within that age group who are the most prone to picking on you for liking something like Sonic. As you get older, the people around you tend to be less likely to give you any hassle about it.

Ultimately, there’s no need to say goodbye to a character and franchise you love just because of the judgement of other people. Carry on loving Amy and the franchise to your heart’s content, search for other people that feel the same way so that you can see for yourself that you’re not alone, and don’t give any serious consideration to the words of anyone who talks down to you for it. It may sound easier said than done, and I sympathise with that, but if you keep at it, you’ll be in a much happier position. :)

Back in my own high school days, I was reluctant to bring up anything Sonic-related due to fearing how other people would judge me for it. But now? I couldn’t care less. I don’t feel ashamed for liking Sonic, and I’ve been much better off because of that.

brockpaperscizor  asked:

is sonic forces multiplayer? because theres no way that im paying $60 for a solo sonic oc generator. but if i can play with yall it might be worth

oh i dunno, it’s probably single player. you make a valid point. tbh though, if it had online multiplayer it would be pretty sick.

SonAmy Week - Childhood

Hoooooooookay, its finally done. This fic is the death of me and its the first thing I worked on before SonAmy Week started but I hadn’t finished it until now. I know I’ll make another post about this whole week once midnight in my time zone comes, but I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has taken part in SonAmy Week – literally, every single one of you are amazing and unbelievably talented! The amount of art & fanfictions I’ve seen have made my every day this week. I know that this years SonAmy Week hasn’t been as popular as last years but the fact being that you all still wanted to be apart of it has made me so humble. Making SonAmy Week a thing was a good idea after all, seriously you have no idea how happy this makes me feel. Just thank you for making this a once a year thing. <3

Anyway, I’ll stop my rambling xD Here’s my contribution to the last day of a wonderful week.

Prompt: “Hey we kissed once in kindergarten but I haven’t seen you since and I couldn’t remember why you were so familiar” AU

Sonic had never been much of a socializer

It wasn’t that he was antisocial he just never went out of his way to go to social gatherings, despite his laid back attitude and the fact he got along with anyone he spoke too. He just didn’t like being trapped in a tight coffee store where being close to a stranger meant touching their shoulder. He much preferred being by himself within his personal space and nothing else. In this case he had no choice.

He felt so awkward. Peachy, he thought to himself while watching Tails poking Kunckles’ shoulder to get his attention. The reason for their visit was because it started raining as the three friends were walking home. The rain started when they got one mile down the street and this coffee shop was the only shelter available as the other stores had closed by then. They ran across the road, Sonic getting there the quickest and stumbling inside like a drunk with two left feet.

That’s just it. You’re nervous…No. He wasn’t nervous. Just…okay.

So if he wasn’t nervous, then what was that jittery feeling clawing in the pit of his stomach that made him feel uncomfortable?

Hello, I’m Sonic. I’m supposed to feel agitated and fidgety. It’s just who I am.

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