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While in the games Eggman has never seen fit to have a single base of operations (largely because SOMEBODY keeps blowing them up), it’s always been a different story for his counterparts from other media! 

As varied as the incarnations of Eggman that inhabit them, there has never been a shortage of cool bases for the doctor to oversee his operations from, and so, I make this post in appreciation to the myriad bases and fortresses that Eggman/Robotnik have used across media. 

Egg-cellent, no? 

“Hi, my name is Sonic, and I like chili dogs, sunsets, long walks on the beach, and destroying cities.”
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Thank you @last-of-my-bloodline for the suggestion!

Hexafusion 10: idk some cool group title

I actually love Fleetway’s swirly eyes too much for my own good. but eh, what can ya do?

Also, i wonder if anyone looks up the names i give em… like those arent just names

Bonus Paneis:

So I was working on this for a few weeks but eh, I got occupied with other stuff and forgot  I wanted to submit this for Today derp, sorry this was rushed, I need to plann my shit beter, and I just want to focus on finishing my shit for the convention this weekend. I had to cut and remove a couple of characters from the sketch lol but Honestly in some case it was the better choice, I think this picture has enough Amys

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Canonically Evil NotSonadow

how didthis pairing came to be?

Well, while I was riding a trike back home, my song for Mephiles played (when you’re evil by voltaire) and after that my song for Fleetway played (devil’s train by labrats) and I thought “Hmm… Mephiles is the evil recolor of Shadow’s shadow, and Fleetway is supposed to be an evil alter-ego of super sonic, that’s technically Sonadow right there, but not sonadow at the same time”

Then this pairing was born meant for shits and giggles XD I told my two best friends who loves sonadow about it and they absolutely ADORED the idea! However, one wanted Seme Mephiles Uke Fleet, while the other one wanted Seme Fleet Uke Mephiles. And I decided that these two would have a battle every end of the month, and whoever is knocked unconscious first will be the uke of the month XD

They would have one hell of an abusively kinky relationship

Tbh I didn’t even know that this couple already existed and there are a scarce number of fanart for them

I’m still debating whether to call this couple Fleethiles or Mephleetway.