sonic doujinshi

teaser for a nsfw doujin i’m working on featuring sonic from opm. want to download it for free once it’s ready? become my patron and get access to all content related to this and more.  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) the comic will contain things like edging and tickling and i’ll provide warnings for any sensitive material

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Happy new year 2017!

I know my tumblr seems quite inactive the last months… It’s because I’m working on an important project (Personal Succubus) for which I have a deadline in March. And I really need the time:-(

Genos & Sonic need to wait until I finished my other project… But I did not forget the doujinshi! Genos & Sonic are still my favourite :3 (and the little Genos nendoroid arrived last week, can’t wait for a sonic!)

Hopefully you’re not angry with me and can wait for the sequel :(

Have a great time and celebrate 2017 <3 May it be the best year for you to come!


Second loaf of Genosonic bread… #cough - first page 

it’s still going ! ah i’m a bit further so i’ll keep posting more and more idk at what frequency but yeeess… 

1 : Sonic is silent while leaving.
2 : Genos, following him “Man, Slow down for fuck’s sake, you’re gonna-”
3 : Sonic “GTFO” so pissy-
4 : Genos “I just want to-”
5 : Sonic “JUST QUIT IT”
6 : Sonic grumbles
Genos “give you some–”
7/8/9 : Banana event, S falls in silent pain.
10 : consternation from G.
11 : G “man I knew you’d fall.. “
S “HHnnnGghhnnnn———–ffuuck offff”