The G.U.N. Project Part 3  will be released sometime next month. I haven’t picked an exact date to start it but it’ll probably be sometime some!

The fan comic will be posted three times weekly, on Mon, Wed, and Fri. It’s a lot shorter than my previous fan comic, The No Zone Archives, so hopefully there won’t be a need for breaks between a certain amount of pages.

Hope you guys are excited as much as I am!

Gonna start posting some of my comic coloring work along with paintings, try to liven’ up my Tumblr a bit =P

This is the variant cover I colored for “Sonic Universe” #88. Pencils by Diana Skelly and Inks by Rick Bryant. I went with the old school airbrush look for this, and I was stoked that my editor was totally on board with it. I’m actually working on another Sonic cover as I type this, should be cool when it’s done!

anonymous asked:

Sally Moon? was that actually real?

Yes, it was.

The pre-reboot Archie Sonic comic had multiple alternate universes, called “Zones”, that contained different versions of characters like Sonic, Tails, etc. Well, for some reason, it had such a hard-on for making said Zones where they just basically something like Sonic as some famous comic book characters, Tails but as Darth Maul(I’m not making it up), and it goes on and on. Basically just parodies of whatever was iconic or popular at the time.

One of the most infamous ones, was this one called the, “Luna Zone”, which was basically Sailor Moon, but Sonic.

I like how they just slapped Knuckles’ head on top a completely normal looking human body, by the way. Also, I personally think Antoine would have better fit a Tuxedo Mask type parody. I would say that it’s just another example of Ken Penders’ boner for Knuckles the Echidna, but this story wasn’t written by him. But I’m starting to trail off here.

And this short-ass, but weird, story ends with Sonic basically being all pissed because whatever his counterpart in that zone was didn’t end up getting the Sailor Poon.

The pre-reboot Sonic Archie comic series was… bizarre…. to put it in the most simplest way possible.(But looking at this at least makes me want to do these designs I had in mind for a Magical Girl/Boy Sonic AU I had in mind.)

todpolle  asked:

I'm thinking of giving the Archie Sonic reboot a chance(never read them) but what are your thoughts on the Sonic universe comics and would you recommend them?

Some Universe issues were amazing (Such as the recent storyline regarding the Egg Bosses taking back Eggmanland from the Naugus twins, the Silver Saga in Dark Mobius and Spark of Life), some had bad aspects (Like Treasure Team Tango, M30YL and Journey to the East) and most are good to in-between.

Overall? I’d recommend them. If also for the fact that if you’re reading the main series, quite a number of Universe issues are imperative to getting the full picture of the storylines. But there are stinkers and sparklers, so it’s somewhat of a mixed bag.


Rejected Poké Balls in Super Smash Bros, Vol. 1

Update: Click here to see Volume 2!

There could be so many of these, and it was really difficult for me to choose which Pokémon to include! I’d love to hear your suggestions for rejected Poké Ball Pokémon in Smash - if you have any ideas, send them my way, as I could definitely do another volume!

Full image version


Yes I do show my Sonic Love out in the real world….but there’s always that douche who has to keep reminding the Sonic fan that Sonic is not as popular as he used to be, yes I know that, but It’s just sad that he’s not treated as the hero he really is 。:゜(;´∩`;)゜:。

As always I’ll try harder in the next comic (;*△*;)