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rachel-the-wolf  asked:

Do you have any big plans in summer after the painful exams?

OH let’s see..

1- Completing the 25/26th Sonic Anniversary song comic/lyricstuck (I needed some content from Mania and Forces first to add them properly in the piece XD the more they show in the trailers,the better for me!)

2- Starting the Yami Yugi cosplay (gotta figure out how to do the dAMN WIG)

3-Opening some commissions and do some summer jobs( well two actually XD)

And I dunno,usual summer activities like going to the beach or visiting some places XD

My first internet fandom back in ye olde times! The Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog series was so engrossing. What really stood out to me as a child/teen was the female cast- many more characters than just the three I drew too. They were all so strong and diverse in their personalities and backstories. Each dealt with a variety of heavy issues told through mature storytelling that made me feel respected as a reader at such a young age. Rarely do I see that kind of approach anymore. What a gem of a series ❤


There’s something off about Tails…

                  Original Comic:

              The cast of amazing people!

                    (Tails and Rouge)
             ✧・゚: @sleepisfornerds :・゚✧

                 ✧・゚:  @idodubs :・゚✧
20+ hours of editing, three weeks of planning and waiting on audio, two voice actors, and my most innovative editing thus far.


So me and @troozart were evaluating Ken Penders Lara-Su Chronicles and this guy straight up is taking stock images from all sorts of places and using them in his “comic” and he even has taken stuff from old Archie comic issues.

Like here is the page:

and like I recognize this shit from the comics:

It’s from this page:

Like are you serious? Your going to use stock images from the company you sued????