sonic collections

Shadow: Okay, I’ll admit..Sonic and his friends have rubbed off on me. I guess I’m a little thankful for that. Hell, I’m a lot nicer than bef-

Infinite [ bumps into Shadow and walks away]: Sorry about tha-

Shadow: They’ll never find your body.


My husband @orengefox and I spent some time over the weekend re-arranging our Sonic display cabinet!

This isn’t our entire collection - far from it. These are just some of our favourite pieces 💙

(Yes, there’s a LOT of autographed stuff - we got everything signed in-person at various Summer Of Sonic conventions over the years!)


Here’s a collage of my best Miiverse posts throughout the years. As crazy as it was, I spent a lot of years there and I’m gonna miss the place.

  • Shadow: Rouge said that in order for friendships to grow, I need a better understanding of what they like. So why don't we play a game, of painball? You like painball right?
  • Sonic: Pretty sure we call it paintba-
  • Shadow: *shoots Sonic in the kneecap*
  • Sonic [falls down in pain]: SON OF A BI- NOW I GET!

This is unrelated to Forces but while I’m on a Sonic roll:

Sonic is, in universe, a renowned hero, right?

He probably has merchandise.

He probably has bootleg merchandise.

Imagine he, personally, loves weird knock-off bootleg Sonic merchandise, and collects them.

Here’s Sonic, in a kitschy tourist trap gift store somewhere absolutely in tears he’s laughing so hard it’s the best day of his life- “Guys. Guys look. look it’s me.”