sonic clifford

*requested by anon*

high on nitrogen gas and pain killers, you sit in the passengers seat while michael drives you home from the dental office. “I WANT A MILKSHAKE” you slur loudly. “okay i see a mcdonalds ahead” michael says calmly. “no, sonic i want a sonic milkshake” you beg. “How about i drop you off at home first so you can lay down and relax? i’ll get you a milkshake after” you two argue before you know it he’s turning down your block and carrying you and your bag of medication inside. “just lay down and watch a movie, i’m going to run to the store and get somethings okay?” michael asks. after he turns on big hero six, and kisses your forehead he leaves to get somethings from the store. you slowly drift off to sleep, falling from the high of the nitrogen gas. when you wake up michaels in the kitchen playing around with the blender. noticing you’re up he walks over to check on you, you’re evidentally in pain and michael’s smily face quickly fills with worry. he grabs you a bottle of water and a pain killer and hands it to you. “don’t worry beauty you’ll be feeling better in a few days”, he says gently, “let me get you a milkshake, made by yours truly for the prettiest girl on this planet” you flip him off, “my face is three times bigger than my body rn, and there’s blood on my shirt somehow i don’t feel pretty”. michael grabs the milkshake and hands it to you and sits you up before sitting down and placing your head on his lap, “everyone ever to exist could think you’re the most hideous person, and i’d still find you to be the most beautiful thing to ever exist…plus i’m in love with you” no more words were said and michael turned on big hero six since you were both there and conscious and there. Michael runs his hands down your sides and through your ponytail, until you fall asleep to the sound of his laughter.