sonic boom redesigns

Here I show you Silver and Blaze in Sonic Boom. This would be a sketch, but the design will be this one. Some day I will make it cleaner and more defined.
Silver would be a bit shy and embarrassing, but then it will open more, that would explain his cap.
Instead Blaze, it is because she belongs to the temporary guard.
I hope you like it AND GIVE ME A HUG !!!


I mixed elements of all the Sonics (cuter proportions and cool spikes from Tyson Hesse’s version of Classic Sonic, the more athletic body of Modern Sonic, and the bandana I guess was kinda based on Boom Sonic?) I also replaced his fleshy muzzle with fur/short spines since hedgehogs actually have that and not skin

I tried to make the bandana look similar to the old logos with sonic in the ring, but now that I look at it, it looks more like his shoes!
Speaking of shoes, I replaced his buckles with rings to go with the bandana’s classic logo theme. I also make the colors really vibrant, and that inspiration came from Sonic Mania, which I’m kinda addicted to right now

Please give me critiques and suggestions for my design, because i want to redesign all the characters. (I’m actually considering giving the blue boi his green eyes back, but I wanna see what you guys would think.) I already have a few ideas of some of them. Who knows, maybe I’ll even do something with these! ;)

A quick experiment to redesign Sonic the Hedgehog.  Like many I think the franchise is getting cluttered and confused, so this is basically what you’d get from me if you told me to reset everything back to zero and remake Sonic.

The old Classic design is my favorite, particularly in CD.  I think the most important thing in terms of personality is for him to look both cocky and cute, while physically communicating both his speed and his spikiness.  The newer designs strayed away from cute and made him much more like a laid-back teenager, but I think he has more appeal as a hot-tempered but lovable hero.

I do think the Modern and Boom designs have some nice qualities, and I tried to keep ALL incarnations in mind when coming up with this design.  I think Modern’s body shape that streamlines his torso into his legs makes more sense to convey his speed, rather than the original Classic design, in which is legs are basically noodles jutting out of a sphere.  The green eyes (an ever controversial subject) work for Sonic’s less vulnerable personality, but since I’m aiming for a cuter design I think the plain dark eyes work best.

I’m not a fan of Boom’s design overall, and I completely eschewed his overly lanky frame, sports tape, and blue arms, but I did try and think about what the designers had in mind when giving Sonic a scarf and extra spines.  I think the scarf has nice potential for adding some more balance to his color scheme, but Boom opted for a dull brown color which just sort of muddied the design, so I opted for red to match his shoes.  Giving him extra, smaller spines was an interesting idea, but in Boom they just look like a few awkward little hairs that distract from his iconic silhouette.  Here I just made his spines a bit more uneven in size and placement, but I think it’s important to keep his iconic 3-spine shape when viewed from the side.

Many folks have offered their ideas for giving Sonic a revamp, and the series has been a big part of my life since I was a kid, so I wanted to throw my ideas in there as well.  The fact of the matter is Sonic is such a huge and varied franchise that it’s difficult for anyone to agree on what direction he should be taken.  For me though, the Genesis titles are what made me love the series in the first place, and they did so with a uniquely geometric environmental design, and a character whose attitude was brash and overconfident, but nevertheless was one I’d always be willing to go on an adventure with.



I took some constructive criticism from my last design, mixed it with some reflection time, and made this! I’m thinking about giving it green eyes, but idk…

So, here’s a rundown of the decisions I made and why I did them:

THE MUZZLE BELLY AND ARM COLOR- With the additional warm colors that came from the scarf, I thought it would be beneficial to replace the peach skin color with a light blue. Also I think it looks nice!

THE FLUFFY MUZZLE- I did this because you could show emotion by changing the shape and angle of the fir at the end. For example, making it droop down when he’s sad, or spike up and go straight when he’s scared to name a few. Also, hedgehog muzzles and bellies look more like this

THE RINGS EVERYWHERE- This started out as just being on the shoes to replace the out of place buckle (he’s composed of circle and triangle shapes, so the random square shape seems a bit odd), but I thought adding them in a few other places would look cool and make it feel more consistent (maybe I went a little overboard though, lol)

THE SCARF- I think a scarf that could blow in the wind would be a good addition to a character whose main trait is being fast, as it could add interest to his silhouette and exaggerate his movements even more

THE PROPORTIONS- I adopted the cute mickey mouse/felix the cat aesthetic of Classic Sonic, but added in the more athletic body and stronger looking arms and legs of Modern Sonic. Not only is it a nice compromise for the two groups of fans, but I think it brings the best elements of both to make the ideal look for him.
Also, I used the Toei and OVA inspired quills and eyes from Tyson Hesse’s version of sonic because they look totally tubular

Everyone is more than welcome to give criticism and suggestions, I want this design to be the best it can be! It’s possible that I’ll do something with this cast of redesigned characters ;)


Oh thank you for all the sweet words! Yeah, I entertained the thought of what my Rouge would look like in Sonic Boom. It’d be cool if the design snucked in there but it’s unlikely.

I’m pretty excited to see what they have in store for her!

edit: decided to do an inverted heart on her shoes. How dare I forget that touch.