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A quick experiment to redesign Sonic the Hedgehog.  Like many I think the franchise is getting cluttered and confused, so this is basically what you’d get from me if you told me to reset everything back to zero and remake Sonic.

The old Classic design is my favorite, particularly in CD.  I think the most important thing in terms of personality is for him to look both cocky and cute, while physically communicating both his speed and his spikiness.  The newer designs strayed away from cute and made him much more like a laid-back teenager, but I think he has more appeal as a hot-tempered but lovable hero.

I do think the Modern and Boom designs have some nice qualities, and I tried to keep ALL incarnations in mind when coming up with this design.  I think Modern’s body shape that streamlines his torso into his legs makes more sense to convey his speed, rather than the original Classic design, in which is legs are basically noodles jutting out of a sphere.  The green eyes (an ever controversial subject) work for Sonic’s less vulnerable personality, but since I’m aiming for a cuter design I think the plain dark eyes work best.

I’m not a fan of Boom’s design overall, and I completely eschewed his overly lanky frame, sports tape, and blue arms, but I did try and think about what the designers had in mind when giving Sonic a scarf and extra spines.  I think the scarf has nice potential for adding some more balance to his color scheme, but Boom opted for a dull brown color which just sort of muddied the design, so I opted for red to match his shoes.  Giving him extra, smaller spines was an interesting idea, but in Boom they just look like a few awkward little hairs that distract from his iconic silhouette.  Here I just made his spines a bit more uneven in size and placement, but I think it’s important to keep his iconic 3-spine shape when viewed from the side.

Many folks have offered their ideas for giving Sonic a revamp, and the series has been a big part of my life since I was a kid, so I wanted to throw my ideas in there as well.  The fact of the matter is Sonic is such a huge and varied franchise that it’s difficult for anyone to agree on what direction he should be taken.  For me though, the Genesis titles are what made me love the series in the first place, and they did so with a uniquely geometric environmental design, and a character whose attitude was brash and overconfident, but nevertheless was one I’d always be willing to go on an adventure with.

Sonic Boom redesigns of Cream, Shadow, Rouge, Marine and the off-screen Omega.

I’ve seen some people theorizing that Shadow was the one who sealed Lyric away the first time, but sometime about that theory seemed off. Boom seems to focus on teamwork, so why would Shadow be able to defeat Lyric by himself? That inspired me to give Shadow a team to parallel Sonic’s team! The five of them would have worked together to defeat Lyric in the past.

Also, Hawaiian/Surfer Shadow because of course.


Hello everyone and I finished with the Hooligans, I hope you like it.
In them inspire me in:
Nack in Mccree for his outfit, and also in Sonic Skyline’s drawloverlala.
Bean in bombers’ ideas and @nonetoon
Bark on Sonic Skyline, I like your color palette. Besides that I was able to make a little goldfish costume. LOL. Well I hope you have fun with these 3 and @drawloverlala hope you do not mind that I have inspired you.

A little history, they work for Eggman as mercenaries to try to get rid of them so try several things, but they always shit.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on doing Sonic Boom redesigns for Sonic characters? Sorry if this is a question you gotten before I just really like the one you did for Chris.

Sorry it took me awhile to answer your question. This took longer to really think about, than I initially thought it would.

Honestly, that really is a good question: What exactly are the guidelines for doing “Boom” styled redesigns for pre-existing Sonic characters from the franchise? There doesn’t really seem to be much of a guideline for it in general.

But, this is what I mostly take away from Team Sonic and Eggman’s redesigns in Sonic Boom:

Their redesigns are more focused on physically reflecting their key characteristics and their intended roles. This is most noticeable in Knuckles’ and Eggman’s redesigns for Sonic Boom.

Knuckles is known for being the muscle of the group, so he’s giving a more buff and taller build, but he’s still gentle and well meaning. Eggman was given a more formal, but still militaristic, look, to show more of how vain and full himself he is as a person, but is still someone to not take too lightly.(Again, what was intended for these character’s roles, opposed to what we may have actually gotten.)

Someone I had a chat with once also mentioned that the official Boom redesigns seem to have a more Western influence to them, and I actually have to agree with that. I like to joke at times by referring to Sonic Boom as, “The Jungle AU”, because it basically is at this point. The character designers said they were inspired by things like Indiana Jones, and the Uncharted series, and the people who worked on at least the Wii U game were former Naughty Dog staff(the company responsible for the Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, and Uncharted, games). So yeah, the redesigns given for Team Sonic and Eggman have a very Westernized, globetrotter look to them.

So taking all what I said into consideration, this is how I initially went about making a Sonic Boom style redesign for Chris Thorndyke from Sonic X, and why I did it:

Basically, when the redesigns for Sonic Boom were first revealed, everyone and their mother started doing Boom styled redesigns of every other Sonic character under the sun, I figured I’d eventually take a whack at it and do a character that I was pretty sure no one had done yet. I kind of also wanted to challenge this notion that the fandom had allot during that time that, for some reason, you had to add sports tape somewhere onto your Sonic Boom styled redesign, even if it didn’t make sense for the character.

Getting the impression from the then-newly revealed redesigns of Sonic and his friends for this Boom sub-franchise- which I’ve already explained above- I basically started by asking myself: What do I know about Chris, personality and character wise?

He’s very soft spoken, even when as an adult, and despite his wealthy background, he’s still very humble and down to Earth. He’s somebody who really does try to do the right thing, even when at his own expense or needs- but that in turn that can cause him to pent up how he really feels and act out of selfishness or unintentionally hurt others feelings, but he’s pretty quick to realize when he’s fucked up and beats himself up over it and tries to fix it. He obviously has abandonment issues, and sometimes he seems to feel inadequate in comparison to others, too. He’s someone who also eventually became more resourceful and more mellowed out. As far I’ve always seen Chris, he’s a character more emotional and psychologically driven(Shadow is another character that falls more under that sort of thing, too)- which is something that has always appealed to me more, when it comes to character writing in general.

So, when I finally decided to do a Sonic Boom what-if design for Chris, I basically made it something of an amalgamation of his design as a child and as an adult, wanting the challenge of keeping him (physically) a child, while still having a more mature and sophisticated look.(And also not strongly resemble Sora from Kingdom Hearts.) Then I took mostly European influences for his wardrobe change, specially from the Victorian era, while still trying to mix elements from both his child and adult ones. Again, since I figured that the intended point of Boom redesigns for the official main cast was to better highlight their major characteristics or intended roles. So I wanted Chris to look more like someone who, while clearly coming from a more high class background and a foreigner to the island, is still not someone who would be concerned with his appearance, or loose sleep if his nice fancy clothing or items were damaged.

Though he does technically still have the same spikey anime hairstyle from Sonic X- he just combs his hair in place in the Boom universe. I have this heacanon/joke that characters who have spikey anime hair basically have super fluffy hair but can’t bothered to take care of it and so just leave it messy. So when Chris in the Boom gets his hair wet or gets out of bed, his hair basically looks like his original hairstyle before combing through it. XDD And I wouldn’t say it’s much of a pure headcanon, as there is stuff in canon that actually supports this, mostly when his hair is wet or when allot of wind is blowing against it.

Also, since this is supposed to be the same Chris from Sonic X, post season 3, I didn’t really make much major changes to his personality aside from the trauma of killing off his Sonic, and destroying his and Sonic’s universes. I think his more “normal” like behavior would actually provide some nice juicy juxtaposition against the more wacky or exaggerated Boom counterparts, especially with how much the characters in Sonic Boom tend to be jerks at times, the villagers in particular- and I do mean that for both comedic and more serious dramatic purposes.

I hope this helped, or provided some insight to your question or for whatever you may be planning on doing.

Here I have the face of the fusion of Sonic and Blaze … INSPIRATION Drawloverlala she did the child fan who gave me the idea, also will as a catlike quadruped that is like a centaur, good for now I present the idea, I hope you like it. Maybe what I call as the child fan of Drawloverlala (SAIL).

Hello everyone, this drawing I did some time ago for the acorn castle. It is that the subject of its aspect is difficult to obtain above all if it was a restored castle, so I will think about designing again with the castle, for the moment this would be its general aspect:

(I have to improve)

You know that I made others and a little grotesque, but now I will dedicate more time to everything. But this week I will not be able to do much work, tests, reading, dancing. So forgive me that I’m very nervous, when I’m on vacation I’ll let you know. Bye

Well I know I said that he could not do many drawings for the exams, but had wanted and finally here you have Sonic in SB2 and his transformation, I inspire in Drawloverlala by gloves Sonic Skyline and theme of the ancients me inspire in Auroblaze when he made his AskTheAncientsSonicBoom page. But finally he would also enjoy two weapons: his legs and a sword. The sword have to do … But not now.

Well these last few days I thought about making a mini comic showing the process of fusion between the Ancients, hi I thought of Sonic and Shadow, I wanted to finish it soon, but …
I wanted to end soon and the redesign of the transformation of Sonic and Shadow fusion had not entirely.
Although the design is ceciliavonjoy of Tumblr.
I hope you like but this incomplete.
While I am proud of funds scenarios, that cost me.:book-bounce: :lag: