sonic boom animation


I always wanted make an animation/movie of Sonic in his classic version.

So I decided to start with a Storyboard and I share with you few panels.

I also did a animated rough (the first one) for fun.

If you like it, I stream my progress on twitch usually when I’m not tired around Midnight (Paris time) :


#Sonicboom up for Teens Choice awards! #choiceAnimatedTvShow 😊❤️🏆 Some big names up there. Well done Boom ! ⭐️ fingers crossed for the results !! 🤞


(( THE DATES TO VOTE 21-22nd June then from 12-19th of July when votes count! ))

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Since Sonamy is canon in the Boom universe, why not glorify it with TRUMPETS? :D

This flash is a collab with with the wonderful Auroblaze! She made all the bases for the characters and I just simply traced over them and made them move XD

And the original flash which this is based on is made by Crispystar right here on Tumblr! You can check the original right here!

Hope you like it!

( 2 NEW CLIPS ) - Sonic and Amy together are just too damn adorable and funny,♥ They’re like an old married couple. Its so entertaining .They are dating but don’t want anyone to know ..basically the show teases this ALOT! and people love it XP I love em cos it was like me and sean back in the day X3

Why the fu*k you lyin clip which I fitted in perfectly too,heh enjoy!
Recent sonamy clips from (Sonic boom - “Robots from the sky Season 2 part 4 ”) full episode here :


Sonic the Hedgehog has not only changed in his video games, but also in his cartoons. Did you watch the older Sonic cartoons? Have you checked out Sonic Boom yet? Well, we compare them on Then VS Now!


Roger Van Der Weide from Youtube made his own take on the infamous episode “It Wasn’t Me, It was the One Armed Hedgehog.”

I gotta say, I liked his version better. Eggman’s plot didn’t have as many stupid plot holes, the police and villagers weren’t so stupid and gullible, Sonic’s friends actually had a role in helping clear Sonic’s name, and Metal Sonic’s role was more climatic and action packed.

Not bad for an independent fan animation.


The first scene/teaser of The Wrath of Nazo is out!! Will be updating a FAQ shortly


I like when sonic mocks the fuck out of eggman , I wish there was more of this in the ep cos sonic had the upper hand at being his customer lol 

 I am forever saying that when I order sean to get me a drink lol (( 2 funny clips from Sonic boom season 2 episode - “ Inn sanity” )) 

the-underzodiac  asked:

Blue VS Red... RAP BATTLE? //shot//


Blue: So I get to go first well that’s just fine, this slowpoke ain’t got nothing on my rhymes! I’m the blue blast who has the witts and the will, to drop sick rhymes that’ll wound ya but not kill! Because nobody wants to deal their best friend, just make sure they’ll never rap again! Say what you say this match is set, I’m the rougest rapper, the best asset!

Red: Oh you wanna measure assets boy? I’ll give it a go, buffest man in this town you better flee all the way home. Speed is your key so you better run and hide, cuz even my little finger is wider than your thigh! You have the witts when it comes to plans and rings, are those cheap circles really your precious things? I’ll have you know that I’m a Treasure Hunter, and my loot is worth tons more than your rings in a bunker!

Rose: …..Bolt.

Bolt: Yes Rose?

Rose: Remember when you called me a few minutes ago to come meet you here as soon as possible because,and I quote, “your mate and Red started dueling again”?

Bolt: Yeah?

Rose: …This isn’t exactly what I was expecting.

Too far CN, too far...:(

So, yeah…I was going to watch a recording of the new Steven Universe episode, Too Far, but instead of that, I got a rerun of Teen Titans Go. <sigh> You know, ever since Cartoon Network got a new CEO, things have been pretty bad for the channel and the studio itself. Regular Show and Adventure Time are going through seasonal rot, Clarence doesn’t get enough attention as it did last year (because apart from introducing LGBT characters in a kids show, it’s a pretty average show), The Amazing World of Gumball and Uncle Grandpa are good to an extent (that extent being the writing), Transformers: Robots In Disguise and Sonic Boom aren’t advertised well (same can be said about the rest of the Saturday morning line up), Ninjago is just for the fans (I haven’t seen the show myself so I don’t know if it’s good or not), and while Wabbit exceeded my expectations, Be Cool, Scooby Doo and We Bare Bears shitted all over them with only very few redeeming qualities. Then only show that has been getting better and better over time is Steven Universe and it’s one of the most talked shows on CN; the other of course being Teen Titans Go. Now, I tolerated TTG ever since the first promo was released; I don’t hate it as much as everyone else does, but even I have my limits on how much of this show I should watch. I draw the line at swapping out Steven Universe with a rerun of TTG; you know you’re doing a terrible job at running your channel when you swap a good show with a lackluster one. Just when I was starting to get over the “Omegle incident” all I wanted was to watch the latest episode of my favorite show on Cartoon Network currently airing; but instead of that, I’m given a rerun of a show that’s clearly inferior to the original. You know, it’s one thing to air reruns of Teen Titans Go, it’s a completely different thing to swap shows with Teen Titans Go. I mean, sure SpongeBob’s on Nickelodeon alot, but I’ve yet to see Nick swap shows with it. If this is how you’re running your channel, you might as well have brought a shovel because you’re running it into the grown. Animation is a medium, not a genre; Steven Universe respects that, Teen Titans Go (to put it politely) doesn’t. This is a knew low for Cartoon Network, and the year’s not even over yet.