Even Sticks is getting sick of Sonic and Amy’s denial about their relationship, lol.

The fact that the same Sonamy fan is harassing the writers and voice actors about Sonamy in Boom on Twitter, to the point that one of the voice actor blocks them, gives me second hand embrassment. I feel so sorry for them dealing with that honestly. This is why the ship gets such a bad reputation, as if it didn’t get one before, and it just makes me sad. Fanbrats ruin everything.

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Who does Sonic think he’s fooling?! LOL! 


So, when I heard that the people who work on the Sonic Boom TV series were going to be holding another live tweet, I went back and forth to myself on considering showing them these Sonic Boom character sprites I made. I eventually made the decision to share it with them during the whole live tweet thing earlier today, because why not I guess.

while we’re on this topic here’s what i personally think is going on w sonic and amy in a completely platonic and non-romantic way.

sonic’s gay. that much is true. imho he knows he’s gay (or at least 95% sure) and is grossly overcompensating by acting in a hypermasculine fuckboy type way that is so unlike main sonic bc internalized homophobia and shiz.

he also knows amy likes him. so there are two theories i got for that. a) they are dating but sonic isn’t taking it seriously bc hes just trying to deal w his feelings and amy may or may not know abt this but she still likes sonic so w/e (hence he’s always more defensive abt their “”relationship””; bc he’s gay and even if he’s not ready to face his feelings he definitely does not want to be in a relationship w a girl). or b) they’re not dating but sonic just knows how intensely amy likes him and is just sort of. playing along/acting in a defensive way so as not to lead her on bc he’s not that much of a tool but he’s still just so awkward abt his gayness and shit.

imo both of these are more plausible than “sonic and amy are in a secret relationship for literally no reason”

A Little Thing I Noticed From Robots From the Sky Part 4

During the ending to Sonic Boom: Robots From the Sky Part 4, you can see Friendbot and the Cubot Prototypes waving goodbye to Sonic and pals, as the gang heads back home. I guess Friendbot and Cubot decided to stay in Morris Town/Roboken in the end. 

I guess we won’t be seeing them anytime soon in the show, but at least they’re in a better place.