A quick experiment to redesign Sonic the Hedgehog.  Like many I think the franchise is getting cluttered and confused, so this is basically what you’d get from me if you told me to reset everything back to zero and remake Sonic.

The old Classic design is my favorite, particularly in CD.  I think the most important thing in terms of personality is for him to look both cocky and cute, while physically communicating both his speed and his spikiness.  The newer designs strayed away from cute and made him much more like a laid-back teenager, but I think he has more appeal as a hot-tempered but lovable hero.

I do think the Modern and Boom designs have some nice qualities, and I tried to keep ALL incarnations in mind when coming up with this design.  I think Modern’s body shape that streamlines his torso into his legs makes more sense to convey his speed, rather than the original Classic design, in which is legs are basically noodles jutting out of a sphere.  The green eyes (an ever controversial subject) work for Sonic’s less vulnerable personality, but since I’m aiming for a cuter design I think the plain dark eyes work best.

I’m not a fan of Boom’s design overall, and I completely eschewed his overly lanky frame, sports tape, and blue arms, but I did try and think about what the designers had in mind when giving Sonic a scarf and extra spines.  I think the scarf has nice potential for adding some more balance to his color scheme, but Boom opted for a dull brown color which just sort of muddied the design, so I opted for red to match his shoes.  Giving him extra, smaller spines was an interesting idea, but in Boom they just look like a few awkward little hairs that distract from his iconic silhouette.  Here I just made his spines a bit more uneven in size and placement, but I think it’s important to keep his iconic 3-spine shape when viewed from the side.

Many folks have offered their ideas for giving Sonic a revamp, and the series has been a big part of my life since I was a kid, so I wanted to throw my ideas in there as well.  The fact of the matter is Sonic is such a huge and varied franchise that it’s difficult for anyone to agree on what direction he should be taken.  For me though, the Genesis titles are what made me love the series in the first place, and they did so with a uniquely geometric environmental design, and a character whose attitude was brash and overconfident, but nevertheless was one I’d always be willing to go on an adventure with.

hehe just a few hours early over here~
I can’t believe it’s been 25 years! I love each generation of Sonic equally and
It’s safe for me to say that Sonic will always hold a special place in my heart. Without him,I would have never improved in my artwork since he was the one that got me into digital drawing! I’m also very excited for July 22nd during the Sonic party (which I cannot attend to because gahh moneyyy) because there will be a “special announcement” so I’m hoping the new modern Sonic game for his 25th will be revealed there! We already know about Sonic Boom Fire and Ice and a season two for Sonic Boom cartoon show which it great to know! But I’m also hoping that this year we will hear more news on the Sonic movie as well! So thank you Sonic for being an amazing video game character that showed me how to be positive with a sense of humor! I know your fandom is..not the best but no fandom is perfect. You are such an inspiration

 so keep on running~! ♥ ♥ ~(>/v/<)~

:Sonic 25th: KALEIDOSCOPE by Feniiku (DA)
:Sonic 25th: KALEIDOSCOPE by Feniiku (Wysp)
(Twitter post)

Happy 25th Birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog!


Classic in the Green Hill Zone
Modern in Emerald Coast
Blue Star (my version of Sonic) in Emerald Hill Zone
Nikki and Sonic from the old mangas on a stage
AoStH in front of the ending credits gate
Sonic X in Thorndyke Manor
Sonic Boom in front of Sonic’s shack
SatAM and Underground with Knothole and the van
Archie above the nanite city
STC in the Emerald Hill Village

I came up with the kaleidoscope idea near the start, after thinking back to my NiGHTS of the Nightmaren piece, I felt I could do something similar for Sonic’s 25th

I spent most of my spare time this month working on this piece, drafting up different versions and crying at backgrounds, in an attempt to find a composition which would work well. As a result this picture can be displayed any way up, but I chose to keep classic and modern Sonics at the top :)

Originally, this picture was to be Sonics and Super/Alternate forms, but having done The Power Inside already, I felt representing as many continuities as I could would work better for this!

I combined SatAM and Underground as I ran out of spaces that would keep it balanced out, but other than that I hope I got -most- major continuities. Though I know I missed some!

This was over 30 hours of work in total, a lot of it spent mimicing colouring styles and choosing the best backgrounds for them.

Anyway, Sonic’s been a huge influence to me over the years, and very likely will always remain so even if I don’t draw him as much or as often. His smile and character may change over continuties, but he never gives up and he’ll always keep on running. Sonic’s an inspiration, and I hope that he’ll keep inspiring :)